TOWIE’s Lauren Pope flaunts her slimline figure in a white bikini as she continues Mykonos getaway

She’s making the most of her free time before TOWIE returns.

And Lauren Pope was sending her followers wild with envy when she shared a sizzling bikini picture from her Mykonos getaway on Sunday.

The 35-year-old reality star displayed her slender physique in the skimpy two-piece, teaming her eye-catching swimwear with a printed kimono.

She did her best Baywatch impression as she strolled along the sea front, putting her long, bronzed pins on display.

Lauren captioned the stunning snap: ‘Fave part of a holiday… Long, wine filled lunches in epic settings #mykonos’.

The TV personality’s followers were full of praise for her eye-catchinh, look, enthusing, ‘wow’, ‘you’re so hot’ and ‘stunning’.

On Thursday, Lauren also took to social media to share a sizzling snap of her sporting a tiny red bikini.

The star had her incredible figure on full display as she posed for the sunset snap on her hotel balcony.

Lauren could be seen posing seductively against a wall in a low-cut red bikini top and matching bottoms, ditching her glasses to show off every inch of her incredible features.

With her blonde tresses tumbling down her back, the Essex beauty showed off her effortless tan, rocking a dramatic smoky eye and nude lip.

Lauren simply captioned the post ‘Mykonos’ as she kept fans up-to-date on her sunny travels.

Lauren has documented her travels on social media, sharing numerous sizzling photos of herself soaking up the sun while wearing pieces from her swimwear line with Misty The Label.

However, Lauren has always remained adamant that she would never reveal her biggest hang-ups or insecurities, as she accepts her body with all its flaws.

She told the Daily Star last year: ‘I never tell people the parts I don’t like about me as that’s just noting out your flaws, I’ve learnt how to work with what I’ve got and accentuate the good parts, let’s put it that way.

Last summer Lauren chose to remove her E cup implants which she had put in as part of a second boob job.

Speaking to MailOnline at the time, she said of the move: ‘I’m back to small boobies! I’ve thought about it for a long time. It’s really hard to explain but it’s not a big dramatic decision. It’s just I feel like I am taken seriously now in the world of business.’

Lauren rose to fame glamour model and embarked on a career as a DJ over a decade ago, but became a series regular on TOWIE in 2010 when she started dating show original Kirk Norcross.

She has since gone on to launch her successful extension line Hair Rehab London.

Lingerie Pieces for the Plus-Size Mom Bringing ‘Sexy Back’

Is it safe to say that Justin Timberlake made bringing “SexyBack” sound easier than it actually is? Postpartum, returning to the version of one’s self that feels the most confident and beautiful can be a struggle to say the least. Even though it’s technically the same body, often times we feel like strangers in a brand-new home.

For the longest time, starting in pregnancy and continuing after my daughter’s birth, I didn’t want to be touched or looked at by my husband, and I didn’t know why. The whole idea just turned me completely off. Not to mention I was trying to heal and get used to the fact that I could barely move my limbs as I slowly recovered from a C- section. The presence of a new human in my home also added another dimension to the overall overwhelmed and lost feeling I felt.

Before I got pregnant, I used to love wearing lingerie, just for the fun of it. It was light and airy and didn’t feel like heavy clothing while still letting me look and feel good around the house. Even if I was just doing my chores in it, I just loved the feeling. Granted, putting on lingerie is probably the last thing a new mother is thinking about. But buying new lingerie can be fun and get us excited about wearing it. Even though our bodies are different postpartum, we can still enjoy them; we can still dress them up. It just takes time.

Sometimes we might feel like we want to wait until we “snap back” or lose 50 pounds before we buy any new clothes. But the body is healing, and sometimes, losing that weight takes longer than expected. I’ve put together this list of fun lingerie of all different styles that both curvy girls and small girls can get inspiration from. Our bodies, no matter how different they feel or look after baby, are strong, miraculous works of art. What our bodies just finished experiencing over the course of pregnancy and childbirth. Take that strong, beautiful mom body to the mirror and admire her. Let’s drape ourselves in some of these luxurious, plush, and opulent unmentionables — not for a significant others but for us.

Where To Buy Keith Haring x MeUndies Underwear Because Panties Are About Self-Expression, Too

Underwear isn’t merely what you wear beneath your clothes. It’s not simply a necessity that you don’t put a lot of thought or care into when choosing it. These days, fashion lovers consider the cut, shape, fit, material, and color of underthings. The Keith Haring x MeUndies collection is proof of this fashion fact.

The exclusive collab includes men’s and women’s undies and bralettes featuring a punchy print inspired by the late, great street artist Haring, who work was huge in the ’90s and ’00s and who was known for his iconic drawings and for incorporating sexuality into his art. He also brought awareness to the AIDS epidemic of the time. The suite of products reminds us that undies are as fun as the clothing you wear on top of them. They are as essential as any visible, outer accessories and allow for self-expression. That’s why the Haring is a perfect fit.

The Haring collection arrives on Tuesday, Aug. 7 as part of the exclusive prints offered to members of this underwear subscription service.

The MeUndies x Keith Haring items boast a turquoise base and feature people, dogs, and a variety of figures in constant states of motion. If you are an art fan, you’ll instantly recognize Haring’s infamous aesthetic. His drawings are DNA distinct and have been immortalized in underwear form.

Since fans already adore the unique and quirky MeUndies prints, the Keith Haring collab is the logical next step.

If you were not previously familiar with MeUndies, here’s the deal. It’s a member/subscriber undergarment (and beyond) service. Membership is super flexible — just like the waistbands of your fave undies. The exclusive edition prints for members are made available the first Tuesday of each month.

There are no (g)strings attached, either. You can swap styles, skip a month, and cancel at any time if you are a member. In addition to access to exclusive styles, members receive price discounts.

These super soft, comfy, and cool undies elevate the category from basics to tools that promote confidence, self-expression, and cultural awareness, too. That’s because the company encourages its community of customers to express themselves via their undies.

MeUndies just launched its #JoinTheComfortable campaign. It’s all about being comfortable in your own skin — on the inside and out. MeUndies sourced photos from fan Instagram accounts — with permission — and fashioned them into billboards celebrating the concept of having the confidence to bare what you wear in terms of undies!

The MeUndies x Keith Haring collection is only available to members. The undies are cute enough to make you want to sign up for the service to enjoy the exclusive designs and discounted pricing. But once you get your first drop, you’re likely to stick around because MeUndies turn undergarments into something fun.

MeUndies are also awesome since they are three times softer than cotton and are made from naturally and sustainably sourced fibers. You can build an underwear wardrobe that makes you excited about getting dressed.

In the Haring range, there are cheeky briefs, bikini bottoms, boy shorts, and thongs, along with T-back and U-back bralettes for women. Member prices for panties are $14 while bras are $22. There are briefs, boxers, and trunks for men, which cost $16 a piece. So you can mix, match, and design your underthings. The assortment is more activewear and athleisure-like than sexy and lingerie-ish, like Rihanna’s Savage x Fenty collection. Still, if you show these off to your significant other, they will be in for a sweet surprise!

There are sweatshirts, lounge pants, joggers, scoop tees, and shift dresses in the assortment of products, too!

Just select your silhouette and then your style — from classic to bold to adventurous colors and prints.

Underwear is so much more when you are a MeUndies member.

20-Something Millionaire King of China Lingerie Production

Think attractive ladies’ underwear and perhaps that which first comes to mind is Victoria’s Secret. Yet, the real secret in China is that fully 60 percent of the country’s lingerie production is to be found in a once-impoverished county in our very own Jiangsu Province, and that it is all thanks to one young man.

Like many a teenage boy, Lei Congrui spent a little too much time thinking about lingerie. Yet, in Rui’s case, it was not the contents of such couture that interested him; it was their financial value.

Aged 15, Lei was helping out his mother with her online shop on Taobao, selling adult health-care products. He discovered that he found doing business to be quite interesting. In a profile of the now multi-millionaire, written by Tan Yibai and published by The Paper, Lei said, “Selling things online is like playing a game. Show stuff off; people turn up to make a deal”.

A 90s boy, Lei studied law at university. After enrollment, each student was asked to introduce themselves and talk about their ideals. Lei was the last one to go on stage, when upon he said, “I don’t have any ideals. I like to make money. My ideal is to earn ¥1 million before the age of 25”. Little did Lei know then how pessimistic his teenage dream had been. By the end of that first year in university, he would have earned more than ¥1 million.

Nothing but pragmatic, Lei revealed the not-so-complicated, saucy secrets of his fortune, saying, “Lingerie is simpler, has higher profits, and doesn’t have the quality problems of other adult products, such as condoms. That’s it”.

Guangyun County falls under the jurisdiction of Lianyungang in northeast Jiangsu. With a population of just one million, and Lei’s business bringing in an annual income of up to ¥50 million, it is safe to say that lingerie has set many a local resident’s pulse racing. They work for Lei in his “garment factory”; in the beginning, this was the only description Lei could use that would make people prepared to work for him.

Now that has all changed, with lingerie being a hot topic of conversation. Over 400 people are employed in Lei’s factory, many of them middle-aged women. Lei’s mother has also not lost her touch and feel for the trends in the industry, working for her son as Creative Director. As long as she thinks a garment is good-looking, it will be a red-hot product. “I don’t know why she has that vision. It may be a woman’s intuition”, says Lei.

Many of the lacy, racy objects of desire produced in Guangyun County are destined for overseas, endowing Lei with great insight into market differences. Somewhat matter of factly, and without even a hint of political correctness, he stated, “The Chinese are still relatively conservative. For example, black and white are the preferred colours. In many foreign countries, people like red and purple; bright colours. Africans like to be cheap, while Europeans and Americans like big sizes”.

Honey Birdette’s advert gets banned for featuring a visible nipple

A lingerie company’s advert has been banned because it showed – whisper it – a female nipple. And as we all know, female nipples are inherently wrong and we must pretend they don’t exist. Honey Birdette had released an advert for a white bra and pants set.

The advert showed a hint of nip through the bra’s sheer material. According to Ad Standards Australia, that hint of nip was a hint too far. The advert had been displayed in a shopping centre, which critics argued meant it could be seen by children. ‘The model’s nipples were revealed,’ said the complaint. ‘This is contrary to community standards and that is all that should need to be said.

‘This is in my local shopping centre. The poster is passed by numbers of families – small children, teenagers, parents – day in, day out.

‘At a time where sexual assault is increasing in the news, this legitimisation of using woman’s naked bodies to sell underwear is inappropriate.’

Now, one could note that children already see nipples at a very young age – when they’re breastfeeding – and that nipples are a body part just like a tummy or a toe in that its sexual nature is culturally informed, not inherent.

One could also note that adverts featuring men’s fully exposed nipples do not warrant complaint. Regardless, Ad Standards Australia found that while the advert was not exploitative or degrading, it was ‘not appropriate for  the relevant broad audience which would likely include children’.

‘The bra the woman was wearing was sheer lace and considered that there was a suggestion that her nipple was visible, although this was not overly clear,’ stated the ruling. ‘The Panel considered that the level of nudity was at the higher end of the scale and the image was highly sexualised.’

How to find lingerie for you personal type

In relation to women’s body, there are great array of size and shapes, that make all women superbly exclusive. With time, nevertheless , the different ratios from the body came to become organized in to five important groups. Included in this are the apple, the rectangular form, the triangle, inverted triangle, and the hourglass. If you’ve never observed this uncommon collection of terms used prior to to describe women’s bodies, don’t distress. They are going to simply reference the assessment proportions from the woman’s back, waist and hips, no matter her weight. Knowing which often category you fall into is definitely a invaluable important weapon in relation to selecting underwear, of which there may be an likewise vast amount of choices. Consequently , to assist you feel and look your very best within your underwear and the bed space, we’re here to discuss the most effective lingerie for all those body types.

Lingerie Types
Lingerie is built to flatter the feminine determine. An excellent piece, or arranged, shows a woman’s exclusive feminity and makes her feel at ease and gorgeous. Be it put on another or just intended for yourself, an ideal bit of underwear is able to immediately increase any kind of woman’s self-confidence. From brassieres and babydolls to corsets and camisoles, the field of underwear is usually a cherish upper body of clothing for ladies of most size and shapes. Information presents an intro to any or all your familiar underwear, in addition to a couple of you might not understand, making an entire guideline to underwear for all those body types.

Showcase your hip and legs having a beautiful smooth camisole that is usually both extremely appealing and a aspire to rest in. Having a coordinating group of a dainty cotton best and coordinating pants, the camisole is ideal for warm summer time evenings and sleepovers.

Matching Sets
Because the name suggests, a coordinating arranged includes coordinating your mycket bra as well as your underwear. This womanly, sexy method of underwear fits almost all body types since it pulls focus on your body and outfit in general, instead of concentrating on one specific feature.


Throughout history, the purpose and symbolism from your corset possess changed often over. Once seen as a patriarchal object of power and a limited outfit, in recent years, this stability of power has moved returning to ladies. Ordering and sexy, a corset rests beneath a woman’s upper body and stretches right down to the sides. Traditional forms, meant to form the determine and accomplish an hourglass shape, feature boning along the stitches and laces in the back. However, these laces may also display on the front or up the sides for a new, modern appear.

Just like a corset, the bustier reinforces the curvaceous hourglass silhouette from your female type. This limited fitting piece works to dually drive up the bust line while framework the waist to create the very best alluring determine. With the capability to taper in the waistline and produce figure, whilst providing the false impression of the larger bust line, the strapless is ideal for smaller sized chested ladies with an hourglass or rectangular shape physique.

Floaty babydoll dresses are good for ladies with upside down triangle body designs C specifically, ladies with wide shoulder blades and relatively little waists. The smooth connectors of the piece will certainly slimmer shoulders, as the flouncing dress will certainly produce stability within your reduce fifty percent. This sensitive gown also appears amazing upon curvier ladies.

Getting your teddy-bear into the bedroom is in no way sexy. Within the teddy, nevertheless , definitely is. The lingerie comparison of the one-piece bathing suit, the teddy is usually a energetic piece that suits almost all body types. Available in laces and ribbons, leather, good mesh and a number of additional fabrics, reduces and styles, this lingerie shows any determine. In particular, appears spectacular upon upside down triangle formed ladies since it amounts away wide shoulder blades and elongates your body.

Garter Belt
Tease your man and turn in hot weather in the bed room having a sexy garter belt. Also called a suspender belt, this piece wraps throughout the waistline and it is generally made from ribbons or a sensitive materials. In the event that you’re after a bigger appear, garter devices can also be present in leather. These kinds of sultry clothing feature hanging clips which often attach to leggings or lower-leg high clothing. This underwear is great for hourglass shaped ladies who want to highlight their waistline. Additionally , it truly is a winner for ladies seeking to attract attention to their unique legs.

Launched in Italy in the eighteenth hundred years, the negligee is usually carefully connected with love and femininity. This pure outfit is basically a daintier, flirtier substitute for your fluffy warm dressing dress. Put it on more than your preferred underwear throughout the house or just by itself.



Body suit
Similar to teddies and rompers, the bodysuit is an item of underwear that provides a one-piece. Meaning that the bralette style greatest and bottom level level fifty percent from the outfit are linked. Generally, in the event that it’s brief and lacey it may be known as a teddy. If appears a lot more like a playsuit intended for the bed space, then it is usually a romper. As a result, like its equivalent, this piece is available in numerous slashes to slimmer almost all body. Particularly, it really is extremely supporting for ladies having a rectangular shape and upside down triangle numbers.

A dainty, womanly choice with regards to underwear and sleepwear, the chemise is usually an easy, brief gown that weighs all the way straight down from the back. Made recognized in the 1920s, this undergarment is usually beautiful in soft, delicate cotton, shimmering silk and sensual satin. The easy design means that this style suits almost all body types, particularly women with extended legs.

Body Stocking
This one-piece, incredibly tight outfit reaches from your tips from your toes, in the hip and legs, throughout the upper body towards the throat and over the hands. A statement-making piece, the bodystocking is usually frequently made from pure fabric, sensitive ribbons or strong fishnet. Even though it addresses the whole body, it really is a exposing outfit that is generally worn underneath other, similarly bold clothing.


Penneys picks: 6 pieces from the new lingerie range that are seriously sexy

Ah Penneys – not a day goes by that we don’t spot something that we have to purchase.

Yes, you’re responsible for the majority of our spending each month and we’re totally OK with that.

On today’s shopping list? Well, it’s only their latest lingerie range.

Over the years, Penneys have upped the ante across the board when it comes to new releases and the underwear section has not been neglected.

From beautiful bodies to seriously sexy sets, there is enough choice to keep your knicker drawer fully stocked all year round.

And now their latest drop has us doing a clearout to make space for some new pieces.

Here are 6 we will most certainly be purchasing.

The V&A unveils its first lingerie collaboration with Coco de Mer

The V&A have launched a new collaboration alongside a luxury lingerie brand after designers were inspired by ornaments found inside the world famous museum.

The collection which features 32-pieces including bras, panties, bodysuits, nightwear and accessories has been created in collaboration with Coco De Mer.

The range is made up of four collections, each one inspired from a series of artifacts from the museum’s collections, with Coco de Mer producing exclusive embroideries and prints.

An 18th-century glass bottle inspired the design for the Golden Heron pieces of lingerie, while the designs of the Botanical Beauty pieces came from the details of cushion covers in the V&A’s textile collections.

“I love the Victoria & Albert Museum, and felt that as two British heritage brands with a love of beauty we were very well-matched,” said Coco de Mer chief executive officer Lucy Litwack. “We met and felt that we could develop a lingerie collection that would embody the key elements of both of our brands — luxury, opulence and glamour.”

Also featured in the collection is a leaf motif on the Midnight Vine range which stemmed from the V&A’s collection of Korean lacquerware while the red hues of the Signature range were drawn from a textile designed by William Morris in 1882.

“The V&A and Coco de Mer share a passion for high-quality and exquisite design so we were delighted when they approached us about a line of luxury lingerie,” said Lauren Sizeland, head of business development and licensing at the V&A.

“From the final details and finishes of each item to the product names, we have collaborated with Coco de Mer to make sure that the collection blends the V&A brand handwriting with Coco de Mer’s aesthetics.”

Prices for the luxurious underwear ranges from £65 for a lingerie bag to £595 for a kimono and are now available to pre-order on the Coco de Mer website.

Pushing the limits of lingerie

The lingerie market is changing. Once dominated by a small number of big-name brands with relatively limited ranges of perennial staples, as consumer demands develop, the lingerie market is diversifying.

Market research company Mintel predicts the UK sector will grow by 11.4% between 2016 and 2021 to reach £3bn. And, as it grows, brands are reacting to shifting consumer needs and reflecting the wider industry demands for a more diverse offering of styles, shapes, sizes and colours.

Lingerie is often associated with a romantic, sexy aesthetic: strapping details, sensual lace fabrications and alluring silhouettes. While this remains a popular and dominant trend – brands such as Fleur of England, Coco de Mer and Dora Larsen are thriving – other areas of the market are also gaining momentum.


The hunt for comfort is a growing priority for lingerie shoppers, as shoppers eschew more rigid styles in favour of softer garments such as T-shirt bras.

“Across every fashion category, we’re seeing increased demand for comfort and functionality and that’s especially characteristic of lingerie,” explains Katie Smith, retail analysis and insights director at retail data research company Edited. “Soft lines as a category in lingerie have grown enormously, incorporating sports bras, triangle bras and non-wired bras – there has been a 3,000% growth in the number of items stocked by UK retailers this year in comparison with the same period in 2015.”

“People are looking for comfort,” agrees Debby Duckett, buying director at Boux Avenue, which has 29 stores across the UK. “We’ve just launched a new T-shirt bra for autumn 18 with a super-soft cup liner and a soft-seal hook and eye. It’s soft on the back and has no bone, so you don’t get any bowing at the side.” Duckett also flags the strong performance of the retailer’s lounge bra, which is a non-wired bra that she describes as “ideal for the weekends or travelling”.

However, Sophie Charlesworth, brand manager at lingerie agency Intimates Lingerie, which represents brands including Hanro, Commando, DKNY and Echo, points out that customers’ expectations extend beyond comfort: “Customers want to feel comfortable in their lingerie, but also like they are wearing a luxury-feel fabric that is breathable but also feminine – and gives them support.

“Women want to feel like they are wearing a second skin when they are choosing their underwear. The new softer, more comfortable wires in underwired bras feel like you are wearing a soft cup, and the stretch that can be used in lingerie now makes bras a lot more comfortable than in previous designs.”

Skin in the game
Another area of the market that is developing is the popularity of “nude” or skin-tone shades, alongside a new focus on styles that suit a more diverse and realistic range of people. Rather than focusing on traditional peachy tones, some brands are introducing a range of colours.

Although the provision for a range of skin tones is still limited, the movement has been slowly gathering momentum, starting with niche brands such as Bianca Miller London and Nubian Skin – both of which offer lingerie and hosiery geared to suit a wide range of skin tones.

In April, Asos launched a campaign to draw attention to the addition this type of lingerie to its offer: in blush tones and brown shades, rather than just peachy-beige.

Boux Avenue is also increasing its shade range, launching its new T-shirt bra in black, white and blush, as well as “cosmetic” tones called chocolate and bronze to match darker skin tones.

“There’s a lot happening in the market around diverse colour range and we felt it was the right thing to do,” says Duckett. “It was something that we have seen in the market – people dabbled with it briefly a few years ago, but there is so much more of it around now.” Meanwhile, Edited reports new arrivals of “nude” tones in underwear were up 19.5% in the last three months compared with the same period last year.
“Nudes have grown hugely in the past three months. It may be the Kanye [West] effect [the rapper’s collections for his fashion brand, Yeezy, are based predominantly on a skin-toned colour palette], but nudes in lingerie are growing,” observes Emily Bendell, founder of lingerie brand Bluebella, which has more than 150 stockists, including John Lewis, Revolve and House of Fraser. “We’ve developed a colour called rose dust, which is not a nude but a neutral colour that would complement any skin tone.”

In addition to a more diverse colour range, lingerie is also opening up to an increasingly diverse size range – and plus-sized and DD-plus sizes in fashionable styles are on the rise.

“Plus size is becoming more competitive, thanks, in part, to a shift in consumer values driving the body-positivity trend,” says Smith. “As a result, we’re seeing product trends move through this segment faster, and retailers increasing their size offering having truly considered the needs of the plus-size consumer fully.”

Dean Cooper, commercial director of Wacoal Europe, which owns brands including Elomi, Freya and Fantasie, attributes this in part to social media: “Our fuller-figure brand, Elomi, is incredibly active on social media and really engaged – our social audience has almost doubled over the past year. Elomi is the brand that’s seen the largest growth. It’s also our fastest-growing brand.”

Plus-sized or larger-busted customers are also now demanding more stylish, well-fitting product, as opposed to purely functional shapes.

Claudia Lambeth, founder of bespoke lingerie brand Luna Mae London, which creates custom, luxury lingerie from its store in London’s Belgravia, explains: “I think plus-sized and solution lingerie has really grown in recent years.

“There is still a bit of disillusionment from the larger-busted ladies and those with a petite back size and large bust – there’s not that much in the market. There is a lot more than there used to be, and I think that client is still looking for something a little bit special and not wanting to have to compromise on design.”

The demand for diversity appears to be fuelling a strong growth in independent brands offering niche sizing or unique styling. Lara Intimates is one such brand that is building a following through providing a niche product with its eco-friendly, custom-sized wireless bras.

“I think it would be hard for the larger brands to tap into the need for diversity in lingerie,” says co-founder Cindy Liberman. “Being a completely vertical company allows us to be really agile. Bigger brands can never tap into that. The volume that they require really limits them. I’m still surprised about how the high street brands seem blind to what is going on in the market. There are very few reacting to the fact that women want eco-friendly and they want body positive.”

Kate Ritchie looks incredible for new summer lingerie campaign

The actor-turned-radio-host stripped down once again for underwear brand Jockey, in a steamy photo shoot showing off the brand’s newest spring/summer lingerie range.

The 39-year-old, who co-hosts Nova’s drive radio show with Tim Blackwell and Marty Sheargold, looked incredible as she posed in floral garments — the third time she’s done so for the underwear brand.

Ritchie, who is married to former rugby league player Stuart Webb, shot her first campaign for the brand in July last year.

Her second campaign, dubbed ‘She Wears The Pants’, was launched to support women who want to be comfortable and confident rather than conform to “outdated ideals of what a woman should wear”.

For her latest range, called the ‘I Am’ collection, Ritchie said the lingerie “is all about celebrating who we are as individuals”.

“Celebrating all the roles and all the elements that make us whole, while reflecting upon our

past and present. It was this message that really appealed to me because I happen to think.

(sometimes!) we need a little reminding that we are worthy of celebration,” she said in a statement.
“It’s important to make time for that and be comfortable with who we are, exactly as we are.”

Speaking to previously about her role with Jockey, Ritchie said stripping down for campaigns allowed her to be brave and take part in something she once would have found too daunting to do.

“I’ve done scarier things, but what I learnt from it is to be brave,” she said.

“Being brave can mean different things to different people and I’m sure people would scoff at me for saying this is ‘brave’. Yes I’m not fighting fires, but for me it was a challenge.”

Ritchie said growing up on set of Home And Away meant that her body was often scrutinised, which taught her to have a “thicker skin” during her adult years.

“I don’t think my growing up process was harder than anybody else’s because I did it publicly,” she said.

“I just think it was different because I did spend so much of my youth with people commenting on the fact I’d reached puberty.

“[Some would say] ‘Oh my god, you’re not as fat in real life.’ I grew up with those comments all of the time, and on one hand it made life tricky when you’re a vulnerable teenager, but then it also taught me to get used to it and everyone has an opinion.

“But at the time I thought it was hard.”