Meet the American Women Selling Lingerie to the Middle East And then there’s the lingerie stalls

Meet the American Women Selling Lingerie to the Middle East
And then there’s the lingerie stalls — typically a mix of cheap lacy bras, multi-pack cotton underwear, and sometimes, “marital aids” like skimpy nurse costumes. Middle-aged men, their arms often crossed and mood desultory, commonly staff these stalls. When I walk past, I always think the same thing: Not in a million years do I want to buy a bra from this guy.

The Middle East is not a monolith and cultural norms vary wildly — as does the experience of shopping for lingerie. In Saudi Arabia, where women have only been permitted to work in lingerie stores since 2012, there are no changing rooms, making it difficult to find the right fit. In affluent Dubai, on the other hand, the offerings mirror any fancy mall in Montreal, Paris, or Los Angeles. (I procured one of the sexiest lingerie sets I own — a sheer black number with purple trim — at a very well stocked Agent Provocateur in Doha.) But in small cities and villages across the region, there are still often very few options.

Noting the unevenness and sizable gaps in the market, two American women — Nicola Isabel and Christina Ganim — have launched Kenz, an online lingerie business in Ramallah, Palestine with the aim of bringing tasteful, well-fitting lingerie to the women of the Middle East through a convenient and discreet platform. “There are extremes,” says Ganim of the existing landscape for lingerie. “You’ll find both crazy costumes and boring-looking cotton underwear. We’re trying to fill the middle with everyday, tasteful, high-quality things.”

Kenz means treasure in Arabic. In addition to an online business, Ganim and Isabel also host pop up shops in Ramallah and have started the very first online lingerie bridal registry in the Middle East. Ganim and Isabel hope to one day design their own collection to sell alongside the international brands, like Le Mystere, Else, and Timpa, that they presently offer. While Kenz has hosted pop up events for shoppers in Ramallah, they have identified the affluent and e-commerce-loving Gulf region as their primary target market. They like the idea of one day opening a boutique in Palestine, but for now they’re focusing beyond its borders. “Our goal is to be the one-stop shop for lingerie,” says Ganim. “We want to eventually serve the entire Middle East and North Africa, from Morocco to Kuwait.”

Isabel and Ganim met in Ramallah several years ago, but they took their own distinct paths to end up there. Ganim, 29, was born in Jerusalem to a Palestinian family and raised between Palestine and New York City. She made her way back to Ramallah after college in Chicago. “I saw that the work I could do here could have more of an impact than working in a random job in the U.S.,” she says.

“I hate going to a store to try on lingerie. It’s cold and awkward. I like the experience of buying online, and we want to create a comfortable shopping experience for women.”

Isabel, on the other hand, is Italian-American and has no family connections to the region. The 27-year-old discovered the Israel-Palestine conflict when, at 16, she signed on to work at the Seeds of Peace summer camp, which brought together both sides in a bid for further understanding. “They usually bring Jewish or Arab Americans into the mix, but I just popped in there,” says Isabel. Her interest was further piqued after a high school visit to the region, and she returned to Palestine for a semester abroad while in college. She moved to Ramallah four years ago.

After becoming acquainted through mutual friends, Isabel and Ganim discovered a shared interest in nice lingerie, along with frustration over being unable to find higher-quality goods in Ramallah. “The lack of lingerie here sparked the idea — the ‘eh, this is gross’ feeling,” says Isabel. “I hate going to a store to try on lingerie. It’s cold and awkward. I like the experience of buying online, and we want to create a comfortable shopping experience for women.” Fit issues are a pervasive problem with lingerie, and Kenz offers free returns as well as fit tips on their website. They hope to roll out fit and style quizzes to help provide more curated content to browsing customers.

Kenz started from scratch, with self-funding from Ganim and Isabel and the encouragement of Palestine’s small but flourishing entrepreneurial community. “We just dived in and started Googling,” says Isabel. They hopped on a plane and went to a lingerie trade show in New York City to meet with different brands. They started off picking lingerie they themselves might like to own, but have since evolved to include bolder colors and prints. “We’ve realized that people in the region are obsessed with push-up bras, so we’re working to add more of those to the site,” says Isabel. They have done some formal market research, mostly by surveying women from their target market and gathering data from women who follow Kenz on social media.

Ramallah is the administrative capital of the Palestinian territories, which have been occupied by Israel since 1967. Ramallah’s entrepreneurial community is typically focused on business ideas that can virtually transcend the ubiquitous checkpoints. “It’s not the easiest place to be an entrepreneur,” says Ambar Amleh, Chief Operating Office at Ibtikar Fund, which invests in Palestinian startups. “There are many constraints that wouldn’t be present anywhere else. There are restrictions on movement — like when your team needs to come from Nablus [a Palestinian city] and Nablus is closed. Movement in and out is even harder. If you don’t have 3G [which was only introduced in the Palestinian territories last year], you can’t even test your own app.” Palestinian entrepreneurs are presently lobbying to make PayPal available.

But Kenz’s public face is a cheerful Goop-y lens into the world of tasteful lingerie and life’s little indulgences. Their Instagram feed is a mix of product shots (everything from simple sateen padded bras to black lace peignoirs), cultural references like Ramadan fasting tips, and girl-ish touches like glitter-frosted donuts and decadent ice cream sundaes melting under the hot Monaco sun. There are shout-outs to regional social media influencers and fashionistas – many of whom appear to be almost permanently on luxurious vacation.

The timing for Kenz is ideal, tapping into a broader global interest in the Arab fashion market. Thomson Reuters has reported that Muslim women are expected to spend $484 billion annually on clothing and shoes by 2019. Desires to tap into this market have become particularly acute in the last few years. In 2014, DKNY introduced a modest Ramadan collection styled by fashion editor Yalda Golsharifi and Tamara Al Gabbani, a fashion designer in Dubai. Earlier this year, Dolce & Gabbana launched a line of hijabs and abayas in Georgette and satin with lace details. H&M’s 2015 campaign features a woman looking incredibly chic in a hijab. And Conde Nast recently announced that Vogue Arabia will launch this autumn (first online, then in print) and will be headed by Saudi princess Deena Aljuhani Abdulaziz – a local fashion icon who owns concept boutiques in Riyadh and Doha.

Part of this growing market interest has been a reality check on pervasive Western ideas about women in the Middle East. “There’s a misconception that people don’t have high-fashion taste, but these are some of the biggest luxury clients on the planet,” says Katie Trotter, Fashion Director at Harper’s Bazaar Arabia. Al Gabbani, the face of the DKNY campaign, tires of the narrative of oppression imposed on Middle Eastern women. “People think that [Arab] women have no rights, that they don’t decide how they look and that they’re submissive,” she says. “Women dress the way they want to dress, and that should be respected.”

Moudi Al-Sulaima, who owns Tiraz Mix fashion boutique in Jeddah, notes that Kenz’s approach is a welcome combination of fashion forward and respectful of local norms. “Here in Saudi, we do not have many lingerie stores and most women buy them online or when they travel abroad,” she says. “But we’ve proven that you can be both fashionable and conservative.” And Al Gabbani says that Kenz hits the right note in underserviced but desirable area: “The behavior around lingerie is discreet but that doesn’t mean it doesn’t sell.”

Ganim and Isabel want to promote their business as by-women-for-women, and they consciously try to source from lingerie brands owned and operated by women, like Australian brand Kiss Kill, founded by two female friends. “We want to create a female-friendly workplace, and make this a place where women are celebrated and united,” says Ganim. But Isabel rejects that idea that a lingerie business in the Middle East is in any way revolutionary. “I’ve had a lot of [American] friends and family members express their shock and it just goes to show how little people know about life over here,” says Isabel. “It really fits into this Orientalist narrative about the region and how women are oppressed.”

As you might imagine, women in the Middle East have been wearing underwear for quite some time. For Isabel and Ganim, the bigger challenge of Kenz is not some sort of reinventing of regional fashion mores but rather working under a military occupation. “For us, here, the difficulties are way more about politics than gender,” says Isabel. “We’ve gotten press because what we’re doing is sort of a sexy topic to people in the United States. But the more revolutionary thing is trying to build something in Palestine.”

T.I. and Tiny celebrated their 7th wedding anniversary together on July 31 and the pics are too cute! They wrote the sweetest messages to each other and shared epic throwbacks!So, is the divorce officially off?

Tinys video features some of the celeb guest in attendance at the wedding, which was first officiated at a Miami courthouse and then celebrated with a ceremony at Miamis Star Island. The celebs who were notably in attendance seven years ago included: Angela Simmons, Ashanti, Bow Wow,Diamond, Jermaine Dupri, Kim Porter, Lil Scrappy, Nelly, Rasheeda, and Usher. Antonia “Toya” Carter, Kandi Burruss and Monicawere all bridesmaids. Jamie Foxx and El DeBarge serenaded the newlyweds before their guests were treated to a show of fireworks.

Mr. H,as he referred to himself in his post, was the first to share sweet memories of the pair on Instagram. And, he made it seem like the two are back together! In a collage of photos from the day they said, I do,Tip wrote, Happy 7th Anniversary Mrs H.Looking at these picsSeems like the time flew by.The rest of his caption read: Never a dull moment… Everyday we LIT!!!! Stay Making this Family shit look sexy. They aint never seen shit like US!!!! Cant expect nobody to understand this thing of ours; its unfathomable to most. Through the good & bad we stay up,whether right or wrong we gon RIDE!!! Thats all I can ask for.

When Tiny filed for divorce, back in Dec. 2016, things didnt seem too bright for their future; especially, when Tip started to spend some time with Instagram model, Bernice Burgos. The two were rumored to be having an affair, which was the reported reason Tiny filed. However, Bernice has denied that she and Tip were ever romantically involved. In fact, she claimed their relationship was strictly business.So, the real question is, whats the deal T.I. and Tiny?

T.I. and Tinys touching tributes came right on the heels of their family vacation! The musicians — whove seemingly been working to repair their tumultuous relationship — vacationed with their kids in the Bahamas. T.I. even shared a family photo, where the Harris fam looked picture perfect in matching wetsuits.

And, the love-fest wasnt done there. Tiny took to Instagram right after Tip, where she shared an emotional video collage from their wedding day! Still one of the Best most rememberable days of my life,she gushed. The day I walked down that isle to marry the man to make all my dreams come true because it was & still is wedding a girl could only dream for ; still today Very hard to top. From singing me down the isle to The Great Debargesinging at reception to my cake coming down frm the ceiling, to all our family & friends & super stars that showed up for our day. I could go on & on! Thx a million Mr. Harris & Happy 7th Anniversary . Too cute!

On this very day in 2010, T.I., 36, andTameka TinyHarris, 42, tied the knot in a lavish, star-studded wedding in Miami! Now, fast-forward to seven years later, and they have three biological children together —Clifford “King” Joseph Harris III, Major Philant Harris and Heiress — and a history of wild and loving memories. And, although the two were set to divorce, with Tiny having filed in Dec. 2016, it looks like T.I. and Tiny may have chucked the papers in the trash! The pair celebrated their seventh wedding anniversary on July 31, where they honored each other in sweet Instagram posts, which you can view, below!

MeUndies Thinks Fun Is What’s Missing from Underwear Shopping

Eleven minutes and 58 seconds. That’s how long the recorder has been running before Bryan Lalezarian, the CEO of underwear startup MeUndies, tugs down the waist of his jeans and shows me his underwear, to effectively demonstrate just how excited people get about their MeUndies briefs. Two seconds later, the head of PR and social media, Greg Fass, follows suit.

“How many times have you been at a party and you tell someone you work at MeUndies and they grab their waistband and they show you it’s purple?” Lalezarian asks, flipping over the waistband of his Lovestruck briefs to show the grapey purple inner lining. Fass flashes the purple underside of his own flaming orange pair in response. “They all have purple waistbands, that’s our signature color. When else have you had someone show you their underwear like that?” Never, I say, while simultaneously holding a frantic inner debate about how many milliseconds an intrigued-but-not-too-intrigued stare at this man’s briefs is supposed to last.

If this is weird for anyone else, they don’t let on. Lalezarian, a 30-something former investment banker who ditched the hedge fund career track in favor of a riskier life in startups, self-identifies as the least creative guy in the group. He wears the brainy Zuckerberg look well: non-descript black T-shirt, dark wash jeans, and a brand new wedding ring on his left hand. Fass, on the other hand, is decked out in MeUndies loungewear and a Knicks cap and frequently shows up in the company’s Snapchats. He was one of the original MeUndies employees along with the founder, Jonathan Shokrian, before Lalezarian came on “to CEO us,” as Fass puts it.

Image: MeUndies

MeUndies is a direct-to-consumer business that bills itself as the online destination for the perfect pair of underwear — a life-changing experience, the website boasts — and, while it started with a focus on men’s briefs, it has recently been pouring more resources into building out its women’s line. The prices are ambitious, the marketing has been compared to American Apparel, and the team hopes to become a household name in underwear within the next two decades.

“[Underwear shopping] is not a great experience,” Lalezarian says. “It was obvious to us that there’s such a better way to do it. The way we describe it in house is ‘un-boring comfort.’ The core of our company is to have fun, it’s what we really like to promote, and underwear is our vehicle for doing that.”

The company employs 40 people in a brand new office-slash-warehouse in Culver City, California, two doors down from a circus training school. When I visit, the team is still getting used to working out of an office that has windows and a parking lot, let alone a gym and beer tap-equipped kitchen. The front half of the office is filled with long desks and empty chairs ready to be filled with new hires, and the back half acts as a small distribution center where boxes and boxes of underwear are stacked up from floor to ceiling, waiting to be shipped.

The prices are ambitious, the marketing has been compared to American Apparel, and the team hopes to become a household name.

MeUndies sells its underwear a couple different ways: in individual pairs for $16 to $18, in packs of various sizes for $42 to $4,000 (yes, $4,000), or as a subscription service. About 20% of MeUndies customers are subscribers, Lalezarian tells me, and this is where the customer engagement really comes into play. Users who sign up for the subscription service get MeUndies’ design of the month delivered to their door on the first of each month for $14 per pair. Each package comes with a corresponding knickknack; for example, a pebble-printed credit card holder for November’s Pebble theme, a zombie-fied deck of playing cards for October’s Rocking Dead theme, and a keychain with a bottle opener attached for July’s Summer Lovin’ theme. The trinkets combined with loud, playful underwear designs make each purchase a shareable experience, which isn’t always easy to come by when you’re selling underwear.

“The fact that we have guys who are showing their other guy friends what color of underwear they are wearing is a totally new thought,” Lalezarian says. “No guy would ever want to show anybody else his underwear. But now that there’s this personality to it, that it’s not so boring and black and white, it creates that feeling of ‘I want to show my friend this and tell them about this,’ which is how word of mouth has been so big for us.”

Image: MeUndies

Women’s underwear, on the other hand, is slightly newer territory for the brand. While MeUndies has sold to both men and women since its inception, it only carried one women’s style, the Cheeky Brief, up until this year. In May, the brand launched the “All of Me” collection, MeUndies’ first big expansion into women’s products. The collection includes three different fits: a bikini, a boyshort, and a thong, and each type was tested out on a sample group of 300 to 400 of the brand’s most devoted female shoppers before going into mass production.

Plus, when you’re buying a houndstooth-printed thong, you’re buying into the whole brand experience, which Lalezarian and his team have worked hard to perfect at MeUndies. Each underwear purchase comes with a complimentary MeUndies snapback (“to better help you show off that MeUndies pride,” an enclosed note explains). In years past, condoms were included with each purchase. When you order, the confirmation email comes from a mysterious person named “Jen,” who also sends out periodic email blasts and Snapchats. The company built a billboard campaign around her; driving around Los Angeles, you’re bound to come across a grapey purple billboard that simply says “Who is Jen?” alongside the MeUndies logo. When I ask Fass to explain further, he passes, saying that it would spoil the fun.

While MeUndies underwear doesn’t come cheap — $18 for that houndstooth-printed thong is way more commitment than the typical seven for $27 deal that can be found at Victoria’s Secret — Lalezarian doesn’t seem too worried about the competition. “We’re making a product that doesn’t compare to Victoria’s Secret,” he tells me. “The quality is much different, the design is different. Ours lasts a lot longer. With Victoria’s Secret, you’re probably buying more frequently than you would here. Women more than men tend to think of underwear as a disposable product. You wear it for six months then you throw it out and buy it again. That’s part of the way Victoria’s Secret has trained women to buy underwear, it gets you in the store frequently. It’s a bit different for men, they invest in the long run. In terms of quality our underwear is lasting a lot longer, you’re not replacing it as often and it’s a lot more unique.”

“Women more than men tend to think of underwear as a disposable product.”

On the marketing front, MeUndies takes an irreverent approach that, more often than not, toes a rather bro-friendly line. When Dallas Cowboys running back Joesph Randle made headlines for shoplifting underwear from a Dillard’s in Texas, MeUndies swooped in to set Randle up with a constant stream of MeUndies briefs and donated the equivalency of his fine to a Dallas-area charity. Similarly, when Seattle Seahawks running back Marshawn Lynch got fined for grabbing his crotch in celebration after making a touchdown, MeUndies set him up with his own supply of underwear and offered to match his fine with a charitable donation to Lynch’s foundation every time he grabbed his crotch in last year’s Super Bowl.

“Those types of stories are a lot more engaging than advertisements,” Lalezarian says. “Not many brands are willing to do what we did in that case. The kinds of guys who watch ESPN and watch football can admire us for taking that bold step.”

Not that MeUndies’ advertisements are a snooze in comparison. When Facebook banned an overly sexual MeUndies ad in 2014, the brand responded by circulating another Facebook ad mocking the company for banning the ad and asking viewers to click through to a “Too Hot For Facebook” section of the site to see the uncensored ads. Click-through rates quadrupled on that ad, according to Digiday.

Image: MeUndies

The brand got press for advertising on a porn site in 2013, in the form of a banner ad showcasing a woman with her face turned away, wearing nothing but socks and “SHE LIKES LONG _OCKS” written in block letters over the image. (The American Apparel comparisons really come into focus here.) MeUndies ads regularly appear on comedian Bill Burr’s podcast; in one episode, he opens with discussing the virtues of “slapping the shit” out of a woman and then, 20 minutes later, sings a MeUndies jingle and shills the briefs. When rapper Lil Dicky gets to the part of his live show where he gives a woman in the audience a lap dance, he does it in MeUndies briefs.

Lalezarian says that any controversy that the brand attracts for its stunts is worth it, although he acknowledges that the team learned that negative reactions tend to have more reach. In any case, it doesn’t seem to be slowing the brand’s growth. On social, MeUndies regularly engages with over 200,000 Facebook followers, although Fass says the brand’s most active platform is Instagram, which has grown from 30,000 followers to 110,000 followers in just under a year. Fass credits the growth to a combination of using Instagram personalities (including LA’s own cookie genius) to promote the underwear and encouraging customers to share their own photos of MeUndies on the platform.

“I think people want to see interesting photos of people in their underwear.”

“One thing we really love to do is [show] people in underwear doing things,” Fass explains. “I know it sounds really simple, but when someone is out doing something that they’d normally be doing in full clothes, but they’re doing it in underwear, it makes a great photo, so we’re kind of lucky in that sense. I think people want to see interesting photos of people in their underwear.” Next year, Fass is aiming to hit half a million followers on Instagram.

MeUndies may still be small but it’s attracting a variety of talent away from impressive brands: the company just hired its first creative director from Beats by Dre, where he held the same position, and MeUndies’ head of product development spent time at Target and Abercrombie & Fitch before crossing over into start-up life. “I think we’ve built an incredible team,” Lalezarian says. “There’s a special magic to the culture we have here that is really hard to replicate, and it takes time.”

Lalezarian has his sights set on a couple hundred million in revenue, which he says is in view as long as the team keeps honing MeUndies’ obsessive, weirdly passionate culture of underwear. “You know how Clark Kent has a Superman outfit on under his shirt and no one knows? It’s kind of the same thing with the underwear you’re wearing that day,” Lalezarian tells me. “It gives you a sense of confidence. It sounds crazy, but there is something special about this category that’s been forgotten.”

Lingerie brand has their Facebook ad pulled for being too sexual

THE DESIGNERS behind an up and coming lingerie label, A Summer of Love, have been left “shocked” and “disappointed” after their Facebook ad campaign was pulled for being “too sexual” and showing “excessive amounts of skin”.

The women behind the brand, 27-year-old Yasmine Staub and her best friend 37-year-old Lauren Carter, claimed to have submitted their ad to Facebook using images which they believed were not of a sexual nature, but simply ;showed off their beach-inspired brand by celebrating femininity with lace and flowers;.

We had been putting the brand together for 6 months, and planned to use Facebook as a big part of our launch,; Ms Staub, who was born in Perth but currently living in Los Angeles, told

The ad originally went up as part of the verification process, but then we were notified by Facebook that it had been pulled down because it was too sexually explicit.;Too sexy for Facebook?Source:Supplied

The women, who have both modelled previously and are featured in the photographs, said the fact their images were deemed ;too sexual; compared to other content that is available on Facebook left them feeling disappointed and outraged.

It;s such an outdated attitude, and reinforces all the negative stigma surrounding women;s bodies,; Ms Staub said.

[Banning our ad] shames women who are confident and proud of being a woman. Ultimately, we felt it was slut shaming.;

The exchange between Ms Staub and Facebook suggested the women recreate their ad if they wish to boost their post in the future, and ultimately generate more people to their site.

Your ad was disapproved because the image being used in the ad shows excessive skin,; the Facebook message, which was sent to Ms Staub, read.

Ads with a sexual undertone are not allowed. This applies even if your underlying product is represented by image (ex: lingerie, condoms, sexual health books).;

After following up with an enquiry about which image had in fact breached Facebook;s policy of ;avoiding images that are overly sexual;, Ms Staub said she never received a response from Facebook ; and instead had their enquiry and conversation closed by the social media site.A Summer of Love had their Facebook ad removed for showing ‘excess skin’.Source:Supplied contacted Facebook Australia, who said if the women removed the image of Ms Carter in the white bralette where her nipple can be seen, there ;shouldn;t; be an issue with their ad.

One of the images is clearly against our Community Standards and Advertising Policies,; a spokesperson said.

If they omit that image, then their advert should be good to go.;

According to Facebook;s terms and conditions, ;images may not be overly sexual, imply nudity, show excessive amounts of skin or cleavage, or focus unnecessarily on body parts ; even if portrayed for artistic or educational reasons.;The image is ‘clearly against’ what Facebook believe is too sexual in nature, and shows too much skin.Source:Supplied

Facebook Adverts allow people to create targeted adverts to reach different audiences and meet business goals. With more than 1.4 billion people using Facebook to connect with people right around the world, an advert can be tailored to a select audience, location, age and interest.

The appeal of creating an advert for a small business, such as Ms Staub and Ms Carter;s lingerie brand, means they were hoping to get more people visiting their newly established Facebook page and website.

While the girls are still allowed to keep the images on the brands actual Facebook page, they are not allowed to use them as part of an advert.Yasmine Staub, left and Lauren Carter, right, were left disappointed that Facebook found their ads too sexual or the social media platform.Source:Instagram

The business owners claim they are yet to formally hear from Facebook about which image is breaching the advertising standards, and admitted the platform will be difficult to use when trying to advertise their brand in the future.

Almost every other business can use Facebook to sell their products ; lingerie should not be exempt from using this platform just because there are some people are offended by women;s bodies,; Ms Carter said.

We definitely plan on trying [to use Facebook adverts again]. But we are wary something totally compliant with the rules might get taken down, simply because we feature women in lingerie in our ads. It;s a core part of our fashion line.;‘How dare we be made ashamed and sexualised when our intent was to celebrate femininity and self confidence’.Source:Supplied

Just last month, Bras and Things pulled an ad campaign from their stores which featured Australia;s Next Top Model contestant Simone Holtznagel, after it was described as ;amateur porn; by shoppers who were offended by the commercial.

The campaign, which resembles a Playboy ad, featured close ups of Ms Holtznagel;s body wearing the lingerie, posing in a series of sexual positions and flaunting the latest line of lingerie.

Ms Staub and Ms Carter said it has become insulting how some people view lingerie campaigns, and that it made them feel that ;being a woman with a body is a problem;.

How dare we be made ashamed and sexualised when our intent was to celebrate femininity and self confidence,; Ms Carter said.Still from Simone Holtznagel Bras N Things advertising clip, which was banned from playing in store after some customers saw it as ‘amateur porn’.Source:Instagram

Simone looks absolutely gorgeous, She looks beautiful and tasteful. There is absolutely nothing in this ad that offends me.

As a woman I am inspired by the way she presents herself. The shoot is nothing but beautiful and inspirational!;

What angered the girls most about the decision towards their ad is the fact other pages are able to exist on the social media site, such as Blokes Advice ; which was shut down recently following negative media attention.

While majority of the posts made in the group were men sharing pictures of cars, barbecues, man cave setups and home bars, some members would entertain each other with graphic descriptions of rape, revenge porn and violence against women.

Having our ad taken down was a big blow, and something that shocked us,; Ms Staub said.

We are subjected to violence all over the internet. But it seems an image of a woman projecting confidence and self worth creates more outrage than the violence.

What is so offensive to me personally is that A Summer of Love is a brand made for women by women. Our brand is about celebrating femininity and confidence.

Figure out your perfect Babydoll Chemise

Treating yourself to some lovely lingerie to impress that special someone has

become a time-honoured Valentine’s Day tradition. But with the array of underwear
on offer, it can be hard to know where to start – and what suits.

“Lingerie is such a personal choice and is very much about enhancing your body
shape – it should fit impeccably,” says Marks and Spencer’s head of lingerie design
Soozie Jenkinson.

“Get fitted!” she urges. “At least every six months. There are lots of factors
which can affect your body shape and size, so It’s important to check your size
when you buy new bras, to ensure you’re wearing the right size for your current

And how do you know when a bra fits properly?

“Make sure the wire is not digging in, and the centre front of bra should sit flat
against the chest,” Jenkinson advises. “Make sure your bust is contained fully
within cup, and ensure your bra straps are secure but not tight. If you remove the
straps, your bra should continue to support your breast.”

Whether you’re skinny, curvy or anywhere in between, here’s some expert advice on
the styles to flatter every figure…


When it comes to clothes, straight-up-and-down boyish frames make everything look
good, but lingerie can be a bit trickier.

“If you want to create curves, then look for a padded bra; there are lots of
different types of padding for either a subtle enhancement or a more dramatic
effect,” says Agnes Dewhirst, junior buyer at “There are also lots
of beautiful triangle shape bras or half cup bras that look great on more petite
figures, from brands like Aubade or Calvin Klein.”


If you’re in possession of hourglass curves, lucky you, almost any type of lingerie
suits, so it’s up to you whether you want to enhance what you’ve got, go all-out in
a seriously seductive set, or choose something more delicate and demure.

“Having a bigger bust used to mean boring and frumpy bras, but not any more,” says
Dewhirst. “There is a lot more choice, no matter your cup size, with bras that have
been designed with both support and style in mind. For something sexier, try the
Pour Moi Forbidden range.”


For pear shapes, a well-fitting bra is just as important, but finding flattering
bottoms is the tricky part.

“Generally, a brief shape or any knicker style that is narrower at the hip will be
more flattering on a pear-shaped figure. A deep short may enhance the width of your
hips, but if the styling has a vintage feel, this can also create a desirable pin-
up effect,” says Dewhirst. “A basque really adds to a seductive look, especially
with the addition of stockings. Or alternatively, choose a baby-doll, either with a
built in bra or soft cups.”

“Women with larger cup sizes may feel more secure in a side support style, or a bra
made in a more rigid embroidery to give more support,” Dewhirst says. “If you are
fuller in the top of your breasts, look for bras with lace at the top of the cup,
as this will stretch and be more forgiving, while also providing support in the
bottom of the cup.”

“A T-shirt bra can also offer great support from a D up to a GG cup,” she suggests,
“as the foam helps to provide support for the bust.”


Are you dreaming of a romantic escape this Valentine’s weekend, strolling the
waterways of Amsterdam carrying a bunch of tulips? Us too, but since it’s unlikely
to happen, we’re consoling ourselves with White Stuff’s Little Amsterdam
collection, a sweet spring selection peppered with tulip, clog and coffee cup
prints. Going Dutch never looked so chic.

Lingerie sales don’t usually start to hot up until the January pay day has passed,
but George at Asda reports a 37% surge in the last week of the month, even though a
third of people polled admit they’re down to their last $50. It may, in part, be
due to the cold weather, as 77% of women surveyed said they’d rather have a cosy
night in than a night out with the girls at this time of year, while a third said
they were looking forward to flaunting the results of their post-Christmas diets.


A Jenny Packham ready-to-wear gown will set you back several thousand pounds, but
now there’s a way to get your hands on one for a fraction of the price. OK,
technically it is a nightie, but the raspberry silk Hollyhock Night Gown, with its
gorgeous low back and diamante detailing, definitely deserves to be seen outside
the bedroom.

wanted: a bohemian dress baby doll

when the temperature goes up, the things are usually minimal clothing. i dream of
having to put on a piece of a soft – doped to live one day, light and comfortable.

over the years: jansenism style this season, in our wardrobe brand in the seventies
accommodating ethno hippisants printed volumes in the short and loose, more sensual
and details (such as a bare back. with its large flower motifs, the neck, the back
and the warm hues of cut this baby doll free people seems therefore to be an ideal
candidate to satisfy our needs music & fashion.

real slinky boho, which is, in fact, require very little additional devices to be
nimber silhouette of a mild summer. not to mention the style of peace and love,
that will enable them to participate in many of them the rock, casual or bohemian.

in practice, try to temper his dna with the duo to carbon black blazer boots or
trio perfecto licorice shirt jeans boots lace up open scope. to draw more
“woodstock”, the dress khaki jacket is married to mix ankle boots camel fine gold
rings, or even the whole bedazzled jean jacket sleeves roulottees scope glasses
aviators sandal strap. the wise will finally end with a long and waistcoat, camel
and a pair of white sneakers.

ps: underwear, the small, will not hesitate to make a bra. others may wear a bra
invisible underwear, or rely on an apparent.

Talksexylingerie: Bold-Style Babydoll as Daytime Wear in Spring

The forecast for spring is hot,with a variety of colors, styles, dress and

accessories every fashionista needs in her collection. SoME individuals may need
help staying ahead of this season’s fashion must-haves; they might want to take
their cue of dress from, which shows people how to step into
spring with style.

“Spring is all about renewal, so girls are especially encouraged to say it loud
this year with bold dressing style. Don’t be afraid to turn up the heat with daring
styles like hallow-out dressinGS, gorgeous chemises and semi-transparent sexy
babydolls,” said Iris Sun, Marketing Director of Talksexylingerie. “Babydoll styles
are prevalent in SLeepwear and lingerie but have evolved to become daytime wear.”

Some girls are desperate to jump into spring with some eye-catching garments which
cling to their curvaceous figures in all the right places. Babydolls or chemises
with some hallow-out features are popular recenTLy among well-known stars like
actresses and WAGs, which turn out to be a hit on some significant occasions.

So while the attention-grabbing dress may not have been suitable for the cool windy
evening, it had the desired effect on the crowds who were waiting to glimpse a few
celebs but couldn’t keep their eyes off the Liverpudlian model. To get this look,
this crowd should not be afraid to play around with and pair up some sexy chemises
to be the highlight, which Talksexylingerie is exerting great contribution to make
better and more fantastic.

Just like things are put in this way: It’s a good idea for these fashionistas to
make sure they’re wearing something that will definitely stand out.

Iris also points out that when spring rolls around, lace is a romantic fabric that
can be worn on a variety of occasions. Stylistas will keep it sizzling in sheer
lace blouses, which were revealed as popular at the Louis Vuitton show during Paris
Fashion Week. Fashionistas can get this look, too, in white, black and any shade in
between. Just make sure to wear the proper undergarments so as to keep the look
classy instead of trashy.

Women can also choose to look youthful in a colored lace babydoll or chemise. The
larger lace print and structure of the dress makes this an ideal day to night
outfit. Girls could also look chic in this A-line silhouette. If it’s possible,
they can feel free to find an A-line for themselves – it flatters many body types,
for any age, so try this timeless and classic piece.

Some oriental babydoll styles are introduced as well to satisfy those women’s
requirements with territorial complex so that they can enjoy the exotic fantasy as
long as they wish.

As regards to some romantic styles, “Don’t just stop and smell the flowers; this
season, wear them, too,” said Iris. In this way fragrance and sweety will spread in
every way. Likewise, for a classic look with a modern twist, go for a jazzy floral
print pair of babydoll or skirt.

Furthermore, ladies will be able to stretch their wardrobe’s color palette as well
with warm, orange tone or blue, black and red ones.

Lingerie, Seductive Section!

LINGERIE is able to tempt men. Also, this sexy underwear always succeeds in leaving many images in men’s minds about women.
The shape is beautiful and sexy, making many women hunt lingerie until sometimes forget and do not care about its comfort. Though lingerie is not only tasked to make you appear seductive and confident, but should be able to generate a sense of comfort.
And now, women are getting spoiled with lots of lingerie options in various models and colors. Sage advice from Cybernews, choose a simple lingerie model but still impressive sexy, because men just love it.Here are some of the best types of lingerie your man likes:
1. Boy shorts
His name is popular in recent years. Shaped glance similar to hot pants that cover the whole hips and buttocks. For you who give priority to comfort, choose boy shorts made from cotton. Like the personal wearer who is easy going, boy shorts can be worn for any outfit.
2. Baby doll
This underwear consists of two pieces, tops and subordinates. His boss looked like a loose shirt that widened to the bottom. Medium pants are also loose, not tight like a boy shorts.
3. Kamisol
Kamisol, usually made from materials that ‘fall’ in the body, such as silk and satin. In addition to helping you look sexy and lure your man in bed, camisole apparently can also be worn outdoors. Pair with your favorite jeans, and be prepared to appear confident.
4. Chemise (sleeping gown)
The shape is more like the top A-Line model that ‘falls’ to the thigh, a small rope on the shoulder, like a camisole. For those of you who have a slightly contained body type, this sleeping dress will help cover your stomach and fleshy ass. This sexy nightgown is usually made of silk or lace.
5. Bustier with garter belt
Bustier is a kind of underwear similar to a corset, equipped with elastic straps on stockings that connect it. It is complicated to wear everyday, because usually bustier worn with a party dress to form a sexier body look. Just like your expensive sexy dress, this underwear is also luxurious.
6. Black thong
Thong is a kind of panties similar to V-strings, but widened at the waist. Sexy underwear is very suitable worn with any clothes, especially a tight dress or trousers. Because thong can disguise the line of pants that wrap your tight ass. Choose a black thong, and make him curious and eager to see what’s behind your dress.

7. Cheekies
Cheekies are panties (panties), a blend of boy shorts and bikinis. Usually made of lace material. Matching matches between cheeky pants with push-up bra, or camisole will help you not only look sexy, but also beautiful and sporty.
8. A pair of bra and panties
Want to look sexy and grow your wild male image, no need to have to groom it with a corset, stiletto or cuff toys. You can make the appearance look simple but still impressive section. Just choose a pair of bra and panties. To be a little naughty, wear a pair of bra and panties patterned animal print. And be ready to whip up his passion into the sky.

Seriously Sexy Plus Size Babydoll Chemise by Sophie Theallet for Lane Bryant!

Ladies!!! How many of you are in the midst of planning your wedding or helping a friend or sister plan hers? The dress has been altered to perfection, the florist and caterer have been paid, and the rsvps are rolling in. The only thing left is to plan your encore role as vixen of the night! That’s the best role and it’s when the real fun begins! After reciting your vows, enjoying your guests and dancing the night away, spending a romantic honeymoon with your mate is truly the icing on the cake!

When I was a new bride, I wanted to make sure I surprised my groom with a different sexy look each night! It was fun seeing his excitement and anticipation as I sashayed into the bedroom wearing the most sexy, curve accentuating lingerie, that left little to the imagination!

So are you in need of some inspiration while you’re planning a romantic night in, honeymoon, or anniversary? Take a look at our favorite picks from the Seriously Sexy Bridal Lingerie collection from Lane Bryant!

A fresh take on the corset, this waist cinched is perfect to wear alone or under your actual wedding dress!

Get cheeky with it! These lace panties sizzle with sexiness! Add the lace bra, and your mate will be putty in your hands!

This lace unlined bodysuit is infused with romance!

Is it getting hot in here or is it just me? If these sexy looks inspired you to
step it up a notch on your honeymoon, tell me about it in the comments! Or maybe you’re like me and had your honeymoon a long time ago! There’s nothing wrong with reliving it and surprising your boo with one or all of these sexy nighties! You will be thanked over and over!

So what did you think? See more than a few options that intrigue you? I am here for more than a few pieces and definitely love that there are brands that are giving us something to wear underneath it all on our big day or night!

Plus Size Fashion Find: “Jayden” Babydoll From Curvy Girl Lingerie

When I go to sleep each night, my goal is to be as comfortable as possible.
Sometimes that involves wearing an oversized shirt, and then there are times when less is more.

If you’re leaning toward the latter, then Curvy Girl Lingerie has a vast selection of baby dolls, chemises and gowns that may be perfect for you.
Today, we’re featuring the Jayden.
Polka dot is such a fun print and this sheer and lace babydoll are an excellent mash-up of fun and sensuality. The bow details are a great added touch.Are you interested in this babydoll? Visit and start shopping for plus size lingerie today!

Buying lingerie can be an expensive business… and harsh everyday washing processes can leave just-bought garments looking tired and, at worst, damaged.

A handful of clever tips, shared by a lingerie expert, could ensure your bedroom attire stays looking in mint condition.

Julien Macdonald has launched his first lingerie and nightwear collaboration with Matalan which is available online and in selected stores now.

The Welsh fashion designer has created a 21 piece collection which focuses on two key trends: Leopard Allure and Midnight Floral.
These trends include luxury pyjama sets, kimonos and chemises, as well as bras, thongs, Brazilian knickers and a babydoll in a range of colours and prints.

The Leopard Allure theme revives Julien’s signature animal print from previous fashion seasons and pairs the stand out print with pastels and elegant floral prints. There are also plenty of delicate lace trims and bow details.

Meanwhile, Midnight Floral is all about luxury and the items within this theme provide a sultry and sexy feel to them from the dark oriental florals, detailed lace and simple black babydolls.

Julien, 44 says: “All the pieces from my debut Love by Julien Macdonald lingerie and nightwear range are crafted with delicate lace, satin feel fabrics to make the wearer feel confident and comfortable. I’m so thrilled to be continuing my exciting relationship with Matalan.”

The designer has collaborated with Matalan since 2013 and has previously produced three collections with the brand including women’s swimwear and beachwear.