Lingerie For Men Is A Thing Now Because Of Course It Is.

A new British company is advertising a fabulous product for the gender non-binary men in your life: lacy lingerie.

According to the Mirror, a U.K. company called HommeMystere aims to take frilly panties and wispy, floral-printed bras out of the gender-binary by providing “lingerie and sleepwear exclusively for men.”

The underthings bear a striking resemblance to sets women might purchase, and some even come with optional “accessories,” like garter belts. Most of the underwear is bikini-style, and the bras — which come in strapless and “multi-way” — are generally unlined (though some do feature light padding, in case men are looking for a “fuller” figure).

HommeMystere also features a selection of lace nighties and babydolls for when things get really intense. There’s even what appears to be a saucy French maid costume.

Now, obviously, there’s a market for men-sized lingerie, and there’s certainly a market for women’s lingerie sized for men. To some extent, HommeMystere is marketing directly to those demographics by making “fun, comfortable, unique lingerie — for people with packages.” But the site also implies that women are very much into the look.

One satisfied customer suggested that his girlfriend “loves” him in his matching bra and panties.

As the Sun says, “whatever floats your boat.”

TOWIE’s Amber Turner shows off her sensational figure in very sexy swimwear as she cosies up to Dan Edgar on beach in Sardinia

When life gives you lemons... TOWIE's Amber Turner showed off her sensational figure in very sexy swimwear  in Sardinia on Thursday

Lingerie Is Getting a Lift From Newcomers Harnessing Digital, Fit Technologies

A sea change in how women view bras — along with fit technologies and social media — is helping a clutch of direct-to-consumer entrants make headway in the lingerie category as some of its brick-and-mortar stalwarts grapple with slowing sales.

This includes American lingerie brand Lively, founded by a former Victoria’s Secret executive, who spied an opportunity in more inclusive brand messaging and fit innovations.

“Victoria’s Secret owns a third to 40 percent, depending on what data you look at, of the U.S. lingerie market, which is around $13 billion,” said Michelle Cordeiro Grant, founder and chief executive officer of Lively. According to Zion Market Research, the global lingerie market was valued at $38.9 billion in 2017 and is expected to reach $59.5 billion by 2024.

Cordeiro Grant is a former Victoria’s Secret executive and it was during her time at the brand that she noticed a potential for differentiation in the sector. Sales were down 5 percent across Victoria Secret stores in the U.S. and Canada for 2018, according to L Brands’ June 2018 sales report.

“Their point of view on lingerie is how do women feel when their significant other is looking at them. What I felt from a branding standpoint was how do women feel when they look at themselves because what is ‘sexy’ today is being smart, healthy, active and confident,” said Cordeiro Grant.

Likewise, it was an experience at Victoria’s Secret that pushed Heidi Zak to launch American lingerie brand ThirdLove. “I was shopping for a bra, wondering why I was shopping with a brand that didn’t have a great product and also didn’t have a compelling message that resonated with me,” she said. “Generally, women dread bra shopping on average, and that was really the impetus to start ThirdLove.”

These new players developed new marketing strategies and braved new frontiers, entering into market via an unorthodox approach. They used e-commerce as a gateway into the industry, a difficult feat given the nature of the product.

To solve the fit dilemma, these brands have tapped hundreds of women to develop their individual online fit guide. Trusst Lingerie tested 300 prototypes on hundreds of women, Knix’s initial sizing system was based off of 220 women and Lively held 300,000 online sessions prior to its launch.

ThirdLove’s Zak wanted to digitize the expertise and knowledge of an in-store sales associate. She claims that its Fit Finder tool is close to being perfect and, to date, the brand has collected data from over 10 million women who have used the Fit Finder. The data informs product development, such as the development of half sizes, which the brand is renowned for. Over a third of ThirdLove’s customers purchase half sizes.

“We offer over 70 sizes including our half cups which nobody else offers, and we’re really able to analytically determine how many women are requesting certain sizes that we don’t offer,” said Zak. “Just a few weeks ago, we added 24 new sizes that were the top 24 requested sizes we didn’t carry.”

Being size inclusive is fundamental. At a time when people of all shapes and sizes are demanding to be acknowledged and celebrated, brands can no longer expect women to fit traditional cookie-cutter molds. “We have proper sizes, rather than just S, M, L. We have actual dimensions that are based off of your body to get your perfect fit rather than expect all women to fit into those three sizes,” said Faith Leeves, co-founder of U.K. brand Lara Intimates.

Lara Intimates’ fit guide is similar to ThirdLove’s Fit Finder, and brings the real-life experience of being fitted onto a digital platform. “It’s exactly how we would fit you if you came into our studios, so they don’t have to worry about what size they are at Victoria’s Secret or Marks & Spencer,” Leeves said.

“A lot of people think that underwear won’t work online, but I think as long as you help women feel really confident that they know what their body is going to look like in it, you can do it,” added Cindy Liberman, co-founder of Lara Intimates. “It’s getting them to measure themselves and make that first purchase. It’s building up that trust because the lingerie-buying experience is habitual.”

While Lara Intimates has a studio near Hackney Wick, two-thirds of its sales still happen online with the majority of sales targeted to the small back, large cup market that it’s managed to tap into.

Angel wings and provocative imagery are being replaced by real women with real bodies — including curves, scars and sagging. They strike fun and confident poses on these brands’ Web sites and their social media channels.

“All our campaign shoots feature real customers of Knix. We really let them tell their stories first and then the product and stores second. We’re just taking marketing to women on behalf of women instead of through a specific lens of what women should be,” said Joanna Griffiths of Canadian lingerie brand Knix.

For Griffiths, women must be able to visualize their needs online. Each size is shown on a model, and the brand has recently incorporated video on its Web site. “People don’t just want to see what they look like standing still; we want to show what our bras look like when you’re moving or (what it looks like) underneath a T-shirt,” she said.

Harnessing community engagement is a key strategy. Knix’s real customers have become official ambassadors who constantly test out new prototypes and provide feedback. Similarly, Lively has over 30,000 online ambassadors and encourages its customers to vote on its images and text.

Both of these brands also translate the online engagement offline. Spin classes, meditation and roundtable discussions are all part of the Knix community, while Lively offers succulent gardening, terrarium classes, watercolor classes and entrepreneurship workshops. And in England, Lara Intimates holds studio gatherings to talk about bra experiences, which are then shared online. The firm is also journeying across the country with a mobile underwear store to offer personalized fittings.

These digitally savvy lingerie newcomers say it’s important to move faster than their traditional counterparts. American brand Trusst Lingerie, which caters to the D-plus cup market, has developed its patented Breast Advanced Support Technology, BAST for short.

“It’s a completely new support system. Traditional bras just use straps to pull up the weight and use underwires which put tension on the sternum. We’ve created bras that lift from underneath and counterbalance the weight to relieve pain points such as back pain, neck strain and shoulder dents,” said ceo and co-founder Sophia Berman.

From customer feedback, Berman has noticed that having more options and different solutions resonates strongly with women. “They’re sick of the same industry-standard bras they have seen over and over again.”

Griffiths agreed: “There hasn’t been a ton of product innovation up to this point, partly due to the fact that there are only a couple of large manufacturers who produce the same thing.” Knix bras are moisture-wicking and anti-odor. For the eco-friendly consumer, Lara Intimates’ breathable lingerie is manufactured from deadstock fabric.

New alternatives include wireless bra options — and these new entrants have noticed a visible customer shift in favor of non-wired products. “It’s no longer about choosing between ‘sexy’ and ultimate comfort, that’s how we came up with our concept of “Leisurée” (lingerie and leisure). I think it’s really inspired by the emergence of athleisure and for some reason lingerie never went that way,” Cordeiro Grant said.

“I’m actually so surprised how many underwear brands are still so focused on this ultra sexy stuff, when I see people on Instagram constantly talking about how they want a fresher approach to underwear,” said Liberman.

Women no longer have to choose between being sexy and comfortable, and lingerie is quickly catching up. “There’s a big shift away from push-ups and padded bras. There’s this whole movement with women that almost started out with the sneaker trend, the idea that a woman is expected to wear stilettos and a pencil skirt is just not happening anymore and so I think that the bra is going to be the final thing that is adapting to a change in female preferences,” said Griffiths.

We Found the Sexiest Lingerie on the Internet

The model is talking about booking her latest gig, modeling WordPress underwear in the brand latest Perfectly Fit campaign, which was shot by Lachian Bailey. It was such a surreal moment cried she admitted.

The main thing that you have to remember on this journey is just be nice to everyone and always smile.
It’s kind of confusing because I’m a bigger girl, Dalbesio says. I’m not the biggest girl on the market but I’m definitely bigger than all the girls [Calvin Klein] has ever worked with, so that is really intimidating. She wasn’t sure, she said of the shoot, what was expected from her in terms of her size or shape.

Refreshingly, what was expected of her was the same thing that was expected of Lara Stone: to take a beautiful picture.

You must learn one thing. The world was made to be free in. Give up all the other worlds Except the one in which you belong.

So simple, yet so essential, the white shirt is the foundation of any wardrobe. It’s also the most multi-functional item, taking you from work to play with just the quick unfastening of a couple of buttons. It matter what style fitted boyfriend etc or even what fabric from silk to heavy cotton go with whatever suits your personal style best.

Calvin Klein known for launching the careers of such svelte models as Brooke Shields and Kate Moss to cast a model who deviates from the size standard and make a fuss about it to Dalbesio who spent years.

Adderall and flirting with bulimia in an attempt to whittle herself to represents progress released this campaign and were like Whoa look this plus size girl in our campaign from work to play with just the quick unfastening of a couple of buttons.

Amber Rose Wore Straight-Up Lingerie to the VMAs Red Carpet

The theme of this year’s VMAs is “Everything Might Happen,” and while that may seem a little big vague, you’ll know exactly what it means when you look at Amber Rose’s outfit because she showed up to the red carpet wearing an entire lingerie ~lewk~.

Seriously, she took it to the next level with a red leather outfit complete with over-the-knee boots and a whip. A WHIP.

The 2018 look is everything. The boots, the corset, the MASK that’s slightly reminiscent of Ariana Grande’s mouse ears, the bra that has total cone boobs going on. The whole “devil is me” vibe. It’s everything. It’s amazing. FYI, she called it her intergalactic space slut look, and she’s been hitting people with her whip all evening. Okay, carry on with your evening.

TOWIE’s Lauren Pope flaunts her slimline figure in a white bikini as she continues Mykonos getaway

She’s making the most of her free time before TOWIE returns.

And Lauren Pope was sending her followers wild with envy when she shared a sizzling bikini picture from her Mykonos getaway on Sunday.

The 35-year-old reality star displayed her slender physique in the skimpy two-piece, teaming her eye-catching swimwear with a printed kimono.

She did her best Baywatch impression as she strolled along the sea front, putting her long, bronzed pins on display.

Lauren captioned the stunning snap: ‘Fave part of a holiday… Long, wine filled lunches in epic settings #mykonos’.

The TV personality’s followers were full of praise for her eye-catchinh, look, enthusing, ‘wow’, ‘you’re so hot’ and ‘stunning’.

On Thursday, Lauren also took to social media to share a sizzling snap of her sporting a tiny red bikini.

The star had her incredible figure on full display as she posed for the sunset snap on her hotel balcony.

Lauren could be seen posing seductively against a wall in a low-cut red bikini top and matching bottoms, ditching her glasses to show off every inch of her incredible features.

With her blonde tresses tumbling down her back, the Essex beauty showed off her effortless tan, rocking a dramatic smoky eye and nude lip.

Lauren simply captioned the post ‘Mykonos’ as she kept fans up-to-date on her sunny travels.

Lauren has documented her travels on social media, sharing numerous sizzling photos of herself soaking up the sun while wearing pieces from her swimwear line with Misty The Label.

However, Lauren has always remained adamant that she would never reveal her biggest hang-ups or insecurities, as she accepts her body with all its flaws.

She told the Daily Star last year: ‘I never tell people the parts I don’t like about me as that’s just noting out your flaws, I’ve learnt how to work with what I’ve got and accentuate the good parts, let’s put it that way.

Last summer Lauren chose to remove her E cup implants which she had put in as part of a second boob job.

Speaking to MailOnline at the time, she said of the move: ‘I’m back to small boobies! I’ve thought about it for a long time. It’s really hard to explain but it’s not a big dramatic decision. It’s just I feel like I am taken seriously now in the world of business.’

Lauren rose to fame glamour model and embarked on a career as a DJ over a decade ago, but became a series regular on TOWIE in 2010 when she started dating show original Kirk Norcross.

She has since gone on to launch her successful extension line Hair Rehab London.

Lingerie Pieces for the Plus-Size Mom Bringing ‘Sexy Back’

Is it safe to say that Justin Timberlake made bringing “SexyBack” sound easier than it actually is? Postpartum, returning to the version of one’s self that feels the most confident and beautiful can be a struggle to say the least. Even though it’s technically the same body, often times we feel like strangers in a brand-new home.

For the longest time, starting in pregnancy and continuing after my daughter’s birth, I didn’t want to be touched or looked at by my husband, and I didn’t know why. The whole idea just turned me completely off. Not to mention I was trying to heal and get used to the fact that I could barely move my limbs as I slowly recovered from a C- section. The presence of a new human in my home also added another dimension to the overall overwhelmed and lost feeling I felt.

Before I got pregnant, I used to love wearing lingerie, just for the fun of it. It was light and airy and didn’t feel like heavy clothing while still letting me look and feel good around the house. Even if I was just doing my chores in it, I just loved the feeling. Granted, putting on lingerie is probably the last thing a new mother is thinking about. But buying new lingerie can be fun and get us excited about wearing it. Even though our bodies are different postpartum, we can still enjoy them; we can still dress them up. It just takes time.

Sometimes we might feel like we want to wait until we “snap back” or lose 50 pounds before we buy any new clothes. But the body is healing, and sometimes, losing that weight takes longer than expected. I’ve put together this list of fun lingerie of all different styles that both curvy girls and small girls can get inspiration from. Our bodies, no matter how different they feel or look after baby, are strong, miraculous works of art. What our bodies just finished experiencing over the course of pregnancy and childbirth. Take that strong, beautiful mom body to the mirror and admire her. Let’s drape ourselves in some of these luxurious, plush, and opulent unmentionables — not for a significant others but for us.

Where To Buy Keith Haring x MeUndies Underwear Because Panties Are About Self-Expression, Too

Underwear isn’t merely what you wear beneath your clothes. It’s not simply a necessity that you don’t put a lot of thought or care into when choosing it. These days, fashion lovers consider the cut, shape, fit, material, and color of underthings. The Keith Haring x MeUndies collection is proof of this fashion fact.

The exclusive collab includes men’s and women’s undies and bralettes featuring a punchy print inspired by the late, great street artist Haring, who work was huge in the ’90s and ’00s and who was known for his iconic drawings and for incorporating sexuality into his art. He also brought awareness to the AIDS epidemic of the time. The suite of products reminds us that undies are as fun as the clothing you wear on top of them. They are as essential as any visible, outer accessories and allow for self-expression. That’s why the Haring is a perfect fit.

The Haring collection arrives on Tuesday, Aug. 7 as part of the exclusive prints offered to members of this underwear subscription service.

The MeUndies x Keith Haring items boast a turquoise base and feature people, dogs, and a variety of figures in constant states of motion. If you are an art fan, you’ll instantly recognize Haring’s infamous aesthetic. His drawings are DNA distinct and have been immortalized in underwear form.

Since fans already adore the unique and quirky MeUndies prints, the Keith Haring collab is the logical next step.

If you were not previously familiar with MeUndies, here’s the deal. It’s a member/subscriber undergarment (and beyond) service. Membership is super flexible — just like the waistbands of your fave undies. The exclusive edition prints for members are made available the first Tuesday of each month.

There are no (g)strings attached, either. You can swap styles, skip a month, and cancel at any time if you are a member. In addition to access to exclusive styles, members receive price discounts.

These super soft, comfy, and cool undies elevate the category from basics to tools that promote confidence, self-expression, and cultural awareness, too. That’s because the company encourages its community of customers to express themselves via their undies.

MeUndies just launched its #JoinTheComfortable campaign. It’s all about being comfortable in your own skin — on the inside and out. MeUndies sourced photos from fan Instagram accounts — with permission — and fashioned them into billboards celebrating the concept of having the confidence to bare what you wear in terms of undies!

The MeUndies x Keith Haring collection is only available to members. The undies are cute enough to make you want to sign up for the service to enjoy the exclusive designs and discounted pricing. But once you get your first drop, you’re likely to stick around because MeUndies turn undergarments into something fun.

MeUndies are also awesome since they are three times softer than cotton and are made from naturally and sustainably sourced fibers. You can build an underwear wardrobe that makes you excited about getting dressed.

In the Haring range, there are cheeky briefs, bikini bottoms, boy shorts, and thongs, along with T-back and U-back bralettes for women. Member prices for panties are $14 while bras are $22. There are briefs, boxers, and trunks for men, which cost $16 a piece. So you can mix, match, and design your underthings. The assortment is more activewear and athleisure-like than sexy and lingerie-ish, like Rihanna’s Savage x Fenty collection. Still, if you show these off to your significant other, they will be in for a sweet surprise!

There are sweatshirts, lounge pants, joggers, scoop tees, and shift dresses in the assortment of products, too!

Just select your silhouette and then your style — from classic to bold to adventurous colors and prints.

Underwear is so much more when you are a MeUndies member.

20-Something Millionaire King of China Lingerie Production

Think attractive ladies’ underwear and perhaps that which first comes to mind is Victoria’s Secret. Yet, the real secret in China is that fully 60 percent of the country’s lingerie production is to be found in a once-impoverished county in our very own Jiangsu Province, and that it is all thanks to one young man.

Like many a teenage boy, Lei Congrui spent a little too much time thinking about lingerie. Yet, in Rui’s case, it was not the contents of such couture that interested him; it was their financial value.

Aged 15, Lei was helping out his mother with her online shop on Taobao, selling adult health-care products. He discovered that he found doing business to be quite interesting. In a profile of the now multi-millionaire, written by Tan Yibai and published by The Paper, Lei said, “Selling things online is like playing a game. Show stuff off; people turn up to make a deal”.

A 90s boy, Lei studied law at university. After enrollment, each student was asked to introduce themselves and talk about their ideals. Lei was the last one to go on stage, when upon he said, “I don’t have any ideals. I like to make money. My ideal is to earn ¥1 million before the age of 25”. Little did Lei know then how pessimistic his teenage dream had been. By the end of that first year in university, he would have earned more than ¥1 million.

Nothing but pragmatic, Lei revealed the not-so-complicated, saucy secrets of his fortune, saying, “Lingerie is simpler, has higher profits, and doesn’t have the quality problems of other adult products, such as condoms. That’s it”.

Guangyun County falls under the jurisdiction of Lianyungang in northeast Jiangsu. With a population of just one million, and Lei’s business bringing in an annual income of up to ¥50 million, it is safe to say that lingerie has set many a local resident’s pulse racing. They work for Lei in his “garment factory”; in the beginning, this was the only description Lei could use that would make people prepared to work for him.

Now that has all changed, with lingerie being a hot topic of conversation. Over 400 people are employed in Lei’s factory, many of them middle-aged women. Lei’s mother has also not lost her touch and feel for the trends in the industry, working for her son as Creative Director. As long as she thinks a garment is good-looking, it will be a red-hot product. “I don’t know why she has that vision. It may be a woman’s intuition”, says Lei.

Many of the lacy, racy objects of desire produced in Guangyun County are destined for overseas, endowing Lei with great insight into market differences. Somewhat matter of factly, and without even a hint of political correctness, he stated, “The Chinese are still relatively conservative. For example, black and white are the preferred colours. In many foreign countries, people like red and purple; bright colours. Africans like to be cheap, while Europeans and Americans like big sizes”.

Honey Birdette’s advert gets banned for featuring a visible nipple

A lingerie company’s advert has been banned because it showed – whisper it – a female nipple. And as we all know, female nipples are inherently wrong and we must pretend they don’t exist. Honey Birdette had released an advert for a white bra and pants set.

The advert showed a hint of nip through the bra’s sheer material. According to Ad Standards Australia, that hint of nip was a hint too far. The advert had been displayed in a shopping centre, which critics argued meant it could be seen by children. ‘The model’s nipples were revealed,’ said the complaint. ‘This is contrary to community standards and that is all that should need to be said.

‘This is in my local shopping centre. The poster is passed by numbers of families – small children, teenagers, parents – day in, day out.

‘At a time where sexual assault is increasing in the news, this legitimisation of using woman’s naked bodies to sell underwear is inappropriate.’

Now, one could note that children already see nipples at a very young age – when they’re breastfeeding – and that nipples are a body part just like a tummy or a toe in that its sexual nature is culturally informed, not inherent.

One could also note that adverts featuring men’s fully exposed nipples do not warrant complaint. Regardless, Ad Standards Australia found that while the advert was not exploitative or degrading, it was ‘not appropriate for  the relevant broad audience which would likely include children’.

‘The bra the woman was wearing was sheer lace and considered that there was a suggestion that her nipple was visible, although this was not overly clear,’ stated the ruling. ‘The Panel considered that the level of nudity was at the higher end of the scale and the image was highly sexualised.’