11 Plus Size Holiday Lingerie Sets For Anyone Who Wants To Stay On The Naughty List

Sure, you could wear regular clothes and hide under the tree and remind your significant other that you are a gift, but wrapping yourself up in sexy holiday plus size lingerie could be what you need to take the moment over edge. These sexy plus size holiday lingerie sets basically guarantee that your partner will unwrap you for Christmas.

As well as being a great gift to give your lover or life partner this season, a new set of lingerie can also make you feel good, too. Being adored while wearing expensive satin is one of life’s greatest pleasures – plus, these sets are cute enough to be worn more than once a year. You can start a sexy new tradition involving your plus size holiday lingerie, which will be almost as exciting to look forward to as the first big reveal of your sexy Santa look.

Even if you haven’t got a partner to show off for, there’s plenty of empowerment to be found in wearing lingerie just for yourself as a plus sized person. You don’t need anyone else to get one of these sets and feel great in them, just do it for you. Check out some of the cutest sets available this season.

1. Bralette Babydoll

A babydoll that you can wear all year. If you’re feeling dangerous enough, you could even rock this to the club.

2. Red Mesh Santa Babydoll With White Fur Trim

The best lingerie leaves nothing to the imagination, which is why this is made almost entirely of polka dot mesh.

3. Red Satin Chemise And Robe Set

If you love to slip into something a little more comfortable, consider how silky and soft this satin will feel against your skin.

4. Red Velvet Hooded Babydoll

It’s entirely up to you if you want to pair this with red panties or absolutely nothing else.

5. Halter Tie Cup Heart Print Babydoll

If you’re not into red as much as the season wants you to be, this hint of the color is more than enough.

6. Pink And Red Overlaid Lace Balcony Bra & Panties

Sometimes the sexiest lingerie is a well-fitting bra and panties set.

7. Red Lace Up Velvet Romper

Who knew a cuddly romper could be made to look so sexy?

8. Unwrap Me Open Cup Babydoll
Don’t forget – you’re the best present that anyone could ever receive.

9. Red Plunging Body With Lace Cups And Cut Out Back

You could totally tuck this into jeans for an underwear as outerwear Madonna look.

10. Stretch Lace Teddy With Heart Back

Also available in black and white, just in case you have more than one person to impress.

11. Santa’s Cutie Red Chemise

The ultimate Mrs Claus look, hands down.

Time is ticking to get your presents and your outfits ready for the holidays, so why not combine them both and pick up some amazing lingerie off this list? The holidays might not be inherently sexy, but with these sets, they totally will be.

Vixen Curves Is The New Plus Size Lingerie Brand You Need To Know

When it comes to plus size lingerie shopping, the search for the perfect bra and

panty set at a price less expensive than a Van Gogh painting can sometimes seem
near impossible. Finding a plus size harness for cheap, however, has just become an
attainable reality thanks to new indie retailer Vixen Curves. The brand new
business launched on Instagram only a couple of months ago, but is already building
quite a following amongst body positive proponents.

The brand is based in the UK, but paying the $7 for international shipping seems
totally worth it. After all, the total price is still likely to be lower than the
cost of most other plus size bras. Ranging from $14 to $22 and in adjustable sizes,
the harness bras are perfect to wear under an outfit, on top of an outfit, or all
on their own.

Vixen Curves isn’t only about the bras, either. The store offers plus size chokers,
harnesses, and even tulle skirts. When I spoke to owner Vicky-Lou via Instagram,
she also hinted at the idea that as the shop grows in popularity, so too will the
collection expand. For now, I’m perfectly content to drool over the different types
of harness bras available. Plus, all orders are currently being offered with a free
gift. There’s no reason not to invest.

When I asked Vicky-Lou about why she chose to open up shop now, her answer was
totally body positive.

“Being plus size my whole life and wanting to feel sexy, I was annoyed that I could
never find any items I wanted to wear myself. So one day I decided I would make my
own items! Just because someone is plus size doesn’t mean they don’t want to or
can’t feel sexy. And these items truly make me feel good. I wanted to share that
with other women who felt like me. Plus size doesn’t mean ‘boring,’ it means

It’s obvious from her words (and the prices of the products) that Vixen Curves
isn’t just cashing in on a highly lucrative market. Instead, the focus is on
providing plus size people with what wasn’t available to them before. Or, at least,
what has never been available to them so cheaply.

Vicky-Lou also re-posts positive reviews of her designs, allowing us to see that
the customers are just as in love with the products as the owner is. Scottish-based
Kylie Charles shared many images of herself in her new bra, exclaiming, “I freaking
love my new caged bra from Vixen Curves […] how awesome is it? I need one in
every style and color.”

Similarly, happy customer Kelsea Amber shared a glowing review, saying she is “in
love” and praising the brand’s “speedy delivery.”

Personally, I’m in love with the work ethic of any store that’s simply trying to
spread the love. This kind of passion and compassion is what’s arguably needed from
plus size retailers, and really proves why we should go out of our way to support
independent businesses.

Touchable delicates for Valentine’s Day

Valentine’s Day inspires gifts from the heart with traditional items such as

lingerie, chocolates fragrance and other sensual treats topping the list of

Whether you’re indulging yourself or are on the receiving end of a Valentine’s Day
gift, lingerie remains one of the most highly favoured and personal offerings.

“Valentine’s Day is about pleasure. A gift of lingerie should be both pleasant to
look at and pleasant to wear. Go for the wow factor and give your loved one
lingerie in sumptuous, luxurious silk,” says Alicia Vianga, of Premiere Jour Fine
Lingerie, in Toronto.

Chemises, robes, baby doll pajama sets, bras, panties, corsets and bustiers in
traditional shades of red, pink and black are ready for romance in styles that pull
out all the frills.

Choose styles that are whimsical or go for fine and fancy under fashions and
sleepwear inspired by the silver screen.

“Glamorous, vintage details inspired by old Hollywood movies and shows like TV’s
Mad Men are more important than ever this year. Satiny slip dresses, high waisted
panties and lots of ultra feminine details such as ruffles and bows are all
stylish,” says John Izzo, a Montreal-based vice president of design and product
development at La Vie En Rose.

Bright red, pink and black continue to shout out Valentine’s Day in style.

“Valentine’s Day is a very traditional holiday. Red represents love, lust and
passion and is the most asked for colour. Black and red lingerie and styles with
kitschy heart and cupid patterns also remain popular,” says Izzo.

Other motifs include lips, polka dots, floral and leopard prints.

Those who wish to fan the flames in more subdued style may prefer underpinnings in
shades of burgundy, plum, berry, pale blush pink, dusty rose, ivory and blue.

Stretch lace, as well as lace overlaid on satin sparks interest, especially in
two-tone combinations of red and black. Mesh and mesh insets are also stylish.

Bras and chemises with rows of pleating and ruffles are new on the scene.
Coordinating panties get cheeky with ruffled trim and ruffle-lined backsides.

Garters that beg to be worn with stockings and stay ups are stylish features on
many corsets and baby doll sets and also add vintage elements to panties.

“If you’re not quite sure about what type or size of lingerie to buy, fancy
stockings also make great gifts and their more general sizing makes them easy to
select. Fishnet stay ups and fine stockings with seamed backs are among the many
possibilities,” says Jen Klein, owner of Secrets From Your Sister in Toronto.

If you’re not certain that fancy underthings will be appreciated by your sweetie,
other no-fail favourites include heart shaped chocolates, fancy toiletries,
cosmetics and fragrances.

10 Slips To Slip Into This Valentine’s Day

Just like everything else from the ’90s, slips are having a moment. The simple silhouettes, skinny straps, and varying fabrics can be found in both street style and professional settings, but we’re especially rooting for the resurgence of the trend in the bedroom.

The slinky look paired with the right amount of lace and/or silk gets us more excited than a pair of bra and panties ever could. Bonus: Slips are a whole lot easier to take off. So, this Valentine’s Day, look past the lingerie you’re used to splurging on and hop on this wave-partner or not.

We’ve rounded up a bunch to help get you started. Happy day of love and all that good stuff.

Black Bow, available at Nordstrom.Channel your inner dominatrix, sans the sadism.

Anthropologie, Blush Silk Slip. available at Anthropologie.This blush silk slip can also be worn outside of the bedroom with the right pair of pants.

Free People, All Mixed Up Slip,available at Free People.Who says printed slips aren’t made for the bedroom?

Hips & Curves, Sinfully Sweet Georgette Babydoll.We love a good ruffle. The style, combined with a babydoll silhouette, is peak Valentine.

Uye Surana, Sweet Teal Heart Crossed Satin Slip Dress,available at Uye Surana.Fun fact: this brand handmakes all of its products. This little number manages to be both demure and sultry at the same time.

La Perla, Autografo Embroidered Tulle Babydoll.This pretty piece will set you back a whole lot, but Kendall Jenner once wore it if you need some incentive. Plus, it’s La Perla, the creme de la creme of lingerie. Or so we’ve been told.

Hips & Curves, Tie Bust Babydoll With Rhinestone Buckle And Marabou.If Carrie Bradshaw didn’t wear this at some point during Sex And The City, we’d be very surprised. Throw on some matching fur pumps, and you’re basically a reincarnation of the NYC writer.

7 Types Of Babydoll Chemise Every Woman Should Own Simply For Herself

There are certain essential pieces of fashion that arguably belong in every woman’s closet, like a simple pair of ballet flats or a perfect white T-shirt. But often left off of these lists of wardrobe basics are must-have types of lingerie. This, in my humble opinion, is a huge oversight because good lingerie is the foundation to any outfit, and pairing the right kind of lingerie with the right ensemble can elevate your look (not to mention your confidence) in a big way.

I used to be the kind of person who totally wrote off fancy and frilly lingerie, primarily making decisions about what underwear to wear based on what was clean. It’s only been within the last several months that I’ve truly understood the appeal of lingerie, especially the ruffled kind. Wearing the right type of lingerie under your clothes can make a huge difference in the way you carry and present yourself. Plus, there’s so much more to lingerie than simply matching pretty bras with lacy underwear. And once you start down the rabbit hole, it’s pretty easy to convince yourself that every frilly nightgown is an essential.

So if you’re looking to refresh your underwear drawer, or just want to see if you have all your bases covered, here are seven types of lingerie that every woman should own, from everyday essentials to some things that are a little more special.

1. Neutral Slip

I’ve never been a huge fan of shapewear, but sometimes I just need to wear something under my clothes to ensure that my underwear isn’t totally visible under a sheer or white dress. Enter the neutral slip, made of a light cotton or silk, and preventing you from accidentally showing the world your nipples if that’s not your thing.

The neutral slip doesn’t have to be form-fitting in order to cover the bits and pieces that might need covering, which is why I prefer it to a pair of Spanx. Even though it might not be the sexiest piece of lingerie in your underwear drawer, it’s definitely a worthwhile item to keep around because when you need a neutral slip, you really need it.

2. Colorful Babydoll

On the other end of the spectrum is the colorful babydoll, which might be one of the least practical pieces of lingerie out there. It’s not like you can wear this underneath a T-shirt or anything. But it’s a surefire way to feel sexy, especially in the bedroom. If you’re looking for something comfortable to wear to sleep that’s still got a bit of glamour, opt for one of these bright babydolls.

3. Slinky Robe

Few things feel more luxurious than putting on a silk or satin robe after a long shower or bath, or while you’re getting ready in the morning. Throwing on one of these robes is a quick and easy way to make even the most boring part of your routine feel a little bit more glamorous.

4. Playful Romper

These sleep rompers will be just as comfortable as wearing an old T-shirt and a stained pair of shorts to bed, but they just look a little bit cuter. They’re fun and flirty without being too intimidatingly sexy.

5. Lacy Bodysuit

These bodysuits can certainly be worn alone, but if you’re feeling daring, throw a pair of high-waisted jeans over a bodysuit and wear it out to the bar. No one will know from looking at you that you’ve got nothing on underneath.

6. Black Thigh-Highs

A simple pair of black tights is every fashionista’s best friend: They’re versatile, add warmth, and dress up any outfit. But if you’re looking for a slightly sexier option, try out a pair of black thigh-high stockings. When paired with a mid-length hemline, they look exactly like regular black tights but feel a little sexier.

7. Matching Silk Pajamas

In the strictest sense of the term, “lingerie” refers to all sorts of intimates, and really, not all lingerie has to be low-cut in order to make you feel sexy. Few pieces of sleepwear are more classic than a matching set of silk pajamas. They’re a more glamorous option than sweatpants while being just as comfortable.

Don’t neglect your underwear drawer anymore, and make sure your lingerie is as stocked with self love-inspiring garments as the rest of your wardrobe.

Getting married, here’s how you choose your racy lingerie

From the right lace, to colour and feel, we list how to choose the perfect lingerie for the big night.

Calling out to all the soon-to-be bridezillas! Planning for that perfect day can be quite stressful, from selecting the caterers, to finalizing the guest list to finding that perfect dress! We would like to help you plan for the most important of them all- ‘Choosing a special bridal lingerie’.

Find the ideal silhouette: Perfect day calls for perfect outfits and the confidence to wear these wonderful bridal outfits surely comes from within. Pick out the ideal bra with the right support to help you through the day. If you are planning on wearing deep necklines, make sure to opt for plunge neck bras to ensure there are no unwanted peeps.

If you are styling yourself in a strapless evening gown or a one shouldered dress, multiway bra is here to the rescue. Multiway caters to different designs and adapts itself to ensure that you look picture perfect.

Lace love: Bridal lingerie is crafted to make sure you feel precious and very special. Lace is your bridal bestie. Styled in luxurious lace, these bridal pieces add romance and elegance to your entire ensemble. Add some Victorian charm with ornate floral laces, play around with a few modern styles such as geometric cut outs.

Pick a colour: Transform yourself into a plain canvas with a nude colour palette, thus ensuring that the colours do not pop out of your wedding outfit, in case of any translucent fabric. Colour Coordinate, match your lingerie to your wedding look and wear the colour of your outfit like a queen.

Something for the big night: While you are being whisked away to a romantic getaway, make sure you have your perfect honeymoon lingerie box to get you in the mood. Choose from chic babydolls, elegant chemise or stylish lacey bras.

5 Affordable Babydoll Chemise Lingerie So You Can Feel Sexy And Still Pay Off Student Loans

I love dressing up, I love lace, and I love looking good for a special night. But

unfortunately, bills still exist. And lately, I noticed that most of the lingerie
that’s out there seems to be for the rich – because to me, being rich means you
have all the money you want to spend on things other than groceries and rent.

Noticing this put me on the hunt for sexy lingerie that is actually affordable,
which led me straight to that monolith of convenience and affordability: Amazon.
While I was a little bit disappointed in the lack of goods for those of us who
prefer a butch style, I still found a number of cute pieces I might even invest in
for myself you know, for research and all.

Anyway, I assembled them here for you in case you want to take a look as well.
Happy shopping!

1. Varsbaby Push Up Embroidery Bra Set

If you’re pinching your purse strings as much as I am, you’re probably thinking
about how $30 would also get you multiple cute tops that you could actually wear in
public. This is probably my most major hangup about buying lingerie for myself. But
consider the fact that, in this case, $30 gets you three pieces in the set. Not
only do you get a bra and panties, but you get a matching garter, too. So when you
think about it, $10 for each piece is actually affordable lingerie.

That’s basically the entire kit and caboodle for getting your nookie on, and maybe
you can even mix and match as you expand your collection down the line.

2. XAKALAKA Plus Size Baby Doll Lingerie Dress

I love this cute, ruffly, ultra-femme nightie. The silky pink panel at the front
gives your figure support, leaving a bit of you to the imagination, while the sheer
backing is perfect for letting your lace undies peep through.

As a bonus, it’s designed to accommodate your lusciousness without added cost! I
hate it when lingerie makes it seem like only very thin people are having sex. More
pieces that work for all – and I do mean all – of us, please!

3. Avidlove Sexy Lace Halter Mini Cami Lingerie Sleepwear Dress

Wait, is this a shorts-and-tank top sleep set? Either way, I love how the material
conforms to the shape of your body. Plus, this piece comes in four different,
flattering colors, so if it works for you, you’re basically set forever.

Honestly, this piece is so cute, I feel like I would probably just wear it to bed
for me, regardless of if someone else is sleeping over that night.

4. Avidlove Babydoll Chemise

This soft blue color is so flattering, the fluttery, knee-length hem is super
endearing, and the bows at the waist add such a nice little accent. As an added
benefit, it looks like the bust accommodates range of sizes, so you won’t be trying
to squeeze a babydoll that’s actually made for a doll over your head.

And as a lady who loves ladies, I can personally say this little number would be
making me blush. Everyone needs a queer vote of confidence, right?

5. AKAUFENG Cupless Leather Corset

I’m just going to assume there comes a time in every women and femme’s life when
she says, “OK, today is the day when I buy a leather corset.” I’ll be honest, I’m
not there yet, and this one does kind of scare me. But being scared is a turn-on,

Plus, this piece truly fascinates me. It’s cupless, which presumably frees up your
ta-tas for the bouncing, and if the product description is to be believed, its
design also keeps your skin “healthy” by “avoiding friction.” Is there a corset-
induced rug burn epidemic I was not aware of? I don’t know, but I need to find out!

In any case, 20 buckeroos seems like a totally reasonable price for an adjustable
leather corset once you’re in the market for one. Plus, the halter strap even
adjusts to your size!

Where have you found affordable lingerie? Feel free to drop your suggestions in the
comments. Happy shopping and, more importantly, happy sexing!

Plus Size Lingerie: 5 Floral Summer Must- Haves From Curvy Girl Lingerie

Flowers are as synonymous with spring, as snow is with winter. When you think of

birds chirping, rain drops and warmer weather, you think of flowers, at least I do.
I love a great floral print. Whether they’re on dresses, tops or in this case sheer
lingerie, they’re always in style as far as I’m concerned.
I’ve fully embraced this wonderful spring weather that we’re having and later this
month I’ll welcome summer with open arms. To get us ready for summer nights I’ve
rounded up five of my favorite floral items from Curvy Girl Lingerie.
I promise you’ll be satisfied with my picks. Happy Shopping!

The findings also revealed that 78 per cent of men are driven wild by stockings and
a suspender belt, while 54 per cent of females find them a faff to put on and wear.

There is one component of ladies underwear both genders agree on – bra and panties
should be the same colour or in some way co-ordinated.

The average British woman buys five lingerie sets per year, spending on average of
$200 and 67 per cent of these women admit they don’t give their partner’s
preferences a second thought when selecting their sets.

They are very focused on what they want and need – which style suits their figures
and boosts their assets best.


Differing styles: The survey found that 78 per cent of men are driven wild by
stockings and a suspender belt, left, while 54 per cent of females find them a faff
to put on and prefer to keep their posteriors covered with a fuller brief, right

However, 84 per cent of women do have a special ‘seduction’ set that they bring out
for special occasions or for a new man and 89 per cent of women said they felt more
sexually confident when they wore their special set.

Emily Bendell from Bluebella, who commissioned the research, said: ‘From these
results it seems that men associate lingerie with the delights underneath – so they
like skimpy pieces, lace, sheer fabrics, plus obvious ties and bows that they can

Top 8 Babydoll Chemise for Her, Plus the Best Amazon Deals of the Day

We’ve rounded up some of the hottest deals and our favorite product picks on Amazon
today that we think you should know about.
Lingerie is all about feeling sexy and desirable, and we’ve rounded up eight items
that will hopefully do just that. Buy an item or two for yourself, or your partner,
and have fun with it!

Check out our picks below, as well as the best deals of the day.

1. Cosabella Women’s Ever Babydoll

2. Natori Women’s Ophelia Baby Doll Chemise

3. Calvin Klein Women’s Primal Chemise

4. eberjey Women’s Daphne Chemise

5. SeClovers Women’s Sexy Deep V Halter

6. Freya Women’s Icon UW Plunge Babydoll

Flattering low cut neckline
Stretch lace overlay for ease of fit
Molded cup liner for great shape
Center front bow detail

7. Panache Parfait “Alexis” Padded Underwire Babydoll

Seductive babydoll with supportive underwire cups
Enhances cleavage with side slings and darted cups
Customize the fit with back adjustable stretch straps

8. Hanky Panky Women’s Cigarette Girl Chemise

Princess seamed mini-length chemise with flirty ruffled and flared skirt. Sweetheart
neckline with front ruching. Adjustable straps. Approximately 30 in length.

6 Best Plus Size Corsets & Bustiers To Seriously Upgrade Your Lingerie DrawerWhether

you love a vintage lingerie look, or just want to spice up your underwear drawer,
plus size corsets are a great option for adding a little sexy style to your
intimates wardrobe. From lavish custom corsetry to inexpensive fashion corsets,
there are many different styles and price points for individuals curious to try out
a new look. But first, it helps to know what you’re looking for in a corset design.

If you’re simply searching for a pretty piece of lingerie to spice up your routine,
or you’re on a budget (and really, who isn’t?), there are a host of “fashion
corsets” available from traditional lingerie retailers that offer options for a fun,
sexy look with a little light support. If you’re looking for something more serious
for tight-lacing or waist training, then you want to stick to sturdy fabrics, steel
boning, and, if possible, custom sizing. While these features can be pricy, the
structural demands placed on silhouette-altering corsets require a higher level
quality and a more precise fit.

So, if you’re looking to expand the horizons of your intimates collection, you want
to try out an “underwear as outerwear” look, or you need the perfect accessory for a
period costume, these 13 plus size designs should add a fashionable and feminine
edge to your style. From sequins to satin, lace to leather, these sexy corsets offer
a lot to love.

1. Lace Balconette

Get a little added support and coverage with a corset style that features an
integrated balconette bra. Lace panels, sheer, ruched cups, and removable garters
make this design a gorgeous, all-in-one dream.

2. Satin And Lace

Live out your sweetest lingerie fantasies in a silky, pale pink design with
contrasting black lace panels. What could be prettier?

3. Burnout Mesh

This corset and tanga set has you covered for any sexy adventure. Floral burnout
mesh adds extra romance to classic black.

4. White Hot Lace

Heat up your lingerie drawer with this stunning bustier top designed by model Ashley
Graham. Lace and mesh provide a chic texture contrast, and convertible straps mean
you can wear this as a versatile foundation layer as well.

5. Ribbons And Bows

This silky red corset comes with all the frills a heart could want. White ruffles
around the top and bottom and a liberal sprinkling of pretty bows are the cherries
on top of an already stunning style, perfect for “more is more” types.

6. Shimmering Sequins

Any evening will become a special event when you’re wearing this glitzy, sequined
corset. Detachable garters allow you to easily add your favorite sexy hosiery for a
complete lingerie look.

Whether your tastes are edgy or romantic, classic or playful, plus size corset and
bustier styles can add some sizzle to sexy looks both public and private. If you’ve
been hoping to add something new to your lingerie wardrobe, these 13 stunning
designs won’t disappoint.