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4 High-Quality Shapewears to Buy and Wear Now

The idea of the perfect body that is skinny and slim has been perpetrated by the media for years now. I find it amusing how in the past more real, bigger bodies were more accepted and liked as we can see in paintings and even in some of the old movies. But it is also important to remember that also in the past women used to use corsets to achieve a smaller waist under their dresses and also give the appearance of a bigger and fuller chest.

Thankfully and as it always happens, things are changing, and what some people now call real bodies can be seen on catwalks, in advertising, and the brand’s social media that want to be more inclusive with everyone. And even if this is changing, women wanting to have the nearest thing to the perfect body hasn’t changed. And that’s why shapewear has become very popular now.

Shapewear that you need to buy and wear

There are some shapewear pieces that you really need to buy and wear, like right now. You will be able to find these pieces at wholesale shapewear suppliers like Wholesaleshapeshe. These are the ones we think fit these criteria and are basically must-haves that are really high quality and have the best prices.

First, we have the Black Latex Triple Control Bodysuit Shapewear. It has adjustable shoulder straps and a breast lift design that is u-shaped that will push up your chest. Besides that, it has a front zipper and also hooks closures to put it on and take it off easily. It also has silicone anti-slip bands to avoid rolling up and it also has elastic lace leg openings. The fabric that they are made of is soft, comfortable, and has high elasticity. Provides a firm control to smooth any bulges and 3 layers for strong tummy control and an open crotch so you can easily go to the toilette.

Secondly, we have Blue Waist Belt Waist Trainer Cincher Workout Waist Trainer. This one is made of polyester, spandex, and polyurethane. It has a Blue PU coating lining with high elastic technology. This helps to increase the body temperature while you are working out, this will reduce moisture, clean your pores and detoxify you. It has anti-slip glue that will prevent the garment from rolling. It is lightweight, flexible and of course, it is also comfortable to wear for a longer time. It also has an elastic band that is skin-friendly. You can use it during running, yoga, dancing, boxing, etc.

Then we also have the Latex One-Piece Bodysuit for Breast Support Abdominal Control Waist Shape Leg Shape. Made out of 58% nylon, 42% spandex, and lining made out of 100% latex. The abdominal area has 3 layers of fabrics that are breathable, provide firm control and strong abdominal tightening and it’s also soft and comfortable. It has a W-Shaped breast support design to give better upper support for your chest area. The mid-back design will control the back and armpit bulges. It has a hip gusset crotch and also a butt lifting design. To take it on and off easily it has a front and middle zipper with eye and hook closures.

And last but not least, we have the Rubber Waist Trainer Control Tummy Shape Waist.  This one is made out of 96% cotton, 4% spandex, and 100% latex. It will provide you with shape, waist, and also tummy control. It has to bone and it is thick and it will give you a heavy level of compression.

Where can I find them?

A nice place to find all the options mentioned above and more is at Wholesaleshapeshe. They are an international manufacturer and supplier of shapewear and activewear for women and me that was founded back in 2017. Ever since they were founded, they have accumulated skills and knowledge regarding production, design, research, and also development.

They offer a huge variety of wholesale waist trainers with logo, body shapers, activewear, fajas, and shapewear. All the products are made with the most advanced of technologies so they are making sure the product you will get is of high quality. They are always making sure they are satisfying their customers’ requirements and needs every step of the way.

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