Currently in a cup box: China artists on display

(Reuters Life! ) – Ye Fu and Hairong Tiantian aren’t your average Chinese couple.


They reside in adjacent tiny glass rooms, sealed off from one another and the rest of the world, in the eastern Jiuxianqiao industrial area.


For a whole month, they’ll stay like this, eating, showering, sleeping and reading as Beijing looks on.


Ye and Hairong are China’s latest contribution to the world of performance art. And they’re not married, but they believe their exhibition reflects the isolation of many couples in today’s busy, time-starved world.


“In reality, everyone in the city is busy at all times. People’s jobs keep them busy, and the pace of life is fast. The amount of time a few has for a life with each other, to sleep with each other, is very limited, ” Ye said through the small windows through which he’s given food and disposes of his trash.


“People are always on flights. Time separates many things. As time goes by, a couple develops apart, even if they are living under the same roof. ”


Passersby can watch the couple through the cup: Ye reading the Bible or practicing Chinese traditional calligraphy, Hairong dressed in a racy, lacy chemise with bright red underwear.


Ye, who comes from the rural Shandong province, came to Beijing about seven years ago.


In 2006, a museum curator offered him a “job” — to live in a huge bird’s nest along with a five-meter-high pole for a month. Ye took the assignment, and since then, he’s made month-long stays in odd places his signature artistic style.




Not everyone, however , is impressed.


“There is nothing deep there. It’s so simple and superficial. I think it can just a performance instead of performance art, ” said Xu Jianshe, 45, a manufacturing plant worker out of Shanxi region who was discovering Beijing.


“This work wouldn’t seem classic, ” Xu added.


The glass place is not new notion: American illusionist David Blaine spent forty-four days revoked in a mug box above the River Thames in London. This individual said this individual got the theory from popular escape singer Harry Houdini.


But En says his work is certainly not regarding the stage show. He explained his purpose was to high light the potential conditions that can produce between for people who live in cities who tend not to communicate. His “wife”, Hairong, who is a photographer, really wants to convey some other message.


“Artists and skill districts promote art. Prostitutes and crimson light schisme sell having sex. ” lindsay lohan said.


“I want to make an evaluation between the two and illustrate the state of artists’ lives.


Whatever email the painters hope to share appears to be misplaced on most passers-by who display far more interest in Hairdong’s sexy dossier and crotchless stockings as compared to anything else.


And a lot of people were also busy bringing photographs to care about this is.


“This is completely crazy, inches exclaimed Liu Xiaojing, a design university student from northeastern Jilin region.


“You happen to be displaying your self in this mug window. A glass screen is normally with respect to displaying apparel and jewelry. Although this few is presenting themselves without the privacy.

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