4 Best Honeymoon Babydoll Chemise

Purchasing lingerie, regardless of the occasion, can be both overwhelming and
terrifying – especially if this an area you haven’t explored in depth before. Even
if you want to choose something beautiful to wear on your honeymoon, the vulnerable
feeling that comes along with the process sometimes deters women from indulging on a
sexy undergarment for this momentous and special time. If you’re thinking about
passing on packing a steamy lingerie set, consider a few important points.

If you choose correctly, lingerie can make you feel sexy. The sexier you feel, the
sexier and more adventurous you will be in the bedroom. Lingerie can amp up the
excitement, and more importantly, your romantic connection. All it takes is picking
the right piece for you.

So how do you choose a piece correctly? You don’t need to go out and buy something
horribly uncomfortable (itchy lace and tight boning come to mind) to turn your
partner on. You also don’t have to spend a ton. In fact, it’s actually the opposite.
Make sure that whatever sleepwear you choose isn’t just silky and sexy, but that you
feel like a million bucks in it. You’ll need to fall in love with whatever piece of
lingerie you decide on before your spouse can. The more confident you feel, the more
that feeling will be evident to your partner. Basically confidence goes further than
any amount of revealing lace. Choose a piece that feels like you and brings out that

If you’re still overwhelmed by the many options available, start by browsing the
below list, which has some of the best pieces available at a variety of costs.
There’s no need to keep your undergarments white or ivory, so keep in mind that many
of the below options are available in alternative colors.

If you don’t think any of these choices will bring out that sexy confidence, you can
check out some of the most popular lingerie sets and find one that’s just right for

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1. Four Piece White Lace Lingerie Set

The highlight of this set is the lace robe and it would undoubtedly be worth the
entire cost of the set for that piece alone. All four pieces (the bra, panties,
robe, and sash) are made with delicate white lace with a beautiful fringe lining the
edges. The fabric is soft and comfortable, a key component when considering any
lingerie set. Given the lack of support in the bra and the peek-a-boo slit, this is
definitely not a set that would be as practical outside of the bedroom. If this
white lace robe isn’t quite your style, consider browsing some other robe options
and either assembling your own set or wearing it solo.

2. Calvin Klein Seduce Bodysuit

This is probably the image that comes to mind with the mention of honeymoon
lingerie. The bodysuit has a number of delicate, feminine details, that are paired
with a sexy, seductive and revealing cut. The plunging lace trimmed neckline stops
at a more opaque satin bodice, so it shows just the right amount. Both the bodysuit
and garter straps are adjustable, giving you a bit more flexibility with sizing
depending on the length of your torso and legs. While white is a more traditional
bridal color, feel free to stray from that on your honeymoon. This black bodysuit,
also by Calvin Klein, is a stunning choice.

3. Dreamgirl Satin Chemise & Thong Set

If you’re looking for a piece of white lingerie that’s classy and comfortable, but
still sexy, this piece is the answer. While it might not be the first thing your
spouse notices, the dropped back is especially sexy, lined with gorgeous scalloped
edges. The adjustable straps are extremely convenient, allowing you to play with the
coverage around your chest and also the length of the dress until it feels just
right. While you can’t sleep comfortably in some lingerie, that’s not the case with
this piece. It’s loose enough that you won’t feel the need to change back into your
go-to pajamas before falling asleep. Dreamgirl is a leading lingerie retailer with
many top rated options to choose from if this piece isn’t for you.

4. Betsey Johnson Dot Mesh Babydoll

This little babydoll just screams bridal and honeymoon. It’s a tough call which of
the two to use it for, as it would truly work nicely for both. Betsey Johnson has an
entire line of bridal and honeymoon specific pieces that are so adorable, fun, and
sexy. The varying lace finishes (floral and polka dots), the small blue bow on the
chest, and the delicate cap sleeves are all attractive and unique details that will
add to your overall look and internal feeling of confidence.

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