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4 Hats Perfect for Winter Season

Winter are the perfect seasons for wearing different hats or beanies, as they will keep you warm and also look fashionable. In the past, people used to wear hats to show their social status, but nowadays they are worn mostly to complete a look, to make a fashion statement or when the temperatures are low or it is rainy outside.

But from all the hats that you can find in stores, which ones would suit you best? Well, below you will find the best 4 hats for you to wear this fall-winter season.

1. The wool fedora hat

A classic piece the fedora hat never went out of fashion. Worn by men in the beginning, it was borrowed by women too and now is a very popular piece adored by many all around the world. It can also be found in many colours, such as black, beige, burgundy, dark green, red, white and so many other shades. If you do not own a fedora hat yet, it is best to choose a black or a beige one. You can wear it with a cool classy coat, a white T-shirt, jeans and a pair of boots.

2. The beret

Nothing is more French than the beret. This head piece is very feminine and will make your final outfit look very lovely. It is usually made out of wool and the same as the fedora hat comes in many colours. If you want to wear a beret, then you can go for the classic French inspired outfit and chose a stripped top or even a polka dots blouse, flared trousers with high waist and of course a black or red beret. You will never go wrong with this classic look.

3. The knitted beanie

For those of you who prefer comfy and casual looks or if you plan on taking a trip to the mountains area then a knitted beanie may come to be very handy. Usually beanies are knitted and made out of wool or cotton. There is quite a big variation and they come in various styles from very fancy to really casual ones. The best thing about this head piece is the fact that it is probably the only one that will offer you the comfort you need during those cold fall-winter days. Nowadays you can wear the beanie with almost anything and if you are mostly into classy and elegant looks then find a beanie with pearls and crystals inserted on it.

4. The baseball cap

On the other hand if you like sports looks or you are a tom boy, the baseball cap is the one for you. Inspired by the uniform worn by the American baseball players, this head piece is loved by women and men everywhere. For a cool urban look, wear the baseball cap with an oversized T-shirt, a leather jacket, boyfriend jeans and sneakers.

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