5 Affordable Babydoll Chemise Lingerie So You Can Feel Sexy And Still Pay Off Student Loans

I love dressing up, I love lace, and I love looking good for a special night. But

unfortunately, bills still exist. And lately, I noticed that most of the lingerie
that’s out there seems to be for the rich – because to me, being rich means you
have all the money you want to spend on things other than groceries and rent.

Noticing this put me on the hunt for sexy lingerie that is actually affordable,
which led me straight to that monolith of convenience and affordability: Amazon.
While I was a little bit disappointed in the lack of goods for those of us who
prefer a butch style, I still found a number of cute pieces I might even invest in
for myself you know, for research and all.

Anyway, I assembled them here for you in case you want to take a look as well.
Happy shopping!

1. Varsbaby Push Up Embroidery Bra Set

If you’re pinching your purse strings as much as I am, you’re probably thinking
about how $30 would also get you multiple cute tops that you could actually wear in
public. This is probably my most major hangup about buying lingerie for myself. But
consider the fact that, in this case, $30 gets you three pieces in the set. Not
only do you get a bra and panties, but you get a matching garter, too. So when you
think about it, $10 for each piece is actually affordable lingerie.

That’s basically the entire kit and caboodle for getting your nookie on, and maybe
you can even mix and match as you expand your collection down the line.

2. XAKALAKA Plus Size Baby Doll Lingerie Dress

I love this cute, ruffly, ultra-femme nightie. The silky pink panel at the front
gives your figure support, leaving a bit of you to the imagination, while the sheer
backing is perfect for letting your lace undies peep through.

As a bonus, it’s designed to accommodate your lusciousness without added cost! I
hate it when lingerie makes it seem like only very thin people are having sex. More
pieces that work for all – and I do mean all – of us, please!

3. Avidlove Sexy Lace Halter Mini Cami Lingerie Sleepwear Dress

Wait, is this a shorts-and-tank top sleep set? Either way, I love how the material
conforms to the shape of your body. Plus, this piece comes in four different,
flattering colors, so if it works for you, you’re basically set forever.

Honestly, this piece is so cute, I feel like I would probably just wear it to bed
for me, regardless of if someone else is sleeping over that night.

4. Avidlove Babydoll Chemise

This soft blue color is so flattering, the fluttery, knee-length hem is super
endearing, and the bows at the waist add such a nice little accent. As an added
benefit, it looks like the bust accommodates range of sizes, so you won’t be trying
to squeeze a babydoll that’s actually made for a doll over your head.

And as a lady who loves ladies, I can personally say this little number would be
making me blush. Everyone needs a queer vote of confidence, right?

5. AKAUFENG Cupless Leather Corset

I’m just going to assume there comes a time in every women and femme’s life when
she says, “OK, today is the day when I buy a leather corset.” I’ll be honest, I’m
not there yet, and this one does kind of scare me. But being scared is a turn-on,

Plus, this piece truly fascinates me. It’s cupless, which presumably frees up your
ta-tas for the bouncing, and if the product description is to be believed, its
design also keeps your skin “healthy” by “avoiding friction.” Is there a corset-
induced rug burn epidemic I was not aware of? I don’t know, but I need to find out!

In any case, 20 buckeroos seems like a totally reasonable price for an adjustable
leather corset once you’re in the market for one. Plus, the halter strap even
adjusts to your size!

Where have you found affordable lingerie? Feel free to drop your suggestions in the
comments. Happy shopping and, more importantly, happy sexing!

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