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5 Best Zipper Waist Trainer and Thigh Sculptor Here

While when it comes to clothing there are many trends out there, the same goes for shapewear too. One big trend at the moment is represented by body shapers with zippers and to make you understand better this trend I’ve selected a few of the most popular items from FeelinGirl an online store specialized in selling high quality shapewear!

1. The latex waist trainer with one belt

Waist trainers are a must if you want to have a slim waist and a flat abdomen. They will compress your waist area and make you lose a few inches almost instantly, especially if you wear them when you do your workout training.

One of the best choices is the waist trainer with zipper and one belt from FeelinGirl, because it’s very easy to put on due to the zipper closure and you can also adjust the level of compression due to the adjustable belt it has. Wear it every day and your waist and abdomen will look perfect in no time!

2. The vest waist trainer with zipper

A great waist trainer for women is the one that comes in the shape of the vest. Besides making your waist slimmer and your abdomen flat, this body shaper will also improve your posture and relieve your back pain. It will offer breast support too! It’s a very comfortable waist trainer, perfect for those who like intense trainings.

3. The waist trainer with zipper and African print

If you like colours and prints, you will definitely love this waist trainer with zipper and African print from FeelinGirl! It has such a joyful and lovely print that will make you feel happier when you exercise. It also has a zipper which makes it super easy to put on and two adjustable straps that allow you to set the level of compression.  

4. The plus size waist trainer with zipper

As a curvy girl you know how difficult it is to find waist trainers with plus sizes. But you don’t have to worry anymore, because you can buy one from FeelinGirl. This plus size waist trainer comes with a zipper that makes it very easy to dress and three adjustable belts, which are a big plus, because you need a strong compression to your waist area!

5. The high waisted shaper shorts with zipper

One body shaper that should never be absent from your wardrobe is the high waisted shaper shorts with zipper and adjustable straps. They will reshape your body, keep your fat in place and slim you down instantly, so that you can wear anything. This body shaper will also make your thighs slimmer along ith the waist and the abdomen. It’s very comfortable and you can wear it all day long and with any outfit and no one will know it!

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