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5 Classic Handbags You Can’t Miss

Buying your first handbag from designer is definitely a rite of passage. A suitcase will describe your look. It will serve you all the way through life. And clearly it’s a big decision. Fortunately, the world of luxury consignment lends itself to firsts, unveiling a range of designer choices that you may never even have thought of buying. Consignment shopping helps you to buy into a brand ‘s past and heritage. You have the chance to buy bags that you saw years ago, and classics that aren’t readily available in the retail market. You never know what you’re going to find with luxury consignment. It ‘s a treasure hunt. But when there’s so many options out there, how do you know if your first bag should be on-trend or traditional, Chanel or Céline?

The first step towards finding the right handbag for the designer is easy. Daydreaming. Imagine riding yourself to work in the morning, carrying all the stuff for your 9-to-5. Or wake up on a lazy Sunday morning, and get ready for a brunch. Or maybe you’re on holiday, taking a two-week trip to a faraway town where you’re going to wander around landmarks all day. Think about the sole purpose of your first designer bag, says Kiara. Will it be for work? Do you prefer something easy like a crossbody? How much space do you need? To be honest with yourself-on your bags are you hard? Can you bring all the elements into them, and more? Before you commit yourself think about all these things. Durability is a matter of course, because investing in a designer bag means investing in a piece designed to last. But you’re going to want a concept you love, that’s practical and flexible and can easily adapt into your lifestyle.

Belle Mini hand bag

This Prada Belle Mini Bag is very classy. Gorgeous as everyday go to look.

Round basket carried by hand

For a bohemian classy style I would recommend Sensi Studio Round Basket Hand Bag. Such a funky bag, classy and intriguing.

Hand-painted perspex bag

Dolce & Gabbana – Hand Painted Perspex Bag is so adorable. The painting is just so beautiful to look at.

Hortensia mini hand bag

The leather brown Hortensia mini hand bag for monochromatic and classy styles would be so fabulous.

Folded Hobo hand held bag

A very simple, sleek, dainty hand – bag that is so adorable. Mansur Gavriel Folded Hobo Hand Held Bag is very simple and yet it stands out.

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