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5 Ways to Wear Your Boyfriend’s Clothes

There are no women out there who have never borrowed clothes from their husband’s or boyfriend’s wardrobe, even just to wear them around the house! The lover’s clothes are real treasures that must be capitalized on, especially if they are not very large. So, it doesn’t hurt to take another look through our partner’s closet from time to time to discover another shirt, a T-shirt, a pair of jeans, an accessory that would fit perfectly in our wardrobe.

1. The shirt

By far the most coveted piece of men’s clothing is the shirt. Very fashionable now, oversized shirts were inspired even by men’s shirts. And if you have so many models in your own home, what’s the point of buying new ones? The easiest way is to borrow a shirt from your husband’s or boyfriend’s wardrobe, which you can wear with a pair of skinny jeans, or a pair of boyfriend jeans, which you can also take from his clothes.

2. Jeans

In fact, the boyfriend jeans were originally men’s jeans worn by more daring women and which served as a source of inspiration for designers in creating the famous “boyfriend jeans”. You can wear them with a shirt or a gray sweater, with a top and a pair of heeled shoes or with a T-shirt and a pair of sneakers, in a slightly more comfortable combination.

3. The T-shirt

Other clothes in the men’s wardrobe that can be easily integrated into the women’s wardrobe are t-shirts. In fact, t-shirts for men are much more interesting and have more fun patterns and messages than those for women. They are also of superior quality in terms of material. They can be worn with skinny jeans or even with a midi pencil skirt and heels for a slightly more non-conformist look!

4. Cardigans and sweaters

Husband’s cardigans and sweaters are other clothes that can be easily worn by women. In addition, a thick, structured cardigan, as tailored for men, looks extremely good if worn with a pair of skinny jeans and sneakers or boots. It is definitely a piece of clothing that cannot be easily found among clothes designed strictly for women.

5. The bow tie

At the same time, very fashionable now is the wearing of a bow tie by women. And since this is a typical male accessory, every man has at least one bow tie in his wardrobe. If you are bold and want to wear a masculine-inspired outfit consisting of a jacket, pants, and a shirt, you can also borrow a bow tie from your husband to complete it!

It is impossible not to find among the clothes of your spouses or lovers some of these pieces of clothing that integrate perfectly in the women’s wardrobe!

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