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Amazing and Chic Types of Claw Clips

Our hair is our crowning glory and our most prized feature. Long or short, curly or straight, there is not a single girl in this world who is not obsessed with her hair. Some love to accessorize their tresses, while some like to let them loose. Although the beauty of letting one’s hair down is unmatched, it’s not practical to let your hair sway just like that.

There are thousands of accessories for the most prized asset of our body. Some are just for decorative purposes, while some are indispensable for our daily life. Accessories like embellished headbands, pearl clips, tiara, etc make us look like a princess while on the other serve no practical purpose. While things like rubber bands, scrunchies, elastics, and claw clips, are the weapons that we long-haired girls swear by.

Can you imagine your life without a scrunchie or a clutch/claw clip! Well, I can’t! Well, a claw clip is something that is mandatory even for a short-haired girl. So let’s take a look at the various types and various occasions where we girls can’t do without a claw clip.

The best thing is that the hottest accessory of the 90s is back in a better avatar! Probably the only hair trend that doesn’t pull or harm our hair like an elastic or rubber band!

1. Metal claw clip: These look super chic and expensive and have way more strength than their plastic counterparts. You can opt for golden color or silver or even rose gold looks so pretty.

2. Open-end claw clip: I love the volume of hair they offer to hold because of their open ends. The easiest way to style your hair with a claw clip is to twist it up. However, I love the bun style too. It’s so much easier to hold it with a claw clip.

3. Tiny claw clips: These are the most versatile and can be used to make half ponies. They do an excellent job of holding the hair off your face yet letting your hair loose at the back. Very beautiful yet practical hairstyle.

4. Jumbo claw clips: Those girls with lots of volume of hair as well as length, jumbo ones are the best. They are sturdy and they hold a lot of hair. You can use these to make a twisted ponytail (the one that falls down) or even a bun to secure tightly.

A claw clip can be used even at an elegant party if it’s used to style a tightly secured bun. I just can’t seem to imagine my life without it nonetheless. Whether it’s washing my face in the morning or going for a carpool, doing yoga or some morning stretching, they literally define my life and the mood that I am going to be.

What about you?

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