Amber Rose Wore Straight-Up Lingerie to the VMAs Red Carpet

The theme of this year’s VMAs is “Everything Might Happen,” and while that may seem a little big vague, you’ll know exactly what it means when you look at Amber Rose’s outfit because she showed up to the red carpet wearing an entire lingerie ~lewk~.

Seriously, she took it to the next level with a red leather outfit complete with over-the-knee boots and a whip. A WHIP.

The 2018 look is everything. The boots, the corset, the MASK that’s slightly reminiscent of Ariana Grande’s mouse ears, the bra that has total cone boobs going on. The whole “devil is me” vibe. It’s everything. It’s amazing. FYI, she called it her intergalactic space slut look, and she’s been hitting people with her whip all evening. Okay, carry on with your evening.

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