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Best Shapewear for Flatten Tummy on FeelinGirl

Ever since I was a little girl I have always admired all the actresses and top models for their fabulous bodies. I’ve always wished to have a body just like the women I saw in magazines and on TV. However, I’ve always loved food just a little too much and I have gained some weight while getting older. And because I always loved tight clothes and I want to look the best in them all the time. For this reason, I’ve started looking for the best plus size shapewear on the market, because I know how important it is to use body shapers to contour your body so that you may feel confident whatever you may wear!

Of course, there are some shapewear products that I prefer using on a daily basis, because of the fabulous results they have on my figure. And these are the bodysuits, which I usually wear underneath my clothes, and the waist trainer which I use when I exercise and when I am at home.

How I integrated the waist trainer into my daily lifestyle

Probably my favorite shapewear is by far the waist trainer for women! I’ve been using it for many years now as it’s the most effective on my body type. I want to have a small waist and doing only crunches doesn’t help much. This is why when I’ve heard about waist trainers and how they can reshape the waistline making it slimmer and more defined, I knew I had to buy one for myself.

I started using the waist trainer immediately after I bought it. First, I wore it while at home for a few hours to get used to it. After that, I have increased the number of hours until I have managed to wear it the entire day without feeling any discomfort.

After the first week, I saw how my waist became more defined and was looking smaller. This, along with what I have read about waist trainers, made me wear this body shaper while doing my fitness exercises. It was tough, as I was feeling every muscle working and the exercises were more intense. I still remember how much I’ve perspire during my first gym training while wearing the waist trainer. But I have persevered and now I’m doing all of my exercises with my waist trainer on and the results are fabulous. My waist is smaller, my abdomen is flat and I feel great about my body!

How I keep my silhouette in the best shape

Besides wearing the waist trainer, I also use a compression body shaper when I want to have enhanced and smooth curves. This shapewear product is also ideal if you are in the healing process after surgery on your tummy or after weight surgery. It has an adjustable eye and closure design on the shoulder, high elastic fabric at the chest, and 3 layer fabric design on the abdomen for enhanced abdominal compression.

Whenever I want my silhouette to look flawless I use this compression body shaper and I don’t go wrong. All of my curves look better, I don’t have any fat rolls, my waist looks super small, my abdomen is flat and even my thighs are looking smaller. And because it is seamless, no one knows that I wear it under my clothes!

I have learned that if you wish to look fabulous, to have a flat tummy, and to be more confident, shapewear is the thing that will make come true all of these wishes.

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