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Buying Guide for Late Autumn Scarves

When it comes to planning your fall and winter game accessories, hats, scarves, and gloves are crucial necessities. But while gloves and hats appear to come in all shapes and sizes, you’d think that the scarf isn’t the most thrilling part of this trio will be forgiven. But that is where you are mistaken.

This collection proves that settling for a simple scarf is a disservice to the style world, from the industrial technicalities of ADER error to an illusory wrap-around from Martine Rose. Take a stance and use these statement scarves to explore the possibilities of showcasing winter accessories.

Loewe’s Hand Scarf is made for colder months from a luxurious pure cashmere that is lightweight and highly insulating. What’s more, you’re sorted for any weather with built-in gloves, and when you don’t wear gloves, you can imagine you’re allowed to be close enough to a friend for them to have their arm around you…

Wear or drop this piece of ADER Mistake as a scarf down to the shoulders and sport it as detachable sleeves. The stitching to the cuffs in college style contrasts with the torn, silver-tone hardware. This Raf Simons knit scarf, measuring three meters in length, compensates for its loose knit with sheer volume. You may not be able to turn your back, but constantly wrap this one round for insane warmth and a look of declaration.

A black carabiner fastens this braided scarf to either side. This piece, made from a soft padded jersey, is a conceptual eye-catcher. It’s not cheap, but you also get a bomber jacket, essentially. When it comes to seasonal layering, this AMBUSH sleeved scarf is a hidden arsenal. Did you ever tie your neck around a bomber jacket? No we haven’t either but Martine Rose is putting forward a pretty strong argument with the Dolphin Padded Scarf to give it a go.

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Hoods used to be attached to jackets, but in recent seasons, we are seeing hooded scarves more and more. Thanks to its all-black palette, this quilted number flies under the radar, but it is a wild scarf at heart. So we definitely hoped that you enjoyed this selection. Among are the scarfs that are must buys during this winter time.

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