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Collection of Printed Shirts and Pants

Over the last couple of years, printed shirts and pants have made their way to the mainstream fashion world. It is even easier to sport a printed garment from far. Both men and women have embraced this trend since it adds a whole new edge and makes your simple outfit exciting. Below is a concise guide on how to fit the printed shirts and pants sets.

Animal Prints

Animal print shirts add a fresh look to any bottoms you would want to wear. The shirt can be worn with khakis or a pair of chocolate brown pants; this makes the shirt prints to capture the attention.

Floral prints

Floral pants are a fun and feminine way to add freshness to any wardrobe. It is an effortless fashion that is matched with tons of solid color tops. Choose a top in one of the dominating shades of pants.

Hawaiian prints

The Hawaiian shirts are famous for their elegant retro prints. It is a veteran brand that keeps to its original roots of the rayon and coconut button. It perfectly matches with bright colors subtly.

Polka Dot Prints

This print was inspired in the 1980s. The best thing about the polka dot prints is that you can create your fashion statement by mixing patterns. For instance, matching, a polka dot top with a floral bottom, this outfit will, for sure, turn heads.

Stripe Prints

Just like polka dots, stripe prints can also be mixed with other prints. A bright floral top over a black and white stripe pant is the perfect combination. A trendy white shirt always goes well with striped pants since the striped pants look the best way to nail them.

Printed shirts and pants follow the same rules of matching clothes but are a step ahead in adding a little more personality to your look. The prints can be a brand, a graphic design, or words of advice given that you keep it discreet. The printed collection is built not to overpower but to enhance your overall look. Loud prints should also always be paired with intense colors or subtle contrasting colors.

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