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How to Find the Skirt Length that Suits Your Height

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If you wonder how long your skirt or dress should be or even a pair of longer shorts, then you can draw inspiration from the Golden Ratio, which is a mysterious number for mathematicians, which is used to construct the perfect proportions by architects and designers and even cosmetic dentists. Since this ratio occurs in nature everywhere, from snail shells to snowflakes and we find nature beautiful, it produces a more balanced and harmonious appearance when we dress up using this proportional measurement. This is why I am fascinate by the golden ratio, as it is the most mind blowing equation that is feasibly available.

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What is the best length for your legs with all of the skirt and dress lengths available? The brief response is that you want a relatively small part of your leg is to be struck by your hemline. If you look at the normal form of most women’s legs, the middle thigh and middle calf are the widest part and the knee and ankle are the narrowest part. Just above, just below or at the knee (a relatively thin section of the thigh, see the red zone in the hem guideline image above) is the most universally flattering skirt length.

Style tip: We suggest a hemline just above the knee if you are petite. If you are not in love with your knees, wear a hem or a tight one just under your knee. The miniskirts of our slim legged youth are better worn. However, regardless of age, avoid wearing a skirt hemline around the widest part of your thigh (or above the yellow part of the guideline for the hem) because it makes your thighs appear wider.

When they reach the broadest part of the calf and can visually shorten the legs, Midis can be tricky. Ideally, in the blue zone (the thin part of the calf) and not in the gray zone (the large part of the calf), you want your skirt or dress to touch you. Style tip: Midis are usually best for visually elongating the leg with a high heel or nude foot. Using your midis with boots or tights if you have broad calves or ankles.

Most women, even if you are petite, can wear a Maxi dress or skirt. Wear with a flat over the anklebone or wear with a heel on the floor (do not let the hem drag on the floor). Style Tip: Expose some skin somewhere else (i.e. your arms or neck) if your maxi covers your entire leg. Slits often maintain a long slender dress or skirt. So I hope that we have enlighten you about all of the facts that you need to consider in taking the correct skirt length.

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