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How to Protect and Nourish Hair In Autumn

Beautiful hair makes a total difference to your look. It shows how much you care about personal issues and that you are a woman who takes care of herself, increasing her self-love. Above all, you need to feel good about yourself. Hair health is important in this process as it symbolizes a detailed frame in a picture that is your face.

With the arrival of Autumn, it is possible that your hair may suffer some damage due to the temperature and dry air that approaches along with the season. Split ends and loss of natural moisture in your hair are common problems that can happen this season. Check out some important tips for taking care of your hair.

1- Modify your shampoo

Stop by somewhere on your way back from work or when you have time to spare and buy shampoo for dry hair. That’s if you don’t already have one. It is important that you invest in different forms of hydration for your hair and a shampoo with nourishing and moisturizing properties is a good choice to combat dryness and frizz.

2- Invest in a good hydrating mask

After purchasing a shampoo like the one we mentioned above, it is important that you also purchase a conditioner with the same properties, who knows, it could even be from the same line as the shampoo.

In this middle ground, you need to provide more water replacement for your hair, as the dry climate can be a bit annoying. Therefore, invest in a good hydrating mask that provides softness, vitality, and resistance to your hair.

You can use it twice during the week or when you feel the need. A good hydrating mask shows instant results and leaves your hair more flexible and young-looking.

You don’t need much time for this. There are powerful hydration masks that you can use while showering, creating what I call shower hydration. In 3 to 4 minutes you can achieve the desired effect.

3- Goodbye split ends

They appear like unwanted visitors on a day off. If you don’t take precautions, you will suffer the consequences of hair with split ends, and dryness that no woman likes.

On the coldest days of autumn, we may tend to use more hair drying and this may encourage the appearance of split ends. If your hair is already showing signs of damage, get a trim to eliminate the damaged ends.

Then apply a hair-regenerating oil with properties such as avocado, rosemary, almonds, and coconut. Apply daily, as this helps to reduce frizz and seal the ends.

4- Avoid excessive heat without protection

It’s not easy to let your hair dry naturally during the colder days that autumn and winter can bring. Therefore, if you cannot limit the use of a hairdryer, invest in products to protect your hair against excess heat.

Choose a thermal protector you trust. Never apply heat sources directly to wet hair. Remove any excess you can with the towel and avoid the dryer nozzle, as it can intensify the hot source in just one place. Additionally, invest in protective oils that can provide more shine to your locks. Who knows, you could take some supplements, as well as vitamins to help with hair resistance and growth.

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