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How to Scientific Skin Care In Summer

Today we are going to talk about how to take care of your skin in the summer and with that have all the scientific benefits to have that beautiful and wonderful skin throughout the summer without suffering from blemishes and any skin problems that this time of year can cause.

Remembering that here are tips that I use in my daily life and that some stronger products, if you want to use them, need to be consulted with a doctor or specialist in order to have the best benefits you need for your skin.

1st Use soap to clean your skin

We start with the initial and essential part for any type of skin care you are looking for, which is to wash your face with specific soaps for this area, because if you use the same one you are using for the body, they may have some effects contrary to yours. skin.

So, always look for products that, in addition to bringing you benefits, with the brands you like best for a better result, as well as those that are specific to the face and that also have the same benefit for your skin type.

I say that, because as each person has a type of skin and body, what can do an excellent job for one, may not necessarily do the same for another type of skin.

2nd Use and abuse specific creams for hydration

Here I made it clear that you need to use a lot of creams that are hydrating, in addition to serums that have vitamins. I say this because, as this is a warmer season and the body needs to replace moisture (of course, drinking plenty of water helps), working with creams that are hydrating is a great option.

And I’m back here to talk again about knowing your skin and seeing the one that best suits your skin type, because if you use the cream that is not the most suitable, it can cause pimples and you can even have more oily skin.

In the case of oiliness, look for moisturizers that are in gel, because as the skin absorbs it, it ends up being a great option and does not let your face get even more oily, as warmer days can end up causing.

3rd Apply sunscreen even on less sunny days

Last but not least, you should use a good sunscreen for your face. This protector will help you and not have burns and you can still use it every day.

It is great both for the hottest days of incident sun and also for those cold days, that even though the sun is not apparent it also burns and protecting your face is essential to have that wonderful skin.

Nowadays we even have protectors that are already colored, so that the person can use them as if they were make-up and cover the imperfections of the body to feel even more beautiful and with total safety in the summer.

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