Lingerie, Seductive Section!

LINGERIE is able to tempt men. Also, this sexy underwear always succeeds in leaving many images in men’s minds about women.
The shape is beautiful and sexy, making many women hunt lingerie until sometimes forget and do not care about its comfort. Though lingerie is not only tasked to make you appear seductive and confident, but should be able to generate a sense of comfort.
And now, women are getting spoiled with lots of lingerie options in various models and colors. Sage advice from Cybernews, choose a simple lingerie model but still impressive sexy, because men just love it.Here are some of the best types of lingerie your man likes:
1. Boy shorts
His name is popular in recent years. Shaped glance similar to hot pants that cover the whole hips and buttocks. For you who give priority to comfort, choose boy shorts made from cotton. Like the personal wearer who is easy going, boy shorts can be worn for any outfit.
2. Baby doll
This underwear consists of two pieces, tops and subordinates. His boss looked like a loose shirt that widened to the bottom. Medium pants are also loose, not tight like a boy shorts.
3. Kamisol
Kamisol, usually made from materials that ‘fall’ in the body, such as silk and satin. In addition to helping you look sexy and lure your man in bed, camisole apparently can also be worn outdoors. Pair with your favorite jeans, and be prepared to appear confident.
4. Chemise (sleeping gown)
The shape is more like the top A-Line model that ‘falls’ to the thigh, a small rope on the shoulder, like a camisole. For those of you who have a slightly contained body type, this sleeping dress will help cover your stomach and fleshy ass. This sexy nightgown is usually made of silk or lace.
5. Bustier with garter belt
Bustier is a kind of underwear similar to a corset, equipped with elastic straps on stockings that connect it. It is complicated to wear everyday, because usually bustier worn with a party dress to form a sexier body look. Just like your expensive sexy dress, this underwear is also luxurious.
6. Black thong
Thong is a kind of panties similar to V-strings, but widened at the waist. Sexy underwear is very suitable worn with any clothes, especially a tight dress or trousers. Because thong can disguise the line of pants that wrap your tight ass. Choose a black thong, and make him curious and eager to see what’s behind your dress.

7. Cheekies
Cheekies are panties (panties), a blend of boy shorts and bikinis. Usually made of lace material. Matching matches between cheeky pants with push-up bra, or camisole will help you not only look sexy, but also beautiful and sporty.
8. A pair of bra and panties
Want to look sexy and grow your wild male image, no need to have to groom it with a corset, stiletto or cuff toys. You can make the appearance look simple but still impressive section. Just choose a pair of bra and panties. To be a little naughty, wear a pair of bra and panties patterned animal print. And be ready to whip up his passion into the sky.

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