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New Trend of Fashionable Headband

When it comes to hair trends, you already know that in 2019, the bleach blonde was big and that right now the ‘shag’ is having a real moment.

But have you considered a major trend in hair accessories? If not, you should concentrate your focus entirely on these often-overlooked items, paying careful attention to the humble headband.

Up until now when it’s getting a little frizzy, you’ve just shoved in a bobble and popped a few hair grips in when you’ve gone longer than you would like to say between washes. But barrettes, bows and bows this season,

The bands are all the rage you see.

For Milan fashion week and Prada hair slides in London, German influencer Leonie Hanne rocked a ginormous pink Gucci barrette, while Giambattista Valli displayed hair bows on their runway. Jonathan Cohen’s models had pearls woven into their hair (so chic), while Naeem Khan added side-parted hair with sparkler-like accessories.

Jumbo headbands are a big trend for the season, alongside statement hair clips and sparkly barrettes – best picked up from Prada and Ganni. We’re naming it this: Summer 2020 will be the *season* headband. Even if you’re not a guy with a headband (trust us).

There are five patterns dominating the headband arena right now that will thrill people from either end of the sartorial continuum, whether you’re into something subtle or one with bells and whistles.

Satin. These are undeniably the chief headband trend right now, trendy and enjoyable yet also fiercely flattering – adding even the most simple haircut to a voluminous statement.

And they’re OTT. Duh.-Duh. But also because it adds a severe zhush to even the most casual look, making a real breeze ready for a fancy occasion.

Embellishment. Thus, Clueless. 90s, so. While it is not moved back to the middle of your head, by putting it at the very front of your hairline, keep it modern.

Wrap. Do you remember the velvet headbands with your name you were obsessed with a few decades ago? These may not be personalized (necessarily), but they incite serious nostalgia.

Velvet. For liberty. This one is for the braver headband warriors who don’t like to follow patterns – plaited, feathered, or printed. (Apologies for the fact that we have just called this a pattern itself…)

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