Obese mum who was too depressed to sleep with her husband loses babydoll chemise to recharge her libido

Two mothers have lost nine stones and babydoll chemise, feeling so good, and now she looks like she becomes a successful sex writer.


Heather Bresson Bank was 20 pounds taller when she was the heaviest, and was very depressed when the two children were born and stopped.


39-year-old Heather 39-year-old Somerset County Shepton Mallet (Shepton Mallet) now has lost nearly nine stones, he has turned, height 28 years old, 14 years old, let her have Confidence to start a sex blog.


Heather said: “I can not believe how much my life changed, and I feel much better about myself.


“When I looked at my babydoll chemise picture, when I was overweight, I sometimes wanted to know if it was the same person.


“When I thin down, I changed completely, passion returned to my marriage.


“I had a lot of fun with Wayne, and I decided to start recording our vulnerability on a blog.”


Last May, when she married Wayne in Somerset’s Shepton Mallet, Heather showed her pruning figure.


She is now 11st 11lb, and her breasts are also reduced from 48DD to 34C. Heather’s whole life philosophy changed after she had restored her shape, and she rediscovered her love for sex.


She began to write her own babydoll chemise blog, detailing her passion for Wayne’s passion, leading her to become a sex toy tester.


Part-time media lecturer Herather’s weight is problematic when she moved from Somerset to Russland in Sweden, she began to spiral, so Wayne could have wanted to see the Arctic Light visitors open a new career.


Heather helped Wayne’s business, piling up on the pound as she stayed at home cooking food and obese hot chocolate, sled for the customer.
When she and the couple’s two children – now six-year-old Rowan, and four-year-old Harry, she paid more attention.


Three years ago, her weight increased to 20 stones, and Heather had completely lost sex because she hated her body.


The lowest point was when she needed Wayne’s help to tie her shoelaces and knew she needed a lot of help.


Heather said: “I went to the Swedish version of NHS, told the doctor how I was overeating.


“In Sweden, you have to tell you that before taking into account the stomach surgery, you will seriously pay attention to your life.


“I lost two stones, able to carry out gastric bypass surgery, so that my stomach narrowed to the size of a child.


“I changed my life completely.I conquered my overeating problem, in the first six months after surgery, I lost six stones.


“I continue to pay attention to what babydoll chemise I have eaten, after two years, I have been thin to a little comfort, only less than 12 stones.


“I am glad to be my shape now, but thanks to it anymore.


Heather and Wayne have been enjoying a healthy sex life before her weight expands, but her self-esteem is so low when she’s 20 years old when she gives up love.


All this babydoll chemise has changed when Heather forms – and the passion returns quickly.
She said, “I have so much confidence that this is reflected in the bedroom, and Wayne and I are like a couple of new couples, and I’ve always wanted to write, so I started to elaborate on the babydoll chemise blog.


Wayne and Heather were forced to abandon the Husky travel in Lapland because global warming led to a shortage of snow and was able to travel in a few days.


The couple moved back to Shepherd Mallet in Somerset, and Wayne was working for the architect, and Heather was working on the writer’s career and planned to start the lecture again.


She said: “It was an incredible decade.We have immigrated twice, raised two children, one of the world’s most crazy areas to run one, and now I have become a writer. Certainly not boring.

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