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The Rising Trend of Fashionable Headbands

When it comes to hair trends, 2019 was all about bleach blonde. Fast forward to now, and the ‘shag’ haircut is having a real moment. But there’s another trend you might be overlooking – hair accessories. Specifically, it’s time to pay attention to the humble headband.

The Evolution of Hair Accessories

We’ve all had those days when our hair isn’t cooperating. Typically, you might throw it up in a messy bun or secure it with a few hair grips. However, this season’s must-have accessories are barrettes, bows, and most notably, headbands. Yes, headbands are making a massive comeback, and they’re more stylish than ever.

Rhinestone Bow Front Knit Headband

During Milan Fashion Week, German influencer Leonie Hanne turned heads with a giant pink Gucci barrette. Prada’s hair slides were the talk of London, while Giambattista Valli showcased elegant hair bows on the runway. Jonathan Cohen’s models had chic pearls woven into their hair, and Naeem Khan added dazzling sparkler-like accessories to side-parted styles.

Jumbo headbands are a significant trend this season, rivaling statement hair clips and sparkly barrettes. Top picks can be found at Prada and Ganni. We’re calling it now – Summer 2020 will be the season of the headband. And trust us, this isn’t just for the ladies; headbands are a unisex accessory worth trying.

The Must-Have Headbands

There are five headband patterns dominating the fashion scene right now. Whether you prefer something subtle or bold, there’s a headband out there for you:

Satin Headbands

Satin headbands are undeniably the top trend. They’re stylish, fun, and incredibly flattering, transforming even the simplest hairstyle into a voluminous statement. Their over-the-top (OTT) appearance adds a touch of glamour to casual looks, making them perfect for dressing up for special occasions.

Statement Padded Headbands

Padded headbands with exaggerated designs are turning heads everywhere. These options range from minimalist to extravagant, so there’s something for everyone. They add a dramatic flair to any outfit, ensuring you stand out in a crowd.

Women’s Denim Headbands

Denim headbands are making a 90s-inspired comeback. Think of the iconic, embellished headbands from the “Clueless” era. To keep the look modern, wear the headband at the front of your hairline instead of the middle of your head. It’s a fun, nostalgic twist that’s surprisingly chic.

Wrap Headbands

Remember those velvet headbands with your name on them from a few decades ago? While today’s versions might not be personalized, they still invoke a sense of serious nostalgia. Wrap headbands are versatile and can be styled in various ways, making them a great addition to your accessory collection.

Velvet Headbands

For the bold and brave, velvet headbands offer an opportunity to make a statement. Whether plaited, feathered, or printed, these headbands are for those who love to stand out and set trends rather than follow them. They add texture and richness to any hairstyle, making them a favorite among fashion-forward individuals.


This season, it’s all about experimenting with new looks and stepping outside your comfort zone. Whether you’re heading to a casual brunch or a fancy evening event, there’s a headband to complement your style. Don’t be afraid to mix and match textures, patterns, and colors to create your unique look.

Get ready to elevate your hair game with these trending headbands. Happy styling!

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