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If there is something where you cannot go wrong this season that is approaching, it is with a two-piece sweater set, be it a trouser sweater or a bralette sweater, whichever you choose, this is one of those trends that always come back for this season. It doesn’t bother us anymore, if you want to look chic but be comfortable at the same time, this is for you.

If there is something that I want to wear this fall-winter season, it is a Katie Holmes style, I had never thought of wearing a bralette and a sweater of the same style, but she put it in trend and now we all want it, it is a style relaxed that you can use at the beginning of this season where the weather is not so cold as to put on a super heavy sweater, this style is perfect for these weeks where you still feel like it’s summer but you are already ordering your pumpkin spice latte to give it the welcome to fall.

Sets are always a lifesaver when you don’t know what to use and you have little time to decide, this is a long-term investment, you can combine these sets with what you already have in your closet, either with pants or skirts, the options are endless and I think we all like to have multiple options in terms of clothing because we get the best out of it, cotton is one of my favorite materials but wool gives you that winter feeling and makes you feel warm all the time you wear or whatever you choose these two are a must of the season.

So when looking for a two-piece online, always keep in mind that the classic will always look good, in neutral colors or dark colors, neutral colors give you a feeling of calm and peace while dark ones like black or red wine are ideal to combine with other pieces of your wardrobe and use it to go to a dinner or a brunch, remember that you can also go out this season and combine these pieces to look good but feel comfortable at the same time.

If you need inspiration, obviously we are going to leave you some options so that you have an example but Pinterest is full of this trend and we love making boards with everything we would like to use and add to our wardrobe, I think we have all done that at some time.

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