What is the ideal dress babydoll chemise for my body?

Straight, straight, long or long Printed graphics or plain, gorgeous or soft colors …
Not necessarily obviously choose babydoll chemise to highlight the clothes of our assets. We have all of our strengths and weaknesses, the following we choose according to our silhouette summer clothes.

A (or “triangular”) in the form
You are small from the top (slender waist, small chest and narrow shoulders), with pelvis / thigh / buttocks round? You have a form in A!
The focus of your silhouette is to focus on babydoll chemise the upper body to keep the body, while maintaining a simple down, the overall coherence.

To give priority to:
Sleeves and ragged, do not forget all kinds of neckline, V collar, collar collar or feather collar. Fluid and texture materials, printed patterns.

Add the volume (hem, fold, side pocket). Thick material, enlarged shape of the horizontal stripes.

How to configure it:
Bust and high heels stretch silhouette.

The four pieces of babydoll chemise clothes are perfect for you:
– with a thin belt of clothing, bring the volume, streamline to extend your body.
– dress empire, it highlights your shoulders until it comes down, it loses your hips.
– Bust loose clothes, suitable for small breasts, it can enhance your taste.
– Suture the collar of the skirt slightly increased with the buttocks balance the size of the shoulder.

V-shaped (or “inverted triangle”) form
Do you have quite wide shoulders and / or generous breasts, but hips and quite narrow pelvis, usually small buttocks? You are V!
For you, it is the opposite of the previous outline: it is best to minimize the size of the upper body, and its focus on the bottom.

To give priority to:
Square, V or asymmetrical collar. Sultry and wrinkled, all of which can give the buttocks the volume.

Bust, thin strip, collar too much.

How to configure it:
There are races and gorgeous shoes.

The four pieces of babydoll chemise clothes are perfect for you:
– a cover made by a large steering wheel. It cuts the width of the shoulder from the body, and its steering wheel draws attention to the bottom.
– There is a gathered yoke on the buttocks. “Ball” effect is the ideal choice for filling the basin.
– leading the right clothes to reduce the strap. It is best to choose a way to rebalance the bottom of the entire contour.
Skirt waist belt low waist. It brings the volume to your little buttocks and puts your legs forward.

X (or “hourglass”) in the form
Do you have a thin waist, a wider shoulder and a hips? Your hips and your middle width roughly equal? You are an x!
This contour is considered to be the most harmonious, because the width of the shoulder and the width of the buttocks are equal, and the size is marked out. So, the most easy to highlight! You can put everything!

In favor of
Cutting has a distinct size, whether round or missing. Various forms of collar.

If you have generous shapes, print too gorgeous.

How to configure it:
With colorful belts and retro bags.

The four pieces of babydoll chemise clothes are perfect for you:
– Molding clothes, whose body is close to the body is your ally.
– shirt tie, whatever your size is ideal.
– Fifties of the skirt, thin belt, also highlights your shoulders.
– Adjust the dress in the waist, it strengthens your main asset.

H (or “rectangle”)
You have a fairly harmonious silhouette, buttocks and shoulders at the same level, but your waist is not marked? You are a h!
Because you have a very convenient character, you can in the “H feminine” your body. Choose to highlight a part of your body: for example, your chest or hips.

Increase the curve of the fluid or flaring line.

The size is too big and the focus is somewhere else.

How to configure it:
There are spectacular earrings and baskets.

The four pieces of babydoll chemise clothes are perfect for you:
– trumpet corset, highlighting the buttocks, highlighting the buttocks.
– skirt slightly trapezoidal, face a little bit size.
– dressed in hips, stretched the bottom of the silhouette.
– The bottom geometry of the flow of the long skirt will produce the volume.

My form
You are small, long, your shoulders and your buttocks aligned, your size a little mark? Your form is in me!
It is only a narrow version of the form of H, but there will still be some specificity. Here are some tips to make this outline a little less female.

To give priority to:
Collar and size mark. Speaker Cable. The knee length opens your legs.

Long skirt and XXL cut.

How to configure it:
With colorful jewels and wedge sandals.

The four pieces of babydoll chemise clothes are perfect for you:
– a little horn dress to bring the volume.
– Dresses tied to the waist, very tight, her feminine silhouette.
– V-neck skirt, wearing a waist, highlighting the chest and horseshoe

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