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Winter Coat Trends

Fresh season, new suit. It’s probably because you’re excited to completely embrace autumn/winter if you’ve come across this gallery. Here we see two drops of rain and start dreaming of ankle boots, fuzzy knitwear and comfortable outwear. We don’t blame you. Let’s face it, October is volatile, so you’re going to need loads of extra layers.

The best winter coats provide any outfit with the perfect finishing touch. So A LOT of boxes need to be ticked: flexible, warm (obvs), functional but lovely, and simple to dress up or down. Not a great deal to settle for then…

You could go one of two directions when it comes to shopping for your autumn/winter outerwear. Either you go for the investment item, such as the trendy camel coat of Off-White or the timeless trench of Burberry, or go all the way trend-led-we’re all about animal-print, leather and vinyl this season (a good one for the vegans out there).

Why not buy more than one if you just can’t decide which style fits best? You can do it absolutely, as our editing of the best winter coats (there are 50, FYI) begins at just £20. Now what’s the right coat to buy?

A trench, Hellloooo, obvs. Not only is this lightweight number trendy AF (street stylers love em), it is ultra versatile when it comes to layering. To make floral summer dresses go the way, buy one now, then get inventive once the weather cools down with cosy underpinnings. How much does it cost for a winter coat?

Look, if there’s one thing in your closet that you need to spend more money on it’s a good coat. Your outerwear is meant to last just like jeans: it shouldn’t sag, fade or fall out of fashion (too soon). That is if you buy the right one.

Anything Super penny can’t afford? At least choose anything you’re likely to wear a lot, something that will fit for 70% of your wardrobe products and you’re not going to go off in a couple of months. Alas, for a navy wrap coat, if that means bypassing the leopard-print puffer, so be it. We have selected coats within a wide range of price points to make things just a little simpler. Seriously, this edit begins with as little as £ 20 (if you’re wondering, the piece in question is a cool little fur-trimmed number from Topshop).

What’s the warmest coat for winter? The warmest winter coat would be one that is padded or fur-filled, hands down. If you go for something with a bit of weight in 100 percent fur, however you’ll remain cozy-trust us. What’s the most fashionable coat for winter? So, obvs puffers and bombers may look like AF flying, but the most stylish in terms? We hope something customized or wool will stand the test of time. And still timeless = elegant.

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