Zahia babydoll chemise at the fun fair, Lola Marois with children

It likes big and small. Du Le Li Park officially opened, June 23 (Friday) held the new season of magic and chills.

If the heat wave has arrived in Paris, Zahia Dehar rebuilt babydoll chemise the temperature last night. 25-year-old Babydoll with an unusual look at the fairy tales of Marcel Campion’s fair fair and placed on the stand, just a few steps away from the Champs Elysees and did not cover most of his skin.


His face or unexpectedly changed, Zachia wearing a little skirt, the dots are very open. What left his chest uplift and bronze, never really care about hiding. While she does not know the playground fans, her playful and gourmet cuisine, but Zahia is happy to return to childhood. Fishing line, love apple, ice cream cone, she did not deprive myself. So many deviations can only make it more attractive.

Recently cautious is that the former escort girl took her on the Facebook page behind the scenes. If there is no instructions on the sponsor, we already know that Zahia has done a lightweight posture. In the hotel room bed to form underwear, her waist no shirt. At the opening ceremony of the thirty-fourth session of the Club.


Wearing more clothes to Tuileries garden, Lola Marois is not alone to find babydoll chemise this interesting fair. If her husband Jean-Marie Bigard is not around, the 34-year-old actress with 5 years of lovely twins Bella and Jules had a pleasant time to relax. Naturally a slim pair of jeans and a small shoulder with a small shoulder, the young mother to enjoy the relaxation of this festival at night has been very good summer.


In order to launch the 34th edition, Du Leli fair also calculated both husband and wife:

Pastry Chef Christophe Michalak and his wife Delphine McCarty, singer Nicoletta and her husband Jean-Christophe Molinier or actor Patrick Mille and his wife JustineLévy, as well as Ludovic Chancel and his wife Sylvie Ortega Munos.


Other people choose babydoll chemise to come with their family: Natty Belmondo and daughter Stella, Jean-Luc Lahaye and daughter Margaux, Daniel Lauclair and daughter Alexandra. Others finally enjoyed the singles atmosphere: actor Adeline Blondieau, comedian and humor home Bruno Solo, Tex, brother Igor and Grichka Bogdan closed

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