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10 Wardrobe Essentials for Every Woman

What do I wear today? This question haunts all the fashionistas out there. To have a trendy look, I have 10 suggestions of pieces of clothing for you that will make you look your best. Include them in your wardrobe and you will feel fabulous!

1. The top with thin straps

Chose one made out of light fabrics, such as silk, and preferably in white or black. For a more playful look choose a printed top: polka dots, stripes, florals. 

2. The pleated skirt

A very chic item that offers so many wearing options. For an elegant look mix, the skirt with a shirt and high-heeled sandals, and for a casual look go for sneakers and a crop top.

3. The long vest

For those days when it’s too warm to wear a jacket, the vest is the best option out there. I advise you to pick an oversized vest for an urban look or a very well-tailored vest with a belt around the waist for a classy look.

4. The traditional prints 

You can choose a traditional blouse, which will always be a memorable piece of garment. This season we’ve also added skirts, dresses, and even shoes and bags with traditional prints. Invest in such an item and you will not go wrong this spring. Mix the traditional blouse with modern elements, such as a leather skirt or jeans, for a versatile and chic look.

5. Tennis shoes or sneakers

Still on-trend this spring too, if you wear them with a pair of jeans or a blazer you will have a modern look. They can be also worn with a light dress for a powerful look.

6. The culottes

A one piece that it’s still on-trend is the culotte trousers. Pick a high-waisted pair and wear them with flowy tops and a denim jacket. 

7. Minimalist accessories

Less is more! Necklaces, earrings, metallic bracelets with a geometric design can be worn at any time of the day and at any occasion. 

8. Fringes

They make any look pop. Wear a pair of shoes or sandals with fringes with a thick heel for the day and choose a fringed dress for the evening, accessorized with simple jewelry. Or you can choose even denim or a leather jacket that has fringes for a cool day look.

9. Off the shoulders dresses and blouses

Bare shoulders are more sexy and stylish than ever this year, dare to expose them! And nothing will be better for this than an off-the-shoulder blouse or dress.

10. The backpack

Comfortable, easy to wear, and versatile, the backpack should not miss from your wardrobe if you want to achieve cool looks. Pick a leather one or a textile backpack with floral prints. 

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