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3 Dressing Hacks For A Formal Meeting

When you attend a formal/business meeting, you often intend to create a good impression and establish a connection with other professionals in your field. Besides the project, you should also do your best in the fashion department. Also, remember that attendance outfits will likely vary from presentation outfits. 

Outfit For Formal Meeting (Men)

Since the first impression is the last, looking your best at a formal meeting is especially important. You can’t show up in casual attire in a formal meeting unless you want to create a bad impression. 

  • Structured Pants

Make sure your pant doesn’t look too loose or too tight. It is more likely to create a bad impression and seems like a last-minute choice. You want to look prepared, so your trouser or pants fit you correctly, making your leather shoes perfect.

  • Formal Shirt and Suit

A long-sleeved formal shirt is a go-to for a formal meeting. Make sure you are wearing the color that matches correctly with the suit. A tie is not a necessity. However, if you are going to give a presentation, it’s best to look the best and wear a tie. 

  • Accessories

Your accessories should be minimal, with a wristwatch and a ring.

Outfit For Formal Meeting (Women)

Other than stretchable/work-appropriate pants and a decent top, women must also have a few attires for formal meetings. 

If you are going to a conference to attend the meeting and give your inputs, the appropriate attire would be:

  • Pencil Skirt

If you are uncomfortable with pants or trousers, you can opt for a pencil skirt. It gives a formal look with a decent blouse and flats if styled right. Make sure they are color-coordinated. You can use the look both for casual and professional purposes as well. 

  • Formal Dress

A comfortable dress that allows you to breathe throughout the day in the office is also a must-have in your closet. It adds a sense of sophistication to the personality. Always go with solid colors while picking the dress. 

  • A Neutral Coloured Coat

You can pair a coat with a pencil skirt, a decent top, and a formal dress. While selecting the outfit, make sure they are color-coordinated. Your wardrobe should have black, white, brown, and beige at all times. Then you can experiment with colors; if they look formal and do not grab too much attention to the color choice, you are good to go.

If you are going to a formal meeting to give a presentation, you might want to dress up differently than your everyday office look:

  • Button-up Shirts or V-neck blouses

The most reliable choice is a button-up shirt for a conference or formal meeting. It gives you a confident look. You can pair it with a skirt if you are uncomfortable with trousers. However, trousers are always the best option. The best choice is to wear a button-up of a light shade with a dark-colored bottom. 

  • Dark Blazer

Black is the most preferred color for meetings and just blazers in general. However, you can also choose a certain shade of green, navy blue, grey, or brown. Make sure the pants or the bottom is coordinated. 

  • Professional Accessory

A decent handbag, a wristwatch, and minimal jewelry, like studs or small earrings, are the best look, as you don’t want to grab a lot of attention and yet seem confident.

Don’t Pick Shoes In Haste

Both the genders may choose from formal shoes, boots, open-toed and closed-toed shoes in a leather material or dress material like suede to pair with their formal attire. However, ensure that they are clean and well-polished.

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