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5 Swimsuit Trends that are Going to Rule the Summer of 2021

Swimsuits and summer are unsung fashion beauties, and we are so excited to flaunt those beautiful bodies this beach season. We are here sharing the trends that we believe are going to rule the summer season of 2021 for our sisters out there. We love a good swimsuit design that is both comfortable and fashionable to flaunt, so here below we enlist the best of all for you guys, let’s rule the BEACHES, shall we?

1. Black bikini:

A black bikini is the ultimate champion of summer beach season. The chic and highly fashionable shade of black paired up with the comfortable bikini design performs the best for your walk of charm this summer season. Thank us later sister, but be sure to tell us how your summer went with this beauty by your side!

Sporty high-waisted bikini:

High-waisted bikinis are the best vintage apparel but when paired with the sporty one shoulder sleeve bikini top is a major millennial fashion tool for you to pair up with your summer vibe this year! Spruce up the summer vibe and your comfort along with your fashion quotient this summer with this beauty at your perusal!

Button top bikini:

Button embellished bikini designed by Zeus and Dione is surely the talk of the town this summer season. The shade of black and the smart blend of vintage vibe along with the corseted beauty of bikini surely will spice up your pool time this summer. Are you sure you have all the bikini power you need? Because this beauty just powers up to the top of the must-have bikini list this summer and for all the summers to come!

Underwire bikini:

Underwire bikinis are eternal beauties, you can never go wrong with this one. This is a trend of all time summers and is designed to procure for you the top position on styling for a pool party this summer season.

Smoked Bikini:

This beauty is designed by toteme studio and is so pretty that we cannot take our eyes off of it. This smoked bikini is sure comfortable and is beautiful. The strong tailoring and chic shade of black brings to it a vibe of forever summer fever.

So here lies our Bikini Grimoire of this summer, and we plead you to have all of these in your fashion closets before your invites for summer parties start to roll in! Don’t forget to keep us in the loop sister, we are waiting to hear all about your summer shenanigans in the comment section below!

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