No One Does babydoll chemise Style Better Than Rihanna

Last week’s Grammy was filled with tense tensions, but for Rihanna, the ritual babydoll chemise was the reason for the celebration. In a dark romantic ArmaniPrivé custom ballroom skirt, the singer was caught from a dazzling bottle, started joking with Joe Jonas, and gossiped with the best friend Melissa Forde.

After the event, she retreated to her rebel party, almost no one pure Marc Jacobs Spring 2017 bubble bubble pink baby wearing. Although none of the eight prizes she nominated were brought back, the 29-year-old Bayan star seemed to be less aware today. After all, when it comes to good times, the “upset” singer will not be stopped, and her personal style seems to reflect this comprehensive attitude.


An uninterrupted party girl from St.-Tropez’s yacht to the Los Angeles Dive Bar always assembles a celebration of babydoll chemise the dance floor to prepare the orchestra. In the fashion week, whether it is in a pure mesh at the top (of course, shameless bra), will break it on the dance floor, photographer Steven Klein in a jewelry inlaid collar collar, or in pink Color of the New Year sounded, the fur wrapped around her waist, Rihanna always with the feeling of giving up the party wear.

From the green edge of the embroidered Balmain piecemeal to Dior cosmetics pajamas, Rih from naughty to prim, from experiment to almost narrow. U, look at what kind of function Rihanna will wear may be half of her compatriots fun. Rih’s VIP booth is usually the public debut of the seasonal essentials: Balenciaga’s shoulder jeans jacket, Gucci’s Chinese-style green sportswear, or her own denim belt boots.


Maybe this is the root of her Caribbean, so that babydoll chemise Rih is always in a happy time? They are certainly inspired by the video “work” prepared for her infamous dance, and she stands out in the Tommy Hilfiger Cloak Dress and Giuseppe Zanotti’s Gold Heels, leaving Drake and most of the Fashion fool. Who can say, but one thing is for sure: no one looks like a charming Rihanna as charming.

Here, when she was on my twenty-nine birthday today, look back at Rih’s best party to look like.

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