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5 Ways to Dress Up Your Wedding with Dried Flowers

Even though they are not new to the wedding scene being used for years by brides, dried flowers have become a very hot trend since last year. While they are not as colourful, as vibrant and as perfumed like fresh flowers, they are very delicate and romantic due to their warm tones and endless varieties of shapes and textures. They will last for years and can be transformed in beautiful reminders of the wedding day.

Perfect for both vintage and modern weddings, the most popular dried flowers are: pampas, cotton, hay, gerberas, lavender, dried roses and dried grasses. You can incorporate them into your wedding dress, accessories, bouquet and even use them for décor.

Here are 5 ways you can use dried flowers to dress up your wedding dress!

1. The dried flower wedding bouquet

One of the centerpieces of a bride’s outfit, besides her wedding dress, is the wedding bouquet. Every bride puts a lot of attention into picking the most grandiose bouquet. A classic bouquet made out of fresh flowers will only last a few days and you will only remember it from pictures. But if you chose a bouquet made out of dried flowers it will last you a lifetime! After your wedding, you can put it carefully in a box and whenever you want to remember it, you can take it out.

A dried flowers wedding bouquet is very elegant and delicate, a perfect choice for a vintage and romantic wedding.

2. A bridal veil with delicate dried flowers

Another way you can incorporate dried flowers into your wedding is by choosing a veil with dried pansies and violets sewn in it. This kind of veil will be perfect for a vintage inspired wedding gown or if your wedding will be in open air with lots of greenery around.

3. A dried flower bridal crown

Most women pick a tiara for their wedding days, because they want to feel like princesses. But if you want to feel like a fairy, you should chose a bridal crown made out of dried flowers. With this type of crown, you just need some beautiful curls in your hair and you will look perfect for your wedding day.

4. Delicate dried flower bridal combs

If you do not wish to wear a bridal crown or a veil for your wedding day, but want some special accessories, you should put different types of hair combs with dried flowers in your bridal hairstyle.  

5. Romantic earrings with dried flowers

Nothing will go better with your bouquet made out of dried flowers than a matching pair of romantic earrings made out of delicate and small dried flowers.

Dried flowers are great choice for a wedding as they will last a lifetime after the big event will end and you will have them in your home to remember forever.

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