American eagle praised for lingerie campaign featuring models with disabilitles

American Eagle has won praise for its latest lingerie campaign for its sub-brand Aerie, which features female models with disabilities and chronic illnesses.

One of the models included in the Aerie Real campaign is pictured wearing a colostomy bag, while another has been photographed with her arm crutches and one woman poses in her wheelchair.

Each is wearing pieces from the popular label, including its signature bandeaus and lace bralets.

One model has type-1 diabetes and is pictured on the website wearing her insulin pump.

Aerie’s campaign imagery has been widely-shared on social media, with fans praising the brand for its forward-thinking initiative and its commitment to diverse representation, with a range of body types included.

“A model who looks like me!” one person wrote on Twitter alongside a snap of the model with an insulin pump tucked into her bra.

“@Aerie is doing something so special! i have never seen true diversity of age, ethnicity, ability, and size from a company in my life! this is representation!

“I literally cried when I saw this today. Thank you @Aerie for making my daughter a little less self conscious about her diabetes #realpeople #tidlookslikeme” added another person, speaking about the same image.

While the popular US label is known for its inclusive campaigns, this is arguably its most diverse yet.

“Now, more than ever, we want to encourage women everywhere to feel empowered to embrace their own unique qualities and beautiful real selves,” said Aerie’s global brand president, Jennifer Foyle with regards to the label’s commitment to body diversity.

The new campaign also includes sexual abuse survivor Aly Raisman, who told People: “I’m so proud to be in this campaign and to be able to pose in bra and underwear and in swimwear because I want to and I’m in control — I can do whatever I want.”

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