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6 New Year’s Gifts You Can’t Miss

2022 is finally in! How did you celebrate the new year? For some, it has been relieving to overcome 2021, and start anew. The pandemic has caused a lot of trouble for many people who have lost jobs, family members and friends. Hence, jumping into the new year can bring many hope, faith and positivity towards a brighter future.

Celebrate a better tomorrow with your friends and loved ones by gifting them meaningful and functional items that can help them overcome the challenges of the year:

Journal to the Soul

Journaling is one of the therapeutic ways to deal with the stresses of life. “The Five Minute Journal” is a popular journal which prompts you to reflect on your daily life and the things that you`re grateful for.

This is a sentimental gift that will help the receiver with their mental and emotional health.

Fitness Equipment

During the start of every year, many people love going to the gym and workout for their yearly goals. However, since it`s advisable to stay at home, gifting a fitness equipment for home exercises will be beneficial.

You can get them beautiful-printed travel or yoga mats that will inspire them to exercise. Mat Mat Shop features a variety of vegan mats with grips that strengthens when wet.

Go Traditional with a Basket of Fruits

Support your parents` healthy lifestyle by gifting them a basket of fruits that they`ll sure enjoy. You can get organic fruit baskets from The Fruit Company where you can also select other fruit baskets.

It`s also known that having circular fruits during New Year brings good luck. Whether this is true or not, eating healthy and organic food can bring many nutritional benefits to the body, making a basket full of it a perfect gift!

New Kicks

A new pair of running kicks are a great way to start moving for 2022. Giving gifts to men can be difficult since there aren`t a lot of common gifts you can give. However, you can gift your boyfriend, brother or father a new pair of Under Armour shoes.

Featuring a lightweight feel and modern design, it is one of the best-selling pair of shoes that`s under $100.

Prosperity Wallet

It is believed that a wallet given as a gift will bring good luck and a lot of money. Guess` zip-around wallet features a minimalist design with several flaps and dividers inside to separate different bills. This is ideal for those who are keen on keeping an organized wallet.

It has a lot of pockets and space for bills, receipts, credit card, and identification cards. Before gifting this wallet, you can also add a little note of well wished for a prosperous year.

Weighted Blanket

If you know someone who`s living alone, or someone who has been struggling with stress, anxiety and being alone, a weighted blanket might be a great gift for them. You can choose the weight, design and fabric so that it can be more comfortable to snuggle in.

The weight of the blanket around you creates a deep pressure that can be therapeutic because it simulates the feeling of being hugged by somebody who loves and cares for you. It can help with relieving the perception of pain, and improve the quality of sleep.

Gifting someone you care about a weighted blanket can simply convey that even if you`re not with them, you`re reminding them of your love and care no matter the distance.

These New Year gifts are special with sincere meanings to it. Checking how your friends and family are doing, and gifting them one of these items can make for a great start to 2022.

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