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Sleeveless Dresses Worth Owning

Whether it is a plain tailored solid dress, an animal print or a sexy sugar skull bodycon, many women love a strapless dress’s ultra-feminine look. Sadly, many feel awkward in it because it reveals their bare arms. Regardless of the shape of your body, sleeveless dresses need a perfect fit that isn’t too wide, so armholes will typically expose undergarments, and isn’t too tight to make you feel awkward when wearing them. Personally, I love sleeveless clothing as you would get to play with adding layers in it, or if there is no layering, there is no heaviness in your style. You are a light flutter fairy, a sexy one, indeed on a sleeveless chic dress look.

Although sleeveless dresses are not always the best option for women with heavy arms or loose skin, we suggest using some tips to deflect attention from your upper arms and shoulders to make you feel more secure. Go for a sleeveless dress with a comfortable backrest and flattering shape. Starting with a flawless bodycon is the easiest way to take the pressure off your muscles. Instead of your shortcomings, the right tailored dress will draw attention to your assets as waistline, bosom and face. Go for a dress that has more armpit coverage to ensure this area is not over-exposed. Rocking this look with the rightly measured dress would be so easy and a confidence boost for the curvy ladies.

Keep away from tight arm holes, side bulges and spills are the last thing you need when wearing a sexy bodycon with no sleeveless. Choose something that has convenient armholes, and give you enough room to breathe that does not limit your movement. A mistaken bra size has the potential to cause harm not only to your overall look but also to side bulges and fat spills under your skirts. Not to mention the poorly fitted bra will still make you feel awkward too. The best thing you can do for your “sleeveless bodycon” look is to wear your hair in a style which cascades over your shoulders. This way you cover your arms, thereby concealing parts of your shoulders and attracting attention from heavier weapons.

PROENZA SCHOULER Sleeveless dress

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