6 Plus Size Lingerie & Loungewear Items You Need For Every Kind Of Valentine’s Day

For many Millennials, our first memory of Valentine’s Day is probably picking out paper cards to give to everyone in our second grade class. Back then, everyone had a Valentine (or 25). But as an adult, Feb. 14 can be more complicated. Nontheless, there’s no reason why you can’t define your own alternative Valentine’s Day and that extends to the plus size lingerie you might want to wear in the bedroom come V-Day

I’ve never been one to do anything special when it comes to lingerie on Valentine’s Day, but as I began researching the best bra brands out there, I couldn’t help but notice how much lingerie had really evolved in plus sizes since I last looked. I saw everything from comfy oversized tees and soft robes to vinyl corsets and caged bras.

All of the lingerie and loungewear that I was seeing got me thinking about Valentine’s Day. After all, it’s a day when people of all kinds are encouraged to celebrate love – whether that be for someone special in their lives, themselves, or both.

I then started contemplating how that celebration really doesn’t have to look any one way; and that a lot of the reason why people dislike Valentine’s Day might be because they get caught up in what they think it’s supposed to be. So I wanted to think about all of the different kinds of Valentine’sDays you can have and offer some plus size solutions for what to wear (and maybe even take off) in the bedroom.

1. When You Want To Serve Glamour & Drama

Because I have a personal flair for the dramatic, I decided to start big with this over-the-top dressing gown. I don’t think there’s anything more glamorous out there. While it doesn’t explicitly come in plus sizes, the brand does make them in custom measurements. So treat yourself.

2. When You Want Sexy Lingerie But Hate Underwires

What attracted me to this red and black lace set was the fact that it looks really comfortable. The halter-style top doesn’t feature any underwire, butthe red lace and black accents make it incredibly sexy.

3. When You Like Wearing Flowers More Than Receiving Them

The floral print on this Curvy Couture bra and panty set is so detailed. The way that it pairs with the lavender of the set is pretty great, too. Skip the flowers on Valentine’s Day and be your own bouquet.

4. When Your Loungewear Speaks For Itself

Remember that episode of Sex And The Cityin which Miranda ate an entire giant cookie pizza because it said “I Love You” on it? It’s not always easy to say “I love you,” so take the pressure off yourself this Valentine’s Day and just wear this instead.

5. You Want To Keep It Cute & Predictable

There’s nothing wrong with wearing red, sexy lingerie on Valentine’s Day and this bustier with lace, ruffle, and boning detail is a really great way to achieve that traditional V-Day look with a modern spin.

6. When You Know There’s Nothing Wrong With Being Single

If you’re single this Valentine’s Day, you’re probably smart enough to know that being single isn’t a bad thing and definitely no reflection of your worth. Celebrate your self love with this comfy tee and buy yourself some chocolates, girl.

There’s no requirement for what plus size babes should wear on Valentine’s Day. If you want to be sexy, do it. If you want to be comfy, go for it. And if you want to both, you can make that work, too. Just show yourself some love and be true to you.

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