Cosmolle Bra Gives your bra drawer a little refresh
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Cosmolle Bra Gives Your bra Drawer a Little Refresh

Have you felt lately like you need to refresh your bra drawer? I feel like mine needs a big refresh. Because even if my current bras make me feel sexy and beautiful, they also tend to be a little uncomfortable. At times and as I grow up, comfort is important to me.

I decided to look for a brand or store that would offer me comfort and support. Hope that we can call the normal wired bras would give you.

And I’m happy to say that after a long research, I have found a brand that offers exactly that. And it is Cosmolle. They will offer you the most comfortable wireless bra you will ever find. And the best thing is that they come in a wide variety of styles and colors.

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But you are wondering what makes Cosmolle such a good option right? I mean I would ask myself the same. And that’s because it is important to know what makes a brand stand against others.

Cosmolle won’t be your typical underwear brand, but they actually offer more than that. Their comfortable underwear for women used 3D printing which makes them seamless. And with invisible lines and of course, will give you smoother sides too.

They promise you that their underwear and bras are so comfortable that you’ll feel that you are wearing a cloud. And you’ll forget that you have actually been wearing them. .

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But that’s not even the best thing about them. Their products are also eco-friendly and skin loving. The fibers to make their bras and underwear are collagen-infused. They can care for your skin, improve elasticity, and reduce signs of aging.

Between the different styles, you can find styles that we can consider standard. But there are more, like push-up ones, d one-shoulder bralettes, and sports bras too. And the colors vary from the typical, nude, white, and black to purple, brown, pink, blue and light blue, etc.

To achieve all this awesomeness, they use collagen polyamide yarn. These are biomimetic fabrics that have a permanent and unique coating of collagen. This fabric is very luxurious and has become their signature fabric. That is buttery soft and that is hard to defeat too.

Fancy Summer Crossover Rib Bralette

And they realized that the world is becoming more and more environmentally conscious. They know that it is getting necessary for brands to offer and create products that are eco-friendly.

Their eco-friendly process begins with buying and collecting recycled fish scales from fisheries. Then, they have exclusive processing. Go through a lot of chemistry and intense rounds of purification to become collagen polyamide yarn.

With the production of bras and underwear, well these collagen-infused yarns are weaved into the fabric. And then 3D printed, with energy efficiency and smoother lines.

Besides all the good benefits that they bring to our earth, their products, like the bras, have amazing cups. These are fixed to the bras, so you won’t need to adjust them. They are also 40% lighter than others in the market, keep their shape, even after being washed over 100 times, and of course, they’re breathable.

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