Babydoll chemise lingerie to buy her

We all know that underwear makes the best gift – everyone wins. But the curse is our weakness – underwear is a terrible choice and chaos to buy. So where did you start? This is a guide for buying right underwear for your girlfriend, wife or partner.

Know her size

This is the basic rule to buy her underwear: know the size of her bra, know her neck size. Through her underwear drawer, frankly the best, or the next time you are joking when there will be a cheeky look. Never tried to guess. The size of her neck may be the size of her clothes, but check her jeans to make sure it is correct. Some underwear coat handles slightly terrible size. Acting Provocateur, for example, label underwear 1, 2, 3, 4, 5 – “uh?” I heard you cry. Do not panic, as long as you know the size of her bra and the size of the clothes, just ask the store assistant. If your lady finds it hard to get the right bra (they have a little back and a big bust, and vice versa) the Paris brand Chantelle is a great shout – comfortable and sexy.

Know her bra style

We hate breaking it, but bra is not just bra. Different shapes / styles are suitable for different chests. Balconet is a great bigger chest. They are healthier than the whole cup and do not overthrow the split. Heidi Klum Intimates offers a surprising choice for this style: Sofia Contour Bra is our favorite. Triangular bra (bikini, wireless bra) can be fine in the smaller bust taste. For love and lemon, it is great to do in retro style floral bra bra. Rose Hungtingdon-Whiteley works with Marks & Spencer of Roses For Autograph to provide a variety of shapes / styles of design – so if you know she will like Rosie gorgeous lace design, then you can find a very suitable bra too. Once again, if you are stuck, do not be afraid to ask the shopkeeper.

The underwear does not have to be red

Your partner may like red underwear – but she may not. It may be hard to believe, but there are a lot of options there. Not the same, to eliminate the trend, to find something really suitable for her. Underwear Superpower Victoria’s secret will offer a range of colors the same style. Victoria’s daily sexy brassiere has 13 different colors – green paradise is our favorite. L’Agent, an agent Provocateur break up, let Penelope Cruz and sister Monica at the helm, offer some really colorful packages, including Rosella in this bright and confident royal blue – if it tries, it will not be less red.

Black underwear is always sexy

If the colorful underwear makes you nervous, or you know your lady is complicated simple, you can not make mistakes black. Has always been sexy, will always be. If you want to keep the selection trend, the underwear agent Provocateur recently collaborated with a serious sexy range with shoe designer Charlotte Olympia – capturing the web page in Charlotte to create a very fancy silhouette with a unique lace design The Pretty star Dita Von Teese’s award-winning underwear series is a miniature of classic charm: rich black lace, disappointing curves.

Underwear does not mean it must be a bra

If the bra is too complicated, then your gift does not need a cup. Chemises, babydolls and tights are an unexpected replacement therapy that is interesting to everyone. Italian brand Intimissimi made a series of simple but sexy tights. The pure Sensual Transparence suit is both luxurious and virtually non-existent. Babydoll can combine everyday comfortable pajamas with a boring boring together. La Perla’s Tearose babydoll on Chantilly Lace is exquisite – the ultimate gift.

Think about small things

Demon in detail. Bra and shorts is one thing, but including a harness, or even a blindfolded eyes, suddenly, you are buying the best night of the year. Coco de Mer is the destination of small things. The Alis’s goggles are tortured, but in a subtle rose, it’s not enough entry – no passion, no passion. Agent, once again is perfect when it comes to waist belt. Donna harness with lace fan pattern is sexy and serious.

You know her best – does she look incredible?

As long as you really think about it, think about her body shape, her taste, let her size correct, with your instincts. What will she feel sexy? What would you like to watch? A girl remembered that a person would imagine her fun was funny. Think carefully, but remember that buying underwear should not be terrible – it should be true and really funny.

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