Where To Buy Keith Haring x MeUndies Underwear Because Panties Are About Self-Expression, Too

Underwear isn’t merely what you wear beneath your clothes. It’s not simply a necessity that you don’t put a lot of thought or care into when choosing it. These days, fashion lovers consider the cut, shape, fit, material, and color of underthings. The Keith Haring x MeUndies collection is proof of this fashion fact.

The exclusive collab includes men’s and women’s undies and bralettes featuring a punchy print inspired by the late, great street artist Haring, who work was huge in the ’90s and ’00s and who was known for his iconic drawings and for incorporating sexuality into his art. He also brought awareness to the AIDS epidemic of the time. The suite of products reminds us that undies are as fun as the clothing you wear on top of them. They are as essential as any visible, outer accessories and allow for self-expression. That’s why the Haring is a perfect fit.

The Haring collection arrives on Tuesday, Aug. 7 as part of the exclusive prints offered to members of this underwear subscription service.

The MeUndies x Keith Haring items boast a turquoise base and feature people, dogs, and a variety of figures in constant states of motion. If you are an art fan, you’ll instantly recognize Haring’s infamous aesthetic. His drawings are DNA distinct and have been immortalized in underwear form.

Since fans already adore the unique and quirky MeUndies prints, the Keith Haring collab is the logical next step.

If you were not previously familiar with MeUndies, here’s the deal. It’s a member/subscriber undergarment (and beyond) service. Membership is super flexible — just like the waistbands of your fave undies. The exclusive edition prints for members are made available the first Tuesday of each month.

There are no (g)strings attached, either. You can swap styles, skip a month, and cancel at any time if you are a member. In addition to access to exclusive styles, members receive price discounts.

These super soft, comfy, and cool undies elevate the category from basics to tools that promote confidence, self-expression, and cultural awareness, too. That’s because the company encourages its community of customers to express themselves via their undies.

MeUndies just launched its #JoinTheComfortable campaign. It’s all about being comfortable in your own skin — on the inside and out. MeUndies sourced photos from fan Instagram accounts — with permission — and fashioned them into billboards celebrating the concept of having the confidence to bare what you wear in terms of undies!

The MeUndies x Keith Haring collection is only available to members. The undies are cute enough to make you want to sign up for the service to enjoy the exclusive designs and discounted pricing. But once you get your first drop, you’re likely to stick around because MeUndies turn undergarments into something fun.

MeUndies are also awesome since they are three times softer than cotton and are made from naturally and sustainably sourced fibers. You can build an underwear wardrobe that makes you excited about getting dressed.

In the Haring range, there are cheeky briefs, bikini bottoms, boy shorts, and thongs, along with T-back and U-back bralettes for women. Member prices for panties are $14 while bras are $22. There are briefs, boxers, and trunks for men, which cost $16 a piece. So you can mix, match, and design your underthings. The assortment is more activewear and athleisure-like than sexy and lingerie-ish, like Rihanna’s Savage x Fenty collection. Still, if you show these off to your significant other, they will be in for a sweet surprise!

There are shirts, lounge pants, joggers, scoop tees, and shift dresses in the assortment of products, too!

Just select your silhouette and then your style — from classic to bold to adventurous colors and prints.

Underwear is so much more when you are a MeUndies member.

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