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Belts Suitable for Long Skirts

We’ve spoken about wearing belts before, but not directly with skirts as well as the closely related issue of when to tuck. I’m going to be honest here: I’m not a tucker myself so I don’t wear skirts much. Pencil skirt with attached pullover and a blazer is the equivalent of dress. Skirt fit and flare plus cardigan equals outfit. Skirt fit and flare plus cardigan equals outfit. Overall I have a lot of fun with other accessories. If a skirt doesn’t fit at the waist, I’m much more likely to have it personalized than trying to keep it up with a belt.

So I am interested to know what the other readers are thinking about wearing skirts with belts. There are no hard and fast rules I do not think just guidelines to play around with. So here are some thoughts to keep in mind:

You do not have to wear a belt if you are tucking but it can be a good touch. I would say that the belt has more to do with your body shape than the suit, though.

It is uncommon to have a skirt with belt loops, but then you can fit the belt to the belt loops. And then I would suggest that if you’re not tucking, you HAVE not to wear a belt, but that is me.

With a slim belt a high waisting skirt will look fantastic. Go for a silky blouse, or if you want to get a sleek look on a bodysuit. There are plenty of fun cropped sweaters this season which could also look good with a high-waisted skirt but I think it is best to avoid the office crop top.

Self-belts: A skirt which also looks good with a tucked look has a self-belts.

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