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How to Choose a Bag to Go with Your Qutfit?

The etiquette of right dressing and understanding what works from the fashion point of view is an important skill that not many people are very adept at. It is vital that you must understand the accessories that suit your outfits and complement them so that you can present yourself in the best way possible. For instance, the bag that you choose must go along with your outfit and complement it so that it looks in sync and not out of place, causing a dressing or fashion blunder.

Choosing the bag to suit your dress

There are so many different outfits and dresses in our wardrobes; however, we might not necessarily have that many bags or handbags to go along with them. So how do you pick a bag to match or suit the outfit that you are wearing? Well, it is simple. You don’t necessarily need a different bag for your every outfit. Various bags are versatile, and those bags go along well with different outfits. Let us have a look.  

Tote handbag: The tote handbags are popular amongst the ladies because you can combine the designer tote bag with any of the outfits except evening gown. So the tote handbags are very versatile when it comes to teaming up with different outfits. For instance, you can choose the tote handbag to go along with the trouser suits meant for office, or you can use this designer bag for adding a touch of glamour and style to the casual outfit like a tunic and skinny jeans. The tote bags can be classy and fun, and you can use them on different trips to match your different outfits.

Slouch bag: The slouch bag is useful for adding some contemporary touch to your looks. You can team up this bag with different outfits; however, you have to ensure that the bag’s color doesn’t clash with the color of your outfit.

So, for instance, if the handbag has a distinct pattern or specific detailing, then you must go for the print-free dress or outfit, and the same holds for vice-versa. The slouch bag shape also plays a vital role in the overall look. You should preferably go for a bigger sized slouch bag to contrast it with the slim-fit ensemble. You can pair the slouch bag with the skinny jeans of three-quarter length or leggings and dark-colored blazer.

Clutch bag: In contrast to the tote bag, the clutch bag suits the gowns, evening dresses, or formal wear. The clutch bags provide versatility, and they work immensely well for those who have a wider middle part as those bags don’t draw attention or focus to the stomach. The clutch can be considered an extension to the outfit, so the clutch must match the jacket and shoes. If you are wearing a plain outfit, you must go for the metallic clutches or materials and clutches that add reflective light.  

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