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Chromatic Mixtures Suitable for the Cold Season

With the change of seasons and the transition from hot to cold, the wardrobe also changes, which must be adapted to the new temperatures, both as textures and materials, as well as the color palette.

The autumnal picture of the trees in shades of yellow and copper requires a tailored outfit. The star colors of the season are cherry, emerald green, mustard yellow, and earth tones of brown. These colors are perfect to be combined together or with other tones so that you can make the perfect fall outfit!

Chromatic mix for an office outfit

A perfect chromatic mix for autumn is the combination of a blouse with a bow in a shade of mustard yellow to a dark brown suit made up of a jacket and trousers. It is a slightly masculine outfit that can be worn at the office, but it has an extremely chic and feminine look thanks to the beautiful color of the blouse.

You can also go for a beige suit and add a powerful emerald green blouse or if you want something more toned down, go for a classic white shirt, but choose one made out of silk for a plus of glam.

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Chromatic mix for a casual outfit

Another combination, a bit lighter, suitable for going out with friends in the city or a more casual environment at the office, is the combination of a cotton cherry dress with wider cuts or a cherry dress knitted to a pair of beige or brown boots open. Cherry, by the way, is one of the star colors of this season, and you will find dresses in this shade in all stores. On top of that, a knitted dress follows the body line and is also very comfortable.

Bold color mix

The most daring can go on a special color mix, mustard yellow with emerald green. It would be preferable for the clothes not to have a print to enhance the elegance of the two colors. You can combine an emerald green silk blouse with a pair of mustard yellow feather pants. For a more feminine look, you can choose, instead, to wear a mustard yellow blouse with a midi skirt in a cloche or pencil in dark emerald green. You will definitely catch everyone’s eye with this bold mix!

You can also mix shaded red, fuchsia, and cherry tones for this season. You will achieve a very powerful look that will turn heads and make you feel absolutely fabulous. Go ahead and dare to be bold!

Whatever your choice, it is important to have in your wardrobe at least one piece in one of these star colors: mustard yellow, cherry, emerald green, or brown tones!

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