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Early Autumn Trend-Sweater Skirt

Today we talk about the sweater skirt trend for this coming season. There is nothing new about a sweater and skirt combination, but it is totally worth trying on. This look is regarded as a common style that can be tailored for yourself easily. We want warm days back, once the cold season knocks on your door! This is why our hands want to grab a cozy sweater automatically. Wearing sweaters with skirts does not have any special tricks.

Keep it easy! Pair black sweater over black-white checkered print mini skirt, add lace-up ankle boots and rounded sunglasses.

We can find interesting choices and pick the most convenient combinations thanks to street style photos. Then you can always add your own details and touches to complete your favorite look if you think it is too much copy + paste. Personally, I really like to see women wearing oversized sweaters paired with long chiffon, silk or cotton skirts that look feminine and elegant as a result. I suggest pairing it with shortened knitwear and eye-catching boots if you are more into miniskirts.

Look, at this lovely skirt I selected! With a burgundy feather mini skirt, this gold cable-knit sweater looks fantastic. For glamour parties, this is a great mix.

If your sleeveless sweater is not quite eye-catchy, how about wearing it tucked in a metallic gold midi skirt atop a pastel purple necktie blouse. Complete this look by adding fur-detailed black leather loafers.

It is definitely easier to remain in one color palette often. A navy slim fit sweater with glossy dark blue printed pencil skirt and with black flat pumps it looks so amazing.

In pursuit of a mix and match outfit? How about this vertical maroon cord-knit and mesh striped sweater complete with a large belt in black leather and a full mini skirt in maroon color. You should add bulky tortoise sunglasses and a handbag made of black leather.

Sweater-Knit Top & Skirt Set

Pair a cosy dark blue oversized knit sweater with a ruffled blush mini silken skirt and ankle boots. This surprising match fits really well together. You can add a chunky silver necklace and a shoulder bag made of dark blue leather.

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