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White Shirts can Also Create a Sense of Luxury

Is the clean, button-down shirt any more modest garment than the one? Unassuming, self-effacing and often ignored, these simple shirts can form the foundation of your whole formalwear wardrobe — but most of us don’t give them a second thought.

Enough. We’re saying enough. We depend on these genuine, humble basics day-in, day-out and it’s high time we started to treat them with the reverence and appreciation of storied shirt makers. So let’s talk the down-button and discuss the four main features that you should be searching for next time you try to get right white.

Choose cotton. Although selecting a suitable material is probably the easiest part of this whole method, for the modern ladies still seem to be hell-bound to experiment and flaunt fashions that simply don’t fit. A white cotton shirt needs to be flexible and this rules out most fabrics immediately: linen is too thin, flannel is too thick, corduroy is too casual. Even silk is a bit too showy with even an ounce of flounce, we will be staying clear of something. Of course, the answer is simple; 120-gram durable cotton with a poplin weave.

Look for a fit that is a cut above. And so we get to cut it. The trick here is to know how to shape your own body. If you’re still body-ready at beach, go for a more straight, classic style.

Opt for a collar with a medium length. It is a collar that looks good with or without a tie and is the epitome of flexibility, with modestly wide points pointed outwards and slightly downwards. Just make sure your collar isn’t too big and see to it that the buttons are also white if you are going for a button-down.

Make sure that the finishes are right on the buttons. The buttons are the finishing touch that brings together your whole shirt, quite literally. Forget about cheap plastics and resins, and instead select a premium material like mother-of-pearl to ensure your shirt remains in good shape for years to come.

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