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Fashionable Women Cargo Pants with Belt

The utilitarian trend has conquered the fashion world. Utilitarian jackets, dresses, shirts and cargo pants were present on all the runways and the big designers such as Burberry and Max Mara have reinvented them to be more modern compared to their version from the 1990s.

Cargo pants are quite a big trend for the spring season of 2021. They have pockets, belts, a high waist and a slimmer fit along the leg which makes them quite stylish. So, if you want to have a cool outfit this spring you need to add to your wardrobe a pair or more of cargo trousers.

Why are cargo pants such a big trend this spring?

Women love to wear cargo pants. And for good reason, because they are very comfortable and also very practical due to their big number of pockets. You don’t even need a bag anymore when wearing cargo trousers.

Cargo pants are very easy to style and are similar to the jeans in this way. They offer a very cool casual look while still looking flattering, which is the dream of every fashion girl out there!

Another big plus of cargo pants is that they come in various models. You can choose trousers with a wide leg cut for a casual loose outfit or trousers with a slim leg cut for a more polished look.

How to style cargo pants?

Cargo pants usually come with a belt, which is a big plus, because you don’t have to buy the belt or think of how to accessorize the trousers in the waist area. Also, the majority of cargo pants with belt have a high waist which makes them so easy to style, because they will go well with almost anything!

When wearing cargo pants you have to combine them with clothing items with a minimalist design. For example, you can wear them with a clean white top or a white shirt and this way you will elevate the trousers.

Of course, if you like more daring outfits that are fashion forward you can combine your cargo trousers with clothes that have floral or geometric prints, with utilitarian jackets or bomber jackets and boots.

If you rather have an elegant and refined style, don’t worry, you can still wear cargo pants. In this case it’s best to mix your cargo pants with a very well tailored blazer with gold buttons, a minimalist crop top in white or black and to wear high heeled stiletto shoes or sandals. You will look very classy, while being in trend!

Lastly, if you are more into sport looks the cargo trousers with belt are the perfect match for you. Because of their casualness you will be able to wear them with a T-shirt and a pair of sneakers and achieve a super comfortable and modern outfit!

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