How To Choose All-In-One Body Shapewear

The ever-changing and evolving shapewear market is like a double-edged sword. On the one hand, it gives you more varied options to choose the type of shapewear according to your needs. But on the other hand, it can make you confused about which one is the best that is worth buying.

Rookies probably don’t know that shapewear actually has many types which they can choose according to their needs. Hence, most of them tend to prefer to choose shapewear that has complete features in one product, namely the all-in-one body shaper. A multi-featured body shaper is preferred because it is able to sculpt almost, or even, all parts of your body at once. It has several benefits to flatten your tummy, slim your waist, tighten your buttocks, and shape your breasts at the same time.

The all-in-one shapewear is indeed very practical, and in fact, it is not only relied on by beginners but also loved by all shapewear fans. An all-in-one body shaper will be a very useful investment for any woman, so make sure you have one in your wardrobe too. So that you don’t get stuck on the wrong product, follow some of the tips below to choose the best body shaper for your best curves!

1. Determine Convenience Based On Fabric Type

Getting the right material is essential in choosing an all-in-one body shaper. First, look for materials that are able to absorb sweat well. Being active all day will certainly make you sweat, by choosing the right fabric, of course, you will avoid body odor and remain confident. Nylon is a good choice because of its good ability to absorb sweat and its lightweight.

Latex, neoprene, and spandex win in terms of flexibility when hugging the body. The elastic material is safer to wear to avoid shortness of breath when wearing tight undergarments. You will also find it easier to move and do activities without worrying about skin rashes due to excessive friction. In addition, choose breathable materials with soft fabric fibers for all skin types.

It’s also a good idea if you start considering choosing a sustainable body shaper which is currently popular. Sustainable products are more friendly to the environment, both from the materials used and the production process. In addition, the quality of the product remains amazing and certainly more durable.

2. Determine The Purpose Of Wearing A Body Shaper

Each of us has a body part that we are proud of and would like to have reshaped. Body shapers can help you to shape your body the way you want. So, decide which part is your main target.

Although the all-in-one body shaper is expected to simply shape all parts of your body, each design has the main feature that is superior. For example, if you prioritize midsection sculpting, choose tummy control shapewear in a bodysuit design that extends to the thighs, which also gives a firm effect on the buttocks and thighs at the same time. If you are looking for a bubbly butt, you can opt for high waist shaping shorts with extra padding, to add volume to your buttocks while reducing waist size.

3. Choose A Body Shaper In The Right Size

Similar to other types of undergarments, the all-in-one body shaper also has sizes that need to be adjusted to your body. Differences in the body shape of each person will make a difference in the size that must be selected. The size you choose plays an important role in sculpting your curves. A body shaper that is too big will certainly not be suitable for women whose bodies tend to be thin, while one that is too small will only make your body uncomfortable and feel tight when wearing it. Hence, choose a shapewear size that fits your body, so it will work more effectively as a body-shaping undergarment.

4. Match The Body Shaper Design With The Clothes You Want To Wear

One of the biggest mistakes made when buying a body shaper is not matching the design with the clothes to be worn. You may want an all-in-one body shaper that shapes your body from top to bottom, but don’t forget that the shapewear undergarment design can also affect the look of the clothes you wear on top. The full bodysuit is suitable to be worn under your office suit, while trendy designed dresses can be paired with versatile low back shapewear.

Try to match the design of the body shaper with the clothes you will wear or choose one that is made in a versatile design. And one more thing, choose seamless shapewear which doesn’t leave any traces on your clothes.

5. Choose A Body Shaper With Additional Useful Features

You certainly expect an all-in-one body shaper that can sculpt a fabulous hourglass body and still make you comfortable as long as you wear it. So, pay close attention to all the details and features. The open crotch feature, for example, may sound trivial but it will really help you when you have to go to the toilet and support your comfort all day long.

Hopefully, these 5 tips for choosing an all-in-one body shaper can be a good consideration and help you avoid making mistakes. Also, make sure you buy a high-quality body shaper from a trusted seller for satisfying sculpting results!

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