Finding the Perfect Activewear for Your Body Type
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Finding the Perfect Activewear for Your Body Type

Feeling positive is the first step you’ve to take when your start working out for your dream body. This starts from accepting your body and finding the right clothes for it. Still, it’s important to remember that choosing the right clothes will always be hard.

This is why we are here to help. We are sharing how you can find the right clothes that suit your body type.

Accept Your Shape

Cosmolle loves all body types and you need to do the same for yours. In this section, we are sharing the common body shapes to get you started.

Hourglass: A curvy shape is balanced, and the waist is clear. Look for clothes that make your curves stand out and cinch at the waist. Cosmolle’s crop tops and best yoga leggings with a high waist look great on this body type.

Pear: If your lower body is curvier and your upper body is narrower, you should work on matching your proportions. Cosmolle has fitted sports bras and tanks with an empire waist that looks good on the upper body. Their dark, straight-leg pants make your hips look smaller.

Apple: If you are apple-shaped, look for workout clothes that make your body look longer and slimmer. Cosmolle’s dark pants and v-neck tops are perfect for this. In addition, you can go for high-waisted pants especially the ones with mesh panels because they will define your body.

Inverted Triangle: This body shape has wide shoulders and a narrow bottom body. Choose clothes that make your legs stand out. Cosmolle has pants and bottoms with patterns and bright colors that will work. Strappy sports bras or racerback tanks that balance out your upper body will make broad shoulders look less noticeable.

If you want to show off your curves and definition, choose activewear with features like cap sleeves, empire waistlines, or ruching. Cosmolle has many activewear sets that can help you look more hourglass-shaped.

Fit for Function

Think about what you’ll be doing as well as how the clothes look. For high-impact workouts like running or HIIT, you need sports bras with maximum compression and supportive high-waisted pants. If you want to go for pilates or yoga, Cosmolle has tank tops available and pants with slightly loose fitting, so you remain cool.

Experiment a Lot

Cosmolle has a lot of options available. For this reason, we recommend that you mix and match some clothes to find out what looks good on you. You can experiment with the colors, lengths, and cuts. Remember, having faith is important! If the best wireless bra you wear makes you feel good, you’re more likely to work out harder and reach your fitness goals.

You Can Get Everything You Need For Active Style at Cosmolle

All in all, you have to remember that finding the clothes that fit and let you move easily. If you are having issues, just go to Cosmolle and you will be able to find amazing options. For instance, they have high-performance fabrics available to keep you cool and breathing. Also, every clothing is true to its size.

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