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Great Sweater Cardigan Designed for Spring

Previously when we thought about Cardigans, 1950 image of a lady wearing cardigan and knitting comes into our mind. But the cardigan has made a comeback in quite a triumph against other styles, and mind well they do look sexy. Now, before we start talking about various cardigans. It has a long history after that. Cardigans are good choices for both men and women.

A cardigan helps you create new looks every time especially for Women? You can wear it as a main part of your attire, as an extra layer for warmth, simply a cardigan with only one button closed and nothing underneath looks sexy enough. So, there are a lot of looks you can go for. What look are you going for?

Different Cardigans this Spring

1.The Classic look

This is our favorite the classic sophisticated look. It represents a timeless look, portrayed by thousands of women. It is quite simple and elegant. It can be matched with printed shirts, plain and solid prints. In soft hues looks good with everything. In fact, this is a perfect piece that you can rotate year wise and you need to have it in your wardrobe.

2.Cashmere Cardigan

This simple yet unique cashmere cardigan gives you a soothing and luxurious feeling. Available only in soothing and soft colors it is quite a bit popular. It is light weight and pairs greatly with jeans, trousers, you can even pair it with a classic t-shirt. Add some slide sandals with it, and it will be quite a great fit.

3.Multicoloured cardigan

Who doesn’t like colors? These cardigans without buttons are available in multitude of colours. Without buttons, they offer a perfect chic and trendy look. They offer a great contrast look with dresses and trousers and are in trend with a lot of celebrities too.

4.Simple Cardigans

Also known as open cardigans. They are quite simple and can be paired with different outfits. They come in various styles and colors. Even with different geometric designs and basic solid colors. They come in different material like linen, cotton, polyester, wool and knitted wool. They are usually worn with skinny jeans and high knee boots.

5.Lace Embroidered Cardigan

SELF-PORTRAIT Lace-Embroidered Cardigan

Cardigans come in lace embroidered patterns, and some come in pearls too. It is one of the very coveted designs as, it is quite elegant and classy. A cable knit body with enriched with wool and alpaca fibers provides a graceful and feminine look. And the delicate lace collar is a timeless touch.

These are some of my favorites this season. Cardigans are an all-round favorite. You can dress up in all your cottons just by pairing them up with Cardigans. As they are also very versatile. You can wear them casually, at office, or when just hanging out with friends. They are the best choice in unexpected weather conditions. So, go  choose your cardigan and get comfy and cute..

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