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Turtle Neck Sweater for Spring

If you want an useful and fashionable item for your wardrobe, the turtleneck sweater is the perfect choice! It has been one of the trends on the spotlights for a few seasons and it continues to be for this spring season too.

The classic turtleneck sweater usually comes in beige, black and white, has a very tight cut and is made out of soft fabrics such as cotton and viscose.

The new trends in fashion have transformed the classic turtle neck sweater in a very luxurious item. Now there are many options of this staple item from cashmere cable knit turtleneck sweaters in metallic colours to oversized turtlenecks with big collars in bright and joyful colours.

How to choose the turtle neck sweater

Because there are so many different turtle neck sweaters out there, you have to know which ones to add to your spring wardrobe. You have to choose carefully if you want to be stylish and warm this early spring!

Firstly, you have to know that you need at least one or two classic turtlenecks sweaters in your wardrobe with a clean cut and of high quality. They will be a great investment, because you will be able to wear them in many outfits and for many years from now on!

After you have covered the basic items, you can go for the new-seasons trends like: chunky turtle neck sweaters or fine-knit styles.

The black turtle neck sweater – the most versatile of them all

Probably the most versatile turtleneck sweater is the black one. And this should be the first to add to your spring wardrobe! A thin, tight and clean tailored black turtleneck will transform your outfits and give them a very fancy and elegant vibe. You will be able to wear it with anything, with jean, skirts, blazers, leather jackets in every possible way you want. It is the perfect investment!

The beige turtle neck sweater – will give you an expensive look

The range of beige and brown colours are usually best to use when you want to look like you are wearing very expensive clothes. These colours are very elegant and a beige turtleneck sweater will be perfect for your spring wardrobe. If you wear it with other beige items in a monochromatic outfit, you will look just like a model who just got off from the runway!

The striped turtle neck sweater –for a Parisian chic look

French women are well known for their chic and fashionable style. And if you want to have a Parisian look, you definitely have to buy a striped turtleneck sweater for your wardrobe. Wear it with high-waisted jeans, a classic trench coat a red beret and you will look extremely chic and refined, just like a French woman.  

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