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How Many of the 5 Most Popular Jackets in Winter 2022 Do You Have?

When the coldest winter months start, you need a thick coat. Our picks for the best winter jackets and parkas of 2022-2023 are some of the warmest on the market. They are filled with down (or sometimes a synthetic material) and made to withstand cold temperatures and strong winds. They have everything from casual items made for use in cities to high-performance options made for the wilderness. Some people follow the rules and are perfectly able to do two jobs at once.

Keep scrolling to see the most popular winter jackets styles.

5 most popular jackets in winter 2022 that you must have

1. Overall Winter Jacket

You could spend a lot more on a winter coat, but we like that this one is both high-quality and inexpensive. This type of jacket is warm, waterproof, windproof, and can be worn in moderate weather. You’ll also love the upper-thigh-length cut, which gives you enough coverage and lets you move around easily. It will cost a lot less than most jackets that are more expensive.

2. Technical winter jackets

Technical jackets are the best choice for people who want to stay warm but still be able to move freely while doing outdoor activities. These jackets will have more technical features, like hoods that work with helmets and pit-zips to let more air in when you’re working out hard. Technical jackets tend to be easier to pack and take with you than winter jackets made for everyday use around town. Most technical winter jackets will be made with three layers. It is the best thing to have in the winter.

3. Around-town jacket for wintering

Some jackets, like the Canada Goose Langford Parka and the Vallier Outremont Parka, look good and keep you warm enough to wear to the office, happy hour, or shopping downtown.

These jackets will be a little longer and have features that make them more comfortable, like a wider hood (which is often trimmed with fur) and lined pockets. Since the winter coat won’t be used for high-intensity workouts, there’s no need to give detailed technical specs. Instead, the most important thing about urban coats is how well they keep you warm.

4. Versatile winter jackets

Some jackets look just as good in town as they do on the slopes. They look good and are useful, and they have a number of technical details and a well-thought-out design.

In general, the jackets in this category are waterproof, keep you warm enough, and protect you well enough from bad weather. Most of the time, you can get a good-quality jacket for a reasonable price. Also, because it is so versatile, it is often a jacket that can be worn all winter long.

5. Fringed Shackets

Frayed Shackles For the past few years, fall and spring have been all about shackets, which are jackets that look like shirts. But because 2022 is interested in Western fashion, the most popular alternatives now have fringe.

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